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Makes ‘Two Girls And One Cup’ Look Like Playschool …
November 7, 2008, 7:05 am
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Sick in a bag by Phil Sherry Photo: Phil Sherry

A while back there was a movie called ‘Two Girls & One Cup’.

It was so sick, that people started videoing the reaction of people watching the clip and posting it on Youtube.

Well, given we live in a shock culture, some sick and twisted individual has gone and made something even worse.

Yes, even sicker than shit and vomit!!!

Apparently this new piece of filth is called ‘6 Girls & A Dead Guy’ and whilst I could direct you to the original film – which is amazingly on YouTube [though I expect it to be taken down any second now] my moral stance doesn’t allow it … so instead I post a clip of how some guys reacted when they were asked to watch it for the first time.

OK … OK … so it’s nothing to do with some sick movie, it’s our response to the car crash that was Ogilvy Athens ‘song’ for David Ogilvy.

I have a huge amount of respect for that network but this sort of thing makes me ill. Infact any agency song pisses me right off.

I know some people think it shows the company is full of passion, but in the real World, they just think it’s a company full of shit.

Remember Mindshare’s horror of ‘We Work Hard For The Money‘?

What about Bank Of America’s U2 parody ‘One Bank‘?

Then the all time classic, the Singaporean Ministry Of Embarassment?

Who the hell thinks this rubbish is a good idea?

Probably the same people who think a purple squiggle is an amazing corporate identity or the ones who issue a bloody press release just because they’ve made the ‘S’ in their name, lowercase.

Tango Photo: HHCL/Tango

Don’t get me wrong, passion can be a true competitive advantage but this sort of thing isn’t passion … it’s contrived, humiliating and downright embarassing … especially because you just know they’re taking it all so seriously.

[At least BBDO’s ‘home of big breasts‘ rubbish was done with tongue firmly in cheek]

A while back a guy told me what he thought was the difference between a brand that had cred and a brand that was dead.

He summised it by saying Apple would NEVER have a guy dressed up as an iPhone walking around exhibitions because they know it looks sad … yet almost every other company seems to think this ‘characterisation of their product/brand’ is a good idea because it makes it people friendly. I think he might have a point – because what so many companies seem to be missing is that people friendly doesn’t always mean desirable, just like disruption, doesn’t always mean positive.

David Ogilvy was one of adlands true great thinkers/doers … he developed a network that created some of the greatest ideas of advertsing … however this clip shows how far they’ve fallen and what upsets me is they still have the audacity to claim they are innovative and interesting when in the majority of cases, what they do is churn out the same idea over and over again or – to keep some of their genuinely talented folk happy – scam.

Because of this – and because I believe this sort of thing is undermining the industry I love and work in – I ask you you to please post/pass on any one of our ‘6 Girls & One Dead Guy‘ flicks [there’s a total of 5] because as of today, I/we are officially declaring [not violent, please no legal action, ha] war on Ogilvy in the hope that naming and shaming might embarass them to be as good as we all know they can be, because as one of the biggest companies in adland, their improvement can help drive change across whole category and by god do we need it.


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Makes me want to quit advertising and I’m not even joking. What a load of bollocks.

Comment by Age

i agree age its a fucking blight on society. when will campbell learn he should keep his film direction ideas to himself. oh you mean youre slagging off the ogilvy shite? fuck. well thats total fucking pants as well isnt it. alright campbell i like the pisstaking and its nice to see youre ready for a ruck but picking on the child of the dad who already hates you is either billy big balls of mr twathead which is why if its the former i support you and lawd you as a combat king and if its the latter i dont know who the fuck you are and will you please stop bothering me.

well done campbell i like it and im proud now leave the hairy greeks alone and go after the big noises not the kebab eaters that know no better

Comment by andy@cynic

was the ogilvy bullshit written by upton?

Comment by andy@cynic

Why don’t you guys call Sunshine cynic and be done with it? It’s lovely Robert, sums up the reaction going around the net nicely though I am ashamed to say it but I did catch myself humming the Ogilvy song in the shower a couple of days ago. I scrubbed my tongue with soap for 10 minutes but the devils music is designed to get inside your soul and ruin you. 🙂

Comment by Pete

Nice shit stir Rob but it’s still far too tame for what Ogilvy really deserve. You going soft in your old age? Maybe it’s time to call up Mr Viagra. Still it’s nice to see the spirit of evil fucking justice rise up from you once again. Been a while because of all your corporate shagging with the bigwigs of techno happysville. 🙂

Comment by Billy Whizz

Regardless whether you find the Ogilvy tune acceptable or feel the intent was genuine, the reaction to the “tribute” within the industry has been so negative that if I were a shareholder of WPP, I would be asking whether this was done with the shareholders best interests at heart.

