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Pretend You’re Andy …
October 10, 2008, 7:39 am
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Cave troll as corporate bully by kevindooley Photo: Kevin Dooley

… no, I don’t mean by eating tons of food, marrying hot women then giving them a big chunk of your cash every month while they sit on their arses slagging you off to all their friends, family and lawyers … I mean seeing if you can insult someone and somehow still get the job …

Test yourself by clicking here.

[Remember you’re up against a guy who once vomited over the desk of a brand new client – admitted it was because he’d had a ‘big night’ the day before – and somehow not only managed to keep the business, but he got a devoted fan as well. That ladies and gentlemen, is true talent!]

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It’s less exciting to see a new post when you already read it.

Comment by Seb

rob, you really need to sort your scheduling out – this week was a bad week for those of us lazy buggers who have RSS feeds..

Comment by lauren

Is your lack of technical scheduling capability anything to do with Andrew being in your current locality?

Even I saw this post a few days ago and without wishing to cause offence I must admit it didn’t captivate me then and little has changed to my opinion now it is “officially” public.

I’m hoping you’ll be much better at the conference today.

Comment by Lee Hill

your wildest fucking dreams couldnt capture how fucking great it is to be me

Comment by andy@cynic

I am therefor Andy’s yang.

Comment by Marcus

that sounds like youre saying youre my cock marcus and youre not that tall

Comment by andy@cynic

Not fat enough to be your arse either.

Comment by Marcus

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