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Are Guinness Targeting Premiership Footballers?
October 7, 2008, 7:11 am
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I know many people think Guinness make better ads than they do booze … but please, please, please tell me this is not a genuine attempt to broaden their appeal.

[Besides, shouldn’t the ‘talent’ in the ad feature a black and a white guy to make it truly Guinnessafied? God I can’t believe I wrote that! Apologies]

And alcohol companies have the nerve to say ‘drink responsibly’. Dear oh dear.

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This has to be a joke? It is a joke isn’t it? Is it a spoof ad by WKD alcohopops? I know Guinness ads can be high brow but this is so far in the other direction that it is brand suicide even if it boosts short term sales with the yob mob.

I am surprised they didn’t say that the iron content in Guinness boosts your staying power. This is one of the most off brief ads since our VW and Microsoft work. 🙂

Comment by Pete

ahahahahahahahaha !

Comment by fan

i was expecting the old bicep-like-a-woman´s-back trick but it was what it was.
go rocco.

Comment by facu

The first time I saw this, I genuinely thought it was a spoof ad by a very junior creative team trying to get noticed.

And by very junior, I mean like 15 years old.

Comment by Ben


you get so shitfaced from guiness that you end up having bad sex with your mates and some undergrad slapper from the local.

watch out fallon.. your gold lion is in jeopardy.

Comment by lauren

yeah this has to be a spoof (folio) piece right?
ps. Pete ur comment was gold.

Comment by Age

Can someone please confirm whether this travesty is genuine or fake.

Comment by Lee Hill

That’s what I’m trying to figure out Lee … but I have a nasty feeling someone somewhere is going to say it’s genuine and then I’ll hear about creatives saying how ‘ground breaking’ it all is.

It isn’t groundbreaking, it’s the immature fantasies of some guys who don’t appreciate subtlety or ideas.

Comment by Rob

This has been around for weeks so I would think “genuinely viral”

Comment by John

Mr Dodds … you’re on holiday … what the hell are you doing on this blog? I know you have no friends but we won’t forget about you that quickly – you have made an undelible mark on all our lives. A bit like the one Clinton did on that dress. Actually that sounds terrible – lets ignore that remark.

When you say ‘genuinely viral’ I think you mean ‘genuinely shit’. I know the net has reintroduced the importance and value of ‘creativity’ into the hearts and minds of society and business, but that isn’t an excuse to do lowest-common-denominator shit like this.

It single handidly makes me hate the brand – and I know that’s no loss given I don’t drink – but as Pete so beautifully put it, short term sales to the ‘yob mob’ doesn’t translate to long term brand and profit value.

Whoever did it should be shot …

Comment by Rob

I thought similar to facu but the creatives pulled a fast one by doing something even more fucking predictable. Wank.

Comment by Danny

I refuse to watch this clip.


Comment by Marcus

I watched it.

Comment by Marcus

Come on then Marcus – what’s your opinion summised in no more than 3 words.

Comment by Rob

Bunch of arse.

Comment by Marcus

If you peel back the layers of the brand onion and interrogate the essence of the commercial – utilising all known brand models, pyramids and McCann ‘Demand Strategy’ proprietry tools – I think ‘bunch of arse’ is the perfect encapsulation of what we have here.

Comment by Rob

Is’bunch of arse’ meant to be a double entendre?

Comment by northern

Only if you’re a sick pervert NP.

Comment by Robert

I am.

Comment by northern

I bet Landor says it’s groundbreaking.
Who knows, maybe they’ve done it.

Comment by Seb

done what seb?

Comment by miss brown

Are you running for the conservative party then NP? I can send you a plastic bag and an orange if you are.

Landor don’t do ad’s Seb, just logos … logos that they say can change the way a company operates and performs. Landor are full of shit.


Comment by Rob


you have GOT to have a look at this!

1. Check who’s sponsoring it
2. Check out the trailer
3. Read the “Story”.

Please, please PLEASE go and have a look at:

Comment by Marcus

They really, truly don’t get it do they …

At a time where the World is fast becoming ‘us’ against ‘them’, they go out and produce some more myopic propoganda where they’ll probably lay claim to be behind everything from cricket to the fucking Queen.

Why not go the whole hog and just have it labelled a ‘REPUBLICAN PARTY’ production.

And don’t get me started on the ‘sponsors’ …

Comment by Rob

It’s nuts isn’t it?

Comment by Marcus

The quotation marks that I put around “truly viral” did indicate what you suggested – and I’m not hanging out on this blog, it just pops up while I’m coordinating my latest A-list event online.

Comment by John

“A package of supplemental teaching materials will be distributed to all 120,000 public and private schools across America.”

Teaching material? Educational programme? In the end it’s only a propaganda movie, isn’t it? What should be teached? That Coca Cola and Walmart represent the values upon the United States were build on? That’s ridiculous.

It’s sad that these sponsors obviously think that they have to tell the whole US that the US is still great. It’s a bit like John Lyndon waking up in the morning telling that guy in the mirror “You rock”. Or punk. Or whatever.

Comment by Seb

I nearly laughed watching the trailer.
America Fuck Yeah!


Comment by Rob Mortimer

It’s been pretty widely publicised that Diageo had nothing to do with this:

I’ve worked on Guinness. They wouldn’t touch anything like this with a barge pole.

Comment by Leon Jacobs

I’ve worked on them too Leon and that’s why I was so confused – so thanks for clarifying the matter, now if only they stopped putting DRINK RESPONSIBLY on all their ads, I might never have to question whether they are behind sad marketing [or in that case, an attempt to lobby for tax breaks on alcohol] gimmick. 🙂

Comment by Rob

i can’t work out what i find more disturbing – the ad or the calirbre of fuckbag on the brand republic discussion thread…

Comment by lauren

I think it’s perfectly balanced Lauren – which makes it the most scary of all.

Comment by Rob

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