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Kevin Roberts Is Doing It Tough …
December 11, 2008, 6:24 am
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Adland’s Centrefold of the Year. 1986.

Even global CEO’s are being hit by the credit crunch.

What other reason could there be for him to write a review about his favourite hotel room [yes, he has a fucking favourite room, let alone a hotel!] in the beautiful but abit more expensive than a Formula 1 Motel, Chiva Som.

I particularly love the fact his article/column is called ‘From The Edge’.

Kevin Roberts on the edge?

Have you seen the work … sorry ‘lovemarks’ … he claims to be pioneering communication?


More like Garden hedge!!!.

If Mr Roberts is on the edge then I hope sanity prevails and someone pushes him over it … and given so many of his talented mob are being asked to take pay cuts whilst he publicises his gallivanting to luxury hotels with poncy room names … I have a feeling one of own staff might provide the final shove.

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kevrob (as the gossip rags call him) is the only kiwi fucker i cant fucking stand. him and that “go russell go” crowe fucker. thats probably 50% of the entire nz population. what is it with the air down there that produces so many smug and over fuckng rated cocks. i blame the sheep fucking

Comment by andy@cynic

That could just be the greatest and most accurate comment you’ve ever written here Andy. 🙂

I knew you’d like this post … ha!

Comment by Rob

maybe his next review should be for the oberoi..

Comment by lauren

I think India has suffered enough without him turning up and making things worse …

Comment by Rob

true. true.

Comment by lauren

Why is the most featured word in the above photo “low”?

Comment by Lee Hill

Have a wild guess 🙂

Comment by Robert

good morning reality.

Comment by Marcus

has anyone ever read the lovemarks book? I have and I am gutted that it is 45minutes of my life that I will never get back. Random quote from it..”the first time i met the financial analysts at lion nathan in new zealand I walked into the room with a real lion I had borrowed from the zoo. I can tell you, from that day on no one forgot the lion in lion nathan.” smug twat.

Comment by Mr McG

So have I Mr McG …

Been talking about you to Chris … 🙂

Comment by Rob

why the fuck can you hire someone but you wont let me spend half that amount on a week at kevs favourite fucking hotel? 2 faced bastard

Comment by andy@cynic

I did enjoy asking Rob’s comment which really questioned Lovemarks at the conference kevin Roberts was at last year.

Shame he had left by then…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

what a fucking bald scardy cat. thats roberts im talking about not campbell though hes a big girls fucking blouse most of the time.

ask him about the cockroach and the fire brigade. go on, see how mr mean really is behind closed fucking doors. lol

Comment by andy@cynic

You know what? I don’t give a flying fuck about this gentleman. He’s yesteryears model. Even though things are horrid at the moment, I can sense some kind of change and Mr Lovemarks isn’t going to be part of it.

Good evening Boucher.

Comment by Marcus

u need evil in the world. Keep banging lovemarks!

Comment by niko

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