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Sticks And Stones …
December 15, 2008, 7:46 am
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This was going to be my last post for the year but something came up that kind of distracted me!

Go and check out

Click on ‘Adopt A Word’ … type in VAPPOUS then press ‘Find’.

When it comes up, put the cursor over the word to find out the definition.

Am I paranoid or is that taking the piss? OUT OF ME!!!





Actually I have a sneaky suspicion I know the answer to all those facts, but it’s still somewhat disconcerting. Or a massive honour. Yeah, that’s right … it’s a massive honour. Ahem, cough, cough.

Saying that, if I was Dodds I wouldn’t look up ‘Perv’ if I was him … he might just find he will never be able to set foot out his front door again 😉

[Thanks to Freddie for bringing this to my attention. And to the 3 people I think have a lot to answer for, I suggest you run … run as fast as your little/ancient/twiggyesque legs can carry you – even though I am abit impressed!]

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whoever did this is my fucking evil genius hero. why the fuck didn’t I think of doing this when I was doing the o.e.d. campaign? I’m too nice that’s my fucking problem. who do I pass my thanks and praise to? what a fucking great way end/start the week. vappous is my new favourite word

Comment by andy@cynic

and campbell this is not an attempt to throw you off the scent. I didn’t fucking do it. sadly

Comment by andy@cynic

Even if I didn’t know who was behind this Andy, I’d still know it wasn’t you … you’d of been unable to keep your big mouth shut with excitement 🙂

Comment by Rob

hilarious idea. shit site function. i gave up.

Comment by lauren

yawn – monday morning playful banter, most of this time zone haven’t finished their coffee yet and you guys are already finding elaborate ways to mock each other. its great, just like breakfast with my parents when i was little (yes, i was little once). i feel all warm.

Comment by Mr McG

When I realised the full depth and meaning of the word ‘vappous’ through the example, I adopted it immediately. How I wish I would have thought of that example myself.

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

autovoxiphilia, pharisaical, adoxography and aeolist are still up for grabs. could be used to describe most meetings we go to?

Comment by Mr McG

I will put this idea to Richard. Maybe there is a sponsorship deal waiting to happen.

Comment by Lee Hill

I’m not proud – get the cash and I’ll give you a 20% media commission 🙂

Comment by Rob

That is awesome. Surprised they didn’t mention the Birkies.

Comment by Charles Frith

Charles, perhaps if you look up ‘effluvium’ you may just find the birkies mentioned. Just a thought. 🙂

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

id of thought robs birks would be listed under “twat”

whats campbell done to have 2 words defined by him? the worlds a cruel and unfair fucking place

Comment by andy@cynic

and under the word “inspiration” youll read this:

andy is an inspiration because hes up and working the room while his employees are still in their beds snoring their fucking heads off

Comment by andy@cynic

Love the idea, shame the site wasn’t easy to use.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

campbell probably did that to make sure people couldnt find the definitions that took the piss out of him

Comment by andy@cynic

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