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October 3, 2008, 9:28 pm
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Fuck off!! by sammzoo Photo: Sammzoo

Even if you’re not a football fan [as in real football, none of that Aussie/American rubbish] this is an interview to behold.

Saying that, if you are of a nervous disposition, please don’t go – it has language even I don’t allow on here.

Finally, the man in question – Joe Kinnear – was a manager at my beloved Nottingham Forest. He actually did quite well initially and then by the new season, he returned to ‘Forest Manager Type’ … ie: loopy and crap.

Better not say anymore incase Joe Kinnear me. Boom Tish.

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the andy school of diplomacy and the dad’s school of puns. groan!

Comment by lauren

Same thing.

Comment by Rob

If I was a fan of Newcastle United I might like that my manager is taking on the journalists except he’s defending his ego instead of the club which is not great, especially when you’re a Londoner in Newcastle.

I don’t know who Mrs S is but I hope you are OK Rob.

Comment by Bazza

yes – hope all is OK rob..

Comment by lauren

Thanks folks. I just heard the Mother of a guy I grew up with has died. I hadn’t seen her in quite a few years – despite her still living a few doors down from my Mum – but she was a brilliant lady who was very kind to me when I was growing up so I just feel really shocked and really numb.


[It’s not right writing about this sad event on this particular post … so no more comments about this please. Thanks]

Comment by Rob

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