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October 3, 2008, 9:28 pm
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Fuck off!! by sammzoo Photo: Sammzoo

Even if you’re not a football fan [as in real football, none of that Aussie/American rubbish] this is an interview to behold.

Saying that, if you are of a nervous disposition, please don’t go – it has language even I don’t allow on here.

Finally, the man in question – Joe Kinnear – was a manager at my beloved Nottingham Forest. He actually did quite well initially and then by the new season, he returned to ‘Forest Manager Type’ … ie: loopy and crap.

Better not say anymore incase Joe Kinnear me. Boom Tish.


the andy school of diplomacy and the dad’s school of puns. groan!

Comment by lauren

Same thing.

Comment by Rob

If I was a fan of Newcastle United I might like that my manager is taking on the journalists except he’s defending his ego instead of the club which is not great, especially when you’re a Londoner in Newcastle.

I don’t know who Mrs S is but I hope you are OK Rob.

Comment by Bazza

yes – hope all is OK rob..

Comment by lauren

Thanks folks. I just heard the Mother of a guy I grew up with has died. I hadn’t seen her in quite a few years – despite her still living a few doors down from my Mum – but she was a brilliant lady who was very kind to me when I was growing up so I just feel really shocked and really numb.


[It’s not right writing about this sad event on this particular post … so no more comments about this please. Thanks]

Comment by Rob

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