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Billy Bids Bye Bye …
November 28, 2008, 7:04 am
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Elvis on toilet Why Is This Man Single? Ahem.

So today is the day we say goodbye to our tattoo’d love loser, Billy.

Even though it’s nice to know that life will be ‘smoother’ without him, the reality is we’re very sad to see him go because even though he showed none of it on this blog [haha!] he’s a very talented, smart, funny guy who has been absolutely brilliant for us, to us and with us.

In reality, it’s not really goodbye because like his nemesis, Bazza, we’ll still be seeing a lot of him as he’s joining [or should I say, re-joining] our friends at Crispin, however it will be a much quieter place without him and Andy in particular is finding the whole thing very hard to take, mainly because he knows no one else in the team will take his shit like Billy did, so he’s going to have to start being nice, ha!

Anyway, we’re very proud of all you’ve done and know there’s a lot of great things still to come, so go and show the World what you’re made of and never change because underneath it all, you’re one of the good guys.

Make sure you enjoy every second of your leaving party in Vegas because let me tell you, it’s the last thing you’ll ever be getting out of us, ha!


PS 1: I know going out after 11pm is exciting for you George, but can you please remember public vomiting is never a good look at your age.

PS 2: Welcome to Pete and his wife Sarah, who are both joining us on Monday.

Fortunately for us [and them] they’re going to be based in San Fran so the likelihood of them leaving because of Andy is vastly reduced.

It’s absolutely great to be working with both of you again and I can’t wait to see you – have fun and please don’t base us on what you see over this weekend, ha!

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my thanks giving has been fucking ruined knowing lil’ bill is leaving today. he is the best sausage sandwich provider ive ever fucking met and a fucking good creative when he turns up and stops moaning about his lack of lady love. this weekend we celebrate all that is fucked up and brilliant about you billy so fuck knows what well do for the other 47 hours. its a fucked day for us but also a proud one so we want to make our last image of you fucking awful so prepare for drink vomit and humiliation

Comment by andy@cynic

dont worry mary that last sentence was for billy not george but if the fucker vomits on peoples shoes dont blame me for his weak stomach

Comment by andy@cynic

Hello Peter, I am very much looking forward to working with you again but as today is Billy’s day I say “Good luck” and thank you for everything you’ve claimed you did for us. Meetings will be a much quieter affair without you and believe it or not I will miss that.
Enjoy your leaving party.

Comment by Lee Hill

To protect Billy’s ego, I think it worth pointing out that the probably lack of comments on this post will be due to people celebrating ‘Thanks Giving’ and not because of your lack of popularity. But that will contribute to things too 🙂

PS: Andy’s comment is the closest declaration of love I’ve ever seen. I don’t think he even proposed that romantically!

Comment by Rob

Good luck Billy.
Top luck cynic.
Bad luck Boulder.

Comment by Bazza

Goodbye hunky 🙁
Hello Pete & Sarah 🙂

Jemma x

Comment by Jemma

Thanks Lee, I guess I’ll see you next week.

I’ve left a little present on your new desk Billy. Consider it a “good luck” and “thank you for making me violently ill this weekend” gift.

Comment by Pete

Good luck Billy!
And Andy, that comment brought a tear to my eye…

Comment by Age

andy, did you just tell billy you loved him? i think you did. 🙂

billy, you better still be stickin’ around this place, my friend – i’m not going to survive as the only loudmouth tattooed freak on this blog if you don’t. and i’m sure you’ll kick arse over at crispins – give ’em hell kiddo.

i’ve no idea what you’ve got planned in vegas this weekend (what happens in vegas, stays in vegas, right?) but in my mind it’s part swingers, part very bad things – don’t let me down . 🙂

Comment by lauren

Bye fuckers. And Lauren.
Vegas is going to look like LA after the King riots by the time Monday comes around. And I’m not paying for the clean up.
See ya, wouldn’t want to be ya.

Comment by Billy Whizz

good luck all. good luck.

Comment by Marcus

Young Whizz, all the best.

to the three heads of the totempole:


seems everybody that leaves you, don’t hate you with a passion and end up in better places. nice work, you bastards.

Comment by Niko

Billy who?

Comment by John

Bye Billy!
Welcome Pete and Sarah!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Better places?

This may be personal pride talking but a comment like that is a distinct matter of opinion. Let us not forget where Peter is joining us from Niko. 🙂

I am with holding my best wishes for Billy until this weekend has passed as I suspect I may feel much happier about him leaving by Monday morning than I do on this Friday.

Comment by George

what the hell is going on? andy is gushing with love and affection for billy and george is being cautious until AFTER the vomit. it’s a mad, mad world.

Comment by lauren

blame obama. since he won the big knob job everyfuckingthing has changed around here. bet it wont fucking stretch to mary accepting im innocent when her husband acts like a drunken twat this weekend.

and the iraqis think theyve got it bad

Comment by andy@cynic

Darling Billy. I will very much miss you and your mischief but am happy you are happy. Take good good care of yourself and please don’t get anyone in too much trouble because we have a client coming monday.
Lots of hugs and kisses strange and wonderful man.
Kat xoxox

Comment by Katerina

the champagne room rules stay the same

Comment by president elect

I am sorry I only had the chance to work with you on a few projects but I found the experience hugely enjoyable. I wish you all the best in your new venture and hope our paths cross once again. Best wishes Billy.

Comment by Jonathan Rosenberg

Billy I will miss you with my whole little German heart. My innocent mind won’t miss you for all the dirty things you said on this blog. Good luck at Crispins.

Comment by Seb

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