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The Phone Only Freddie Mercury Could Love …
October 30, 2008, 10:37 am
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Because my new fancy-pants phone died – I had to buy another one so I could keep in contact with clients.

Of course I bought the cheapest one I could find but it had to be a SONY Ericsson because it would let me port over all my contacts easily.

I now am walking around with this …

And you thought shopping at Topshop was humiliating …

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after seeing the fucking furniture you buy your cat id of thought gay design was right up your alley. or should i say (back) passage

Comment by andy@cynic

You realise your comment makes you look a sad homophobe … though that could be because I feel all gay now I’m in the company of this phone! 🙂

Comment by Rob

Low level technology and Robert Campbell? Who’d of thought.

Comment by Lee Hill

Bi sexual BIII sexual BIII sexual BIIIII sexual, my phone is rather bisexual, I want to ride my bike…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

So as Freddie Mercury’s representative on earth, do you like it?

Comment by Seb

And Andy, you are back in top notch commenting. Love that.

Comment by Seb

No … it’s fucking pants.

[I could of chosen a better choice of words there couldn’t I!]

Comment by Rob

And don’t encourage him Seb 🙂

Comment by Rob

rob – i think that was the perfect freddie mercury response 🙂

Comment by lauren

Didn’t I say cynic had turned into a Freddie Mercury themepark? They’ll be expecting us all to have gay phones next but not me, I’m off to the man’s man themepark. Fuck that sounds gayer.

Comment by Billy Whizz

If minus multiplied with minus equals plus, a gay phone could make you a man, don’t you think Billy?
So just get Rob to buy you one as well.

Comment by Seb

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