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Banks That Give Themselves Too Much Credit …
September 30, 2008, 6:59 am
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Snake in the Grass by Jangsta-A Snake In The Grass By Jangsta-A

Putting aside the fact this financial crisis is affecting the lives of millions of innocent people … is anyone else out there enjoying watching the egos and arrogance of the financial industry being brought down a peg or 10?

Of course not all people in the banking industry are idiots – some are decent, smart and worldly individuals who really have helped make a difference – however there’s a huge amount who think that because they have fancy suits, big job titles and obscene salaries, they’re better than the rest of society so go through life with their noses high in the air.

I met one recently who reacted so badly to my questions regarding roles and responsibility that he resorted to bragging about how much money he made because he obviously thought that was the best way to justify [probably to himself] his value/success in society.

As much as his reaction will probably cause the blood to boil in quite a few of you, you can’t blame him totally.

You see this is an industry that doesn’t just embrace the concept of meritology, but worships at it’s feet … so now the World sees how the lies, delusions and illusions they were sold have contributed to this financial massacre [acknowledging that in some cases, people really didn’t help themselves by blindly accepting whatever they were told] they realise their ‘intellectual and social value’ has fallen quicker than their shares, so the only way they can maintain their self esteem is to focus on their material success.

Look I am not against people making money … it helps make great things happen … however when people are sold lies to maintain the illusion of global prosperity and keep the outrageous banking bonuses flowing, then I get very pissed and think they’re getting all the deserve. [even though a hell of a lot more people are getting what they don’t deserve]

The banking industry is not all bad … in areas of training they are absolutely one of the best … however what gets me is that they were able to create this perception of being ‘superbrains’ because for all their talk about research, data and analytics, the wheels of their industry are greased by rumour, myth and perception so they’re a hell of a lot closer to gutter of adland than they are to the intelligence of science.

[Plus it shows that research DOES have it’s flaws because they’re a damn sight better at it than companies who think focus groups can judge the mood of the nation]

On the positive side maybe this will help get the World to realise what is truly important again … move them from embracing meritology to something I call morolology – where values and principals are regarded as being important again … however the cynic in me feels that once the financial markets recover, the memories and lessons of the past will be first to fade …

Then we only have ourselves to blame.

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“On the positive side maybe this will help get the World to realise what is truly important again … move them from embracing meritology to something I call morolology – where values and principals are regarded as being important again”.

I’d sincerely love that if it happened. Hell, I’d just like it if a few more people said please and thank you. Not asking much, honest..

Comment by Will

Another great post Robert and one that should have every surviving bank looki at how they operate, perform and communicate in the future.

Sadly I don’t think they will because they have an amazing ability to lay blame at other people’s feet because to accept responsibility would be to accept they are not the “invincible warriors” they have convinced themselves to be.

You should read “The wolf of wallstreet” for an insight into how the players in the financial industry think.

The only plus side is that everyday Mom and Pop’s will be immune from the banks claims of being able to satisfy greed so they may have to do something with real value for their money rather than raping the innocent with excessive fees and high interest.

I think this is the time where you should start the bank you’ve always wanted to launch but I have a feeling that’s already come to your attention. πŸ™‚

Comment by Pete

It wasn’t just the financial industry – it was salespeople selling mortgages and property, it was regular people thinking they were onto a sure thing in the letting market and it was governments winning elections on the back of asset inflation and not regulating like they should have done.

Comment by John

And it will happen again in another twenty years, because people don’t change that much.

Comment by John

As you have reminded us on many occasions Robert, the blame for a situation like this must go beyond the individuals who worked for the organisation and include any shareholder who demanded ever increasing returns on their investments.

This should not however allow banks to relinquish their responsibility because on top of their questionable moral stance, they’ve also demonstrated a disregard for acting in their shareholders long term best interests but with the US Government intent on letting them off the hook, I don’t believe there would be any chance a class action even getting past the fist stage.

Sweden handled it best when they were caught in a similar situation a few years back but the Scandinavian culture is far more socialistic than America which is why the US will pay it’s hush money to keep the American dream alive.

Excellent post Robert, I hope your colleagues see the potential in a political cynic.

Comment by Lee Hill

fantastic post rob – and yes, despite it affecting loads of people who wanted to believe absolutely in the power of credit and everlasting money pits, i have been enthralled with the tumbling of company after company. liquidation has never been such an apt word.

there was an interview in the paper with the top 5 CEOs here (which, i know, are like middle management compared to the rest of the world) and one of them talked about it being “the fall of global capitalism”. you know shit is going to get interesting when terms like that are being thrown around – even if they’re being over-the-top.

what saddens me is that i don’t have any faith that anyone will really learn from the experience – because now there is someone to blame.. the banks are the baddies again, in which we can heap all our ignorance and shallowness onto and not really take responsibility for the consequences of our actions. sadly i can’t imagine most of the american people saying ‘you know what, we fucked up, let’s do it differently’.

