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If Only Steve Martin Could Make Movies As Funny As This …
October 28, 2008, 6:47 am
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18/10/2008 by you.

No, it’s not the Singaporean version of ‘Young Girls Go Wild’, it’s a sex education video FOR PARENTS about their teenage kids.And if that wasn’t hilarious enough, the company behind it is called ‘The Really Fun Connection’ … yeah right … I bet it’s really fun for a parent to know their little Johnnie and Julie are banging anything with a pulse everytime their back is turned.

Given the relatively harsh censorship rules that govern this lovely country, I’m surprised this DVD wasn’t banned on release – however it would seem the Government want their adult citizens to know what’s going on with the younger generation which is probably the best demonstration of Singapore’s patriarchal approach to governance that anyone could ever come up with.

[I would have bought a copy but feared I’d be called ‘Gary Glitter’ so I’m going back with Jill next weekend, ha!]

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singaporean parents need a VIDEO to generate paranoia about teen’s rampant sex drive? my parents just assumed it from the get go..

Comment by lauren

is this video going to teach you why you only have a fucking cat?

if theres any hotties in it send doddsy a copy. scrap that. if theres any birds who are breathing in it send doddsy a copy.

note to singaporean parents. dont worry about your kids being sexually depraved theyre just like you used to be you dirty little bastards except technology lets them get laid without ever having to touch flesh which is a fuckload safer than the knee tremblers you used to have behind the bike sheds. thats if the singaporean government didnt ban bikes back then for encouraging improper posture or some other bollocks. hope that helps.

andy, minister of sexual education

Comment by andy

why is it rated PG ? Are they REALLY expecting the parents’ parents to decide if they should allow them to watch it or not about their grandchildren ? !! tff !

Comment by fan

Based on my time in Singapore, I think the answer is yes. πŸ™‚

Please buy this Robert and I promise I won’t call you Gary Glitter. Lol.

Comment by Pete

Get 2 copies, Billy needs some tips too

Comment by Bazza

Get 2 copies, Billy needs some tips too

Comment by Bazza

cue Dodds.

Comment by Marcus

Queue behind Dodds I think you mean Marcus πŸ™‚

Comment by Rob

Stop chalking Dodds.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Isn’t all that educational blah-blah just to protect dirty, old man from pitying looks when they buy their next dose of young flesh? And Andy, I think you should put that title on your business card. Or run for a job as minister of sexual education in team Obama.

Comment by Seb

im guessing dodds hasnt made a comment because hes busy trying to get a copy of this film on singapore amazon or something. just ask campbell to get you a copy, we already have a low opinion of you so this isnt going to damage your carefully crafted image of debauchery πŸ™‚

Comment by andy@cynic

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