An excellently mischievous response Robert, as I have said many times before, I am happy you are on our side.

Comment by Lee Hill

Hey, don’t blame me/us – Ogilvy started it.

[Nice, mature response there eh, ha!]

Comment by Robert

It’ll be a short war – it is only a matter of days before they release a statement claiming it was all a joke that none of us got.
Regardless, I will do my part and forward it to everyone I know.

Gung ho and praying for war.

Comment by Ben

david ogilvy was a joke? it was all a dream like that series of dallas where we thought bobby ewing was dead but was in the shower all along?

fuck me these corporate advertising fucking are more devious than i gave them credit for. youll be telling me obama is really white next

Comment by andy@cynic

I thought you’d be happy to know I’ve already been sent links to your “sick flicks” from people at TBWA, BBH and the 180 and they weren’t even aware you had anything to do with them.

Comment for Lee: could anyone ever find that tune acceptable?

Comment by George

Remember millions of people still buy Bon Jovi records.

Comment by Lee Hill

First insulting email received from an obvious Ogilvy employee … though to be fair, even they admitted the Athens thing was a total travesty. 🙂

Sorry PETER DOMINIC, but your email was like being pelted by cotton wool balls – you really must try harder if you want to upset me.

Besides, if you looked at what we’re saying, you’d know we really rate David Ogilvy, it’s what his agency has become that we’re questioning.

Yes, yes … you do have some fantastic guys who work there – producing the odd bit of sheer bloody greatness – and thank god for that because without them, your PR/hype machine wouldn’t be able to keep the illusion alive for much longer.

Still, you’re agency is way better than how Bill Bernbach would regard his company if he came back to life, so stop your whining and start getting back to what you and me know you’re capable of.

And take away all A/V equipment from your Athens office for all our sakes. 🙂

Comment by Rob

Rob Campbell: Keeping lawyers in business since 1970.

Comment by Bazza

having had a think (?) about it (my initial default reaction was to applaud the idea) I feel you are killing fredo instead of going after micheal.

If the work they have done for clients is good (i.e. making clients money in not to stupid ways), let them be (the bible said something about being nice to the meek), if the work is shite, go after them + the CLIENTS.

Naming and shaming people won’t work unless the paymaster feels the pain. (hence the thing about becoming a b to c thing)

As for respecting the legacy, it’s the legacy that killing them, in general. Think, sean lennon, jakob dylan, jordy cruijff, atina onassis, etc…decent, even good, but by comparison shite

Death by legacy, fuck commision. They should have fucking retired the fucking name when the old git rolled into heaven/or hell in his rolls at 60 miles per hour..(but no, brand equity was at stake, not qual of work).

Would be nice to see how many agecies would survive without the legacy names, not many I think, but the ones who did would suprise us with the work..So let’s help adworld by retiring the names Ogilvy DDB, JWT, and the lot of them..(let’s see where W+B, or CPB are in 60 years)

I have been awake for 32 hours and in no shape to be writing, but I like giros

Now for all I care the whole fucking agency gets spoonfed ogilvy’s books via their anus, but this is incrowd stuff. tomorrow fish wrapping. the big game is the client side, the rest is instrumental shit

Comment by Niko

you can tell youve been awake too early because youre taking this far too fucking seriously. yeah the legacy might be killing the fuckers and some clients might be twats but at least the legacy is a fucking good one and everyone has the odd shit client. ogilvy deserve shit because theyre fucking huge and could have more influence in making great selling great creative work than crispin, mother and wk together but they dont, the management would sell their fucking mother for 3 bucks and they bang on about their legacy to try and claim they still have it. some people in that company do but that company hasnt. now shut the fuck up and get some sleep

Comment by andy@cynic

i said that last bit with love

Comment by andy@cynic

as much as i support giving shit like that the absolute bollocking it deserves, perhaps the main office of ogilvy has a policy of not interfering in the work of its other autonomous outposts, even though their short-sightedness and embarassing behaviour is detrimental to the whole ogilvy brand/organisation..


Comment by lauren

what the fuck is wrong with you people? sure its a fucking outpost so the bigwigs couldnt give a fuck what the kebab folk do in their own time but when theyre claiming they practice ogilvys founding principals (which the bigwigs would know about because they encourage international ‘ogilvy day’ at all their offices) but dont even know how many letters are in the alphabet then its ripe for corporate piss taking and campbell should be celebrated not bashed. why dont you all go back to your fucking monastries and pray to the god of fucking beige and nice. you are beginning to sound like campbell after a week at mountain view 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

andy, i’m not talking about ogilvy.

Comment by lauren

Andy starting fights in empty houses again … 🙂

Comment by Rob

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