Comment by lauren

Can I ask if this was written prior or post our meeting? I guess I’m trying to figure out if this is coincidence or subtle manipulation. Very enjoyable catching up, speak very soon.

Comment by Jonathan Rosenberg

I don’t own any shares in anything.
I don’t owe any bank anything.

And whilst I love the fact that these greedy fucking fuckers are getting their lives smashed to pieces, I know in reality they’ll still receive their massive payouts and live “better” lives than me or you or anyone I know personally whilst it’s the average peeps that will be paying the price for years to come.

So I’m completely torn between wanting, begging almost rooting every day at headlines in the paper for complete and utter financial meltdown, and sympathy for the real people it’ll effect.

It’s a lose lose for everyone isn’t it?

Comment by Age

You all moan about the banking industry but we helped you live dramatically better and more comforable lives. You want someone to blame? Try looking in the mirror. I’d rather be a banker than some advertsising hack, at least we make our money rather than whore for it.

Comment by Unapologetic Banker

I make my own money too, only you c πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ t (sorry Miss C) keep taking it away from me. Back in your cardboard box you fucking puppet.

Comment by Age

I am honoured – a banker reading my blog.

That can only mean one thing, you’re one of those banking underlings who lost their job and now spend hours desperately searching the net for any mention of banking in a desperate bid to feel valued, important and special.

OK that was very childish of me – but hey, you started it with your comment. πŸ™‚

I actually would like to have a real discussion with you about this issue because you do raise some valid[ish] points … so if you would like to write back and promise not to come in all arms swinging, I assure you I will try and keep my blog friends inline.

Alternatively you can email me directly at rob @ cynical-world dot com.

Finally, I would be careful about saying only ad people are whores because over the years I’ve had literally hundreds of phonecalls from banks offering me “amazing opportunities” which means I could generalise your industry as being nothing more than a bunch of ambulance chasers.

AGE: I changed your ‘naughty’ word, sorry – but as I said last week, rules are rules. πŸ™‚

Comment by Robert

Knock knock.

Who’s there?

Lehman Brothers.

Lehman Brothers who?

That’s justice.

Comment by Bazza

Fuck you banker/wanker..fuck you and the Dell you blogged on. Ad people may be whores, but you are pimps. that’s even worse, fucking parasites.
You wanna mail me please do…I’d love to hear from you.

Comment by Nicky Rothstein

Now that I got that of my chest, the thing that really pisses me of lately is the word “world”.

In the financial world there are certain rules, this is the way things are done in the football world. It’s like every focking industry has a whooole world of their own that lets them get away with the most stupid stuff. It’s ok to to have just an 8% cash deposit as a bank to cover all the outstanding debt. Really? you got 100 million in debt, got 8 mill in the bank. if 5 % of the loans/debt goes soure you gotta cough up 5 mill to cover it. So leaves you with 3 mill in the bank. Are we really suprised shit hit the fan in a big way?

Universal human rights my arse. Get some universal rules of conduct. I know ther is nuance and shades of grey, but 700 billion? how do they come up with that number to be so nice and round and exact?

I’ll stop now, because I am starting to see the appeal of fundamentalisme…

Comment by Nicky Rothstein

Look at this way. Lehman brothers paid out bonuses in 2006 of more than the losses in 2008 that led to them being nationalised

Comment by Rob Mortimer

No wait, they werent nationalised. They had their corpse picked by Barclays.
So much nationalisation going on its hard to remember which is which.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

bazza – that’s twice you’ve used that knock knock joke on here in as many weeks – once more and you’ll be looking more pathetic than our poor anonymous banker who wandered in here.

and to our dear anonymous banker (so unapologetic we have to address you with a pseudonym), please tell me that by ‘help you all live dramatically better and more comforable lives’ you mean the millions of people who live on or below the poverty line and who are now financially stable and self-sufficient. otherwise, it’s a severe case of pot calling the kettle black, my friend.

Comment by lauren

I’m being environmentlly friendly.

To the man/woman with no name, please respond to Rob’s overly polite request because I want to see how arrogant, forgetful or dellusional a banker is in the flesh.

Comment by Bazza

the only thing I’ll grant the invisible banker, is the fact that the masses are guilty by association.

Nothing is for free. cliche as it sounds. but when you got a loan 7 times you income, and the monthly payments took up more than 40% of your paycheck, did nobody wonder if this was ok? Or did u just rush to get that second job?

Frugality should be making a comeback. Plus the framing of a house as an investment fucked up alot of people. all this buying and flipping.

A house is not an investment. It’s a place to live in, it’s home. Dollarization got the better of man. People moving every couple of years, just to live above means.

the education system needs to be looked at as well. Perhaps installing permanent life education. It’s when people enter the “real world”(there is that fuking word again) that they loose sight of basic economics and conduct rules.

