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I Get Sent The Weirdest Things …
January 21, 2009, 12:00 pm
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… and this one is from the brilliant-but-kinda-weird, Scotty!

No, I don’t have the faintest what it’s about either, but lets face it, with an ass like that I doubt anyone was paying too much attention to whatever she was spouting.

Oi love, nature might be your playground but weather is your enemy so put some bloody clothes on before you catch your death out there.

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Arse? load of arse more like! thats 1.18sec of my life that I am never getting back. Thanks a lot. Haven’t you got something better to do like unpacking or working out how we are going to change the world with love?

Comment by Mr McG

sorry that was mean. so now I will be nice – I thought you might like this…

I simply love the intro paragraph – a journey over the rainbow bridge. nice

Comment by Mr McG

and the single cremation service, the bit about not burning a hole in your pocket, oh my poor aching sides

Comment by Mr McG

Don’t blame me – I didn’t make you watch it. You’re like those Yanks who are now kicking up a fuss about the Bush administration when they were the idiots who voted for him in the first place, ha!

And if you really don’t want to accept responsibility, there’s always Scott 🙂

PS: My furniture doesn’t arrive for 3 weeks. I am living on a bed – trust me, I have NOTHING better to do. Apart from work which is quite fun if I am being honest.

Comment by Rob

Mean? MEAN? What is going on man – even if you were threatening me with a beating I’d take it as a compliment given normally people cross the street when they see me!

[cue: violins]

Comment by Rob

I stopped after 20 seconds. I’d seen everything I needed to. 😉

Comment by Will

I like the cover of You Got the Love though…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

This is an ad for a night club fashion photographer Last Nights Party, he capitalises on the first half of that girls story. Drunk miami girls wearing bikinis and more alot less.

He’s a great source for photos without that getty watermark over the front!

Comment by Matt

Thanks Matt … you almost sound like you didn’t perv on the ladies arse for one second 🙂

Comment by Robert

you should have submitted that for mr brown’s “bunch of arse” flim flam.

Comment by lauren

I’m sure the House track that kicks in has an opening vocal of “sometimes I feel like throwing my hands up in the air”.. I’ll keep an eye out for the proper title.

Comment by Charles Frith

finally something worth paying attention to on this fucking blog

Comment by andy@cynic

Charles, its You Got the Love. (I posted it in my comment)
Originally by Candi Staton and the Source if I’m not mistaken.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Last Nights Party is just another photographer stalking hipster parties ala Cobrasnake etc.

Great resource when you wanna get pictures for preso’s to shock marketers into the real habits of today’s 20 somethings. Or to perve on ass. Either way. It’s good.

Comment by Age

Hello Age – been a while, how are you matey?

I must say I am impressed that in the area you live, you have 20 somethings get down to their smalls in the middle of the local park while wearing a pseudo-red indian [I know that’s not a politically correct term, but so be it] head thing, spouting the kind of rubbish even a bona-fide hippy would find embarrassing.

Me? I have drug addled, glue sniffers hanging on every corner looking at people in a menacing way, giggling women who are trying to act like they’re 12, graduates talking loudly about how they can either [1] change the World / [2] exploit the World or over-rich wankers wearing D&G bloody everything.

Melbourne has really changed in the last year hasn’t it? 🙂

Comment by Rob

Ha, all good mate. 3 pitches on at the moment so a little hectic.

If you know anywhere in Melbourne where i can wander across hot pieces of ass frolicking in grass, wearing pseudo indian head thing and not much else then please let me know! I’m currently in Reservoir… the equivalent is fat, slightly agressive bogan complete with tramp stamp on lower back wearing dirty adidas trackies and not much else whose only claim to fame is managing to wheel spin her Holden Calais through the entire drivethru at Bell St McDonalds.

Melbourne hasn’t changed much at all!

Comment by Age

You pain makes me happy 🙂

Good luck with the biz … hope the PD is letting you get on with things rather than putting his great big oar into the process, ha!

Comment by Rob

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