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Hair Raising Moment …
January 21, 2009, 5:12 pm
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Bush by you.

Great example of message and medium working together.

Well done Euro Sydney and whichever media company will claim developed the idea all by themselves.

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Comment by Rob Mortimer

8 years in the making, that one.

Comment by lauren

That is classic.

My father’s most proud moment in advertising is that when his agency did the Old Speckled Hen print work, they managed to get a front page ad on the Telegraph the day the hunting ban was announced.

Love media like this..

Comment by Will

Very smooth indeed.

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

Love it. We need to think from our feet.

Comment by I am not a media buyer

I’m just sad Jargermeister [however you spell it] didn’t run an ad saying …

“As one door closes, another one opens. Welcome back to alcholism Georgey”

Comment by Robert

Everythign on the net originates from one industry

Comment by John

From being the industry that encouraged DVD innovation to getting rid of George W – the porn industry makes Tom Peters, Seth and Gladwell look like Playschool presenters.

Comment by Rob

so in 4 years we can expect a foto in a right wing USA newspaper of the city of Washington with the lights out, headline: “Black out”

Comment by niko

It would probably be an ad for ENRON … well it would be if they hadn’t been a bunch of corrupt, lying, thieving scumsuckers.

Which sounds quite similar to another industry I know 🙂

Comment by Rob

it would be so much better if it was for vagisil and if you don’t know what it is use your fucking powers of planning deduction

Comment by andy@cynic

Its just clever and nothing else…and definitely not medium and message but context and message…the same ad could have been up as a hoarding that day and still been funny…

Comment by sonal

it is medium and message sonal. but with context thrown in. would it be funny as a billboard? yeah. is it funnier being in a newspaper under an article about obama stepping up to the poisoned chalice? absofuckinglutely.

you make “clever” sound like a bad thing? are you a multinational ad agency planner?

look at me giving shit to someone i dont know. but if you come to this blog what do you expect? if youre here you cant be all bad and i like your fight so come back, you can join the marcus andy club. fuck i mean andy marcus club. lol

Comment by andy@cynic

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