Dr Phil is making a shitload stating the obvious. There is a huge market in it. Life points or some shit..or some collective incentive. If the whole neighbourhood goes to money class, you get upgrades to the neighbourhood, so that you don’t wanna leave as soon.

or some shite..

Comment by Nicky Rothstein

my parents were homophobic until I brought a gay friend home from college to stay one summer.
My parents were racist until an Asian family moved into our street
they are now staunchly liberal and shout down anyone saying the same things that they would have a few years ago.
my point is, no matter how many times they had been told/informed that it was wrong to be racist or homophobic it was only real interaction that made a difference to them. Engaging with new people, seeing the world from new view points. I’m a little disappointed in us, a banker wandered into our world and everyone ganged up and jumped on him. He came from a different world and expressed a view we disagreed with – so he was shouted down. I have never managed to change someones mind about anything by calling them a c**t. just reinforced what they already thought about me. oh well. I’m currently working on 2 banking projects, and I suspect every brand I work on is funded at some level by bankers, maybe thats why my advertising halo has slipped a little..

Comment by Mr McG

Fair point Mr McG but Rob’s post is not overly aggressive and neither were the comments prior to Mr Bankers verbal assault so I think certain people’s spirited response has more to do with how Mr Banker approached his comment than their need to pick a fight with anyone who has an alernative view.

Rob has always said financial institutions are behind some of the greatest things that have happened as well as some of the worst, he is a fair guy he approaches these issues like a lawyer who can only allow reaonable doubt to linger in the minds of the people so when a person launches into an attack with minimal provocation Γ­t says more about the issues they’re trying to cope with than anything else.

Comment by Bazza

I agree with you – robs blog was a reasoned argument – with points that were substantiated and clearly presented as the opinion of an individual. the responses to the banker were not. They were responding to abuse with abuse. If we want to change someones mind we may have to meet them beyond halfway and coax them back with us. even if halfway is an arbitrary line that I’m personally not sure exists. I’ve worked on skin lightening products so morally dubious that they actually kept me awake at night,.. my Malaysian banking projects barely keep me awake during the day..

Comment by Mr McG

You are on the wrong blog for advertising hacks.
It’s not always the bankers fault they are working for a corrupt system in a corrupt industry.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Well, everybody would have greeted Mr Banker with open arms of warmness if he would have opened the door without insulting the majority of the readers as “hacks” that “whore for money”. I’m not exactly sure how you behave, Mr McG, but I don’t walk straight into the local branch of my bank screaming “Heyho, c πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ ts. I want to open an account with you crooked twats” and expect staff to be nice to me in return.

And to Mr Ex-Lehman-Brothers-(Who?)-employee: Your believe is the whole problem because apart from the employees of big coporate banks nobody else made money. That includes their customers. Find the mistake. Now the ones that steered banks right into a state close to bankruptcy where from these banks are saved with governments’ money (it’s the case in Germany right now) that is taken from the taxes I paid insult me as a whore? Hello? Knock, knock.

Overall I think the only mistake the whole system of banking made was to (just like some ad folks) live in their own parallel universe. And to think that making money is a very easy thing. Go on and ask real entrepreneurs for their answer to the question “Is making money easy?”
Prepare for a surprise, sunshine.

Comment by Seb

If Mr Bank lends me 100 bucks I won’t call him a thieving dick. We got a deal?

Hey Mr McG (why is every fucker on here suddenly a Mr?) you might not find banks as morally objectionable as that Michael Jackson face paint shit you were flogging but you should talk to Rob about the homeless families he met who have been kicked to the streets by lying mortgage lenders and profit at all fucking costs banks. Then you should talk to the google guys about their thoughts after Rob held a conference and introduced these family to them and finally you should meet the families and look into their eyes and see if you still can accept the crimes of finance without any pain because I can’t and I’m a tough fuck. There’s a big difference between companies who get people to buy because of fear and companies who put fear into people because they did.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Two things.

1. Calm down.
2. Please remember the “C” word rules of this blog. Rob’s mum is reading.

Comment by Marcus

You’re in shit Seb, no c words allowed on this blog and at this moment Campbell and the boys are getting on a plane bound for Asialand so if Mrs C pops by in the next 18 hours Rob is going to have to kill you. Do an overdose of πŸ™‚ quick, it’s your only chance.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Just when I thought the lunatics could take over the asylum Marcus becomes Dad. Can I borrow some cash off you then?

Comment by Billy Whizz

Just because I also told Seb no c words doesn’t mean I’m Dadlike like Marcus. Hope that clears up any confusion because I’m a tough guy with tatts. What about the hundred bucks bank man?

