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If You Work For A WPP Company …
October 22, 2008, 7:50 am
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Ebenezer Scrooge (c) American Conservatory Theater by WPP Accountant by

… don’t ask for a payrise.

It was bad enough when they put a Worldwide ban on all hiring – be it a replacement for someone who has already left or even a bloody freelancer [read: you’re going to be working a fuckload harder for less] – however now this report has come out, you can expect lights, air-conditioning and water to be turned off as well.

I wonder if they still have the nerve to say their staff is their greatest asset?

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wpp were in great fucking shape when we left them

Comment by andy@cynic

perhaps WPP need one of those bum-shaping things.. they’re great ‘assets’ will be in much better shape then..

Comment by lauren

And the winner for worst “link” on this blog goes to Lauren Brown … 🙂

Comment by Rob

i’d like to thank god, the academy and my crew of amazing people. it was a team effort: rob, andy, sir martin, marcus.. this is your award too.

Comment by lauren

It’s nice to be in what appears to be the one part of WPP that’s doing well…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

just like the shed.

Comment by Marcus

I’d like to quote Bazza here:

Knock knock.

Who’s there?


WPP who?

That’s justice.

Comment by Seb

lol!@ seb

Comment by lauren

Can I have your address to send my invoice Seb? 🙂

Comment by Bazza

Can we have our matte screens back please Bazza?

Comment by John

Hello John.

Your comment answers a question I’ve had all day because I got a strange email from Robert earlier that said exactly the same thing as your comment and I couldn’t work out why he’d say such a thing.

This blog is fast becoming the Apple dissatisfaction centre but you can relax because I understand matt will be back but I cannot tell you when though I will try and find out for you because that is all part of the Apple service. 🙂

Comment by Bazza

geez, did you learn how to creep like that at cynic.

Comment by lauren

Hello Bazza,

as long as you are here I’d have two or three things you could talk to Stevie about and hopefully integrate it into the product development.

1. Why does the new MacBook/MacBook Pro look like a PC? Why is there a black frame around the screen? It looks like a designer-Dell. The fully-aluminum was sooo much better.

2. The back of the new iPhone has to be cleaned like every 5 minutes. Before I finally get one is there a chance you could re-introduce the aluminum-back of the old iPhone?

3. The telecommunication partner of Apple in Germany is horrible. To be frank it’s the Microsoft of telecommunication companies. So kick out the Telekom and get in O2 or vodafone. They are much better. Everyone here hates the Telekom and it’s the reason why 50% of iPhones in Germany are jailbreaked.

Thanks a lot mate, say hello to Stevie-boy and I’m looking forward to see these changes realised.

Comment by Seb

Rob, why not subline your blog with “the only non-official direct help-line to Steve Jobs in the worldwide web” instead of “Help me grow”?

Comment by Seb

And another thing Baz can you get Apple to make you less of a midgit fuckwit who is in love with boys? Little boys.


Comment by Billy Whizz

Isn’t that your USP, Billy?

Comment by Seb

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