Comment by Billy Whizz

something different, but also important

Comment by Nicky Rothstein

It wasn’t me saying the c-word.
It was an imaginary conversation.
So I’m not sure that counts.
πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

Comment by Seb

Oh and Billy, is that your new positioning?
“Billy the Dad”.

Comment by Seb

My wife works as a fund manager at a big investment bank in the money markets. The eye of the storm.

My view is that they all have it coming to them. I have little sympathy – her included.

However I am coming to appreciate a different slant on it – my wife (who is quite senior in a middle management kind of way) just doing what she’s told. And HER boss is just doing what HE’S told, too – and there’s only about 10 – 20 of him around the world in this $1 trillion organisation.

So who’s to blame ?

The scary thing is that the decisions that have got the financial markets into this state have been taken by a very small number of very senior people. You really can point your finger at individuals.

And they’re NOT paying for it really, either. They’re being bailed out (on the whole) and still pulling their salaries.

Of course I suppose you could say ultimately that they in turn are only doing what the shareholders demanded of them – which pretty much puts the blame back into broader society.

Comment by Tommer

Good example:

My aunts shop had been running for about 15 years. One day the manager of her bank branch changed and decided he didn’t want her to have an overdraft (used for when big invoices come in at uncertain times)anymore.
Overnight she was faced with closing down on the whim of one persons opinion. Luckily she managed to convince him otherwise.

All that has happened to HBOS and B+B is that. Other banks said ‘we don’t want you to have that anymore’.

In the words of someone on mock the week:

Al Queida spent all that time and money on bringing down the twin towers to destroy the finances of the USA. If only they had known, all they needed to do was get a mortgage and not pay it.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Billy the tough guy sounds like new positioning to me.

Comment by John

Only following orders? Hasn’t that excuse been used before? Oh yeah by me when George’s wife told me off for ordering Andy’s birthday cake.

So we’re all a bit guilty with the bank shit going down, OK but some people are a fuck load more guilty than the rest of us so lets keep the spotlight back on the greedy fucks who lied and played with lives just to get enough bonus to buy another fucking house in the hamptons.

Billy the tough but not as tough as George’s lovely wife has spoken. πŸ™‚

Comment by Billy Whizz

I don’t normally comment but I’ve read what some people are saying (including “those” words) and feel compelled to add a few words.
We cannot let these people off the hook. We need to remember that someone in these banks created products with the sole aim to maximize their profits regardless of the wider social cost and I can’t believe the government are going to bail out these criminals without any major recourse.
These people adopted a devil may care attitude towards who they gave credit approval to because they were addicted to the profit with many cases coming to light that mortgage brokers lied to some of the most vulnerable and trusting people just so they could secure an extra commission.
If it’s all collapsing by their ears they only have themselves to blame and I would raid their personal accounts and give it to those who were misled and throw the lot of them in jail and let them rot in hell.
You cannot understand the evil these people have cast until you meet the victims and having spent a few hours with 5 families at Robert’s conference I can assure I will never let my family be beholden to a bank for one cent.
They are worse than drug pushers and the men at the top must be brought to task not given golden handshakes or public excuses.
I am sorry for the heated tone of this message but I sense some people are too distanced from the realities of what’s going to make a representative comment.
Thank you.

Comment by Mary Bryant

Mary for president.
Jemma x

Comment by Jemma King

How accurate was the last line of my last comment

Comment by Billy Whizz

A friend of mine lost her first home to foreclosure this year because of the practices Mary rightly condemns. But it worries me that everyone is talking about a bail-out as if it’s inevitably rewarding those who behaved immorally and probably criminally. That’s just media talk and led to the nonsense on Capitol Hill yesterday.

In an ideal world, anyone who acted criminally should (and I hope will) be punished in a criminal court but that will not address the bad debts and the liquidity issues that those create. Individuals should not be rewarded any more than they already have been and sure there is an argument for clawing back illegal gains, but that will take forever and action is needed now. No individual financiers should be bailed out, but the financial system has to be got going in a way it wasn’t in 1929 and in Japan in the 90s or the number of people losing their homes will be far far greater.

I’ve met far too many of them to be an apologist for bankers but if you’re in a position where your family is never beholden to a bank for a cent then (and I know you’re not suggesting otherwise Mary) you are in a supremely privileged position (though not as privileged as George is when you allow him to leave the garage).

Comment by John

None of that means that I didn’t think Mary’s comment was as good as any I’ve read on this blog.

Comment by John

It’s not a case of people getting away with the millions they’ve fleeced from these fucked up practices they’ve got away with it. The black hole of debt sweeping multi nations is a separate issue which needs to be sorted out before it explodes but so does the fact a bunch of banking bastards mugged whole communities while the government turned a blind eye.

I’m with Mary but then she’s my bosses wife and I only follow orders. Well for another 7 weeks.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Where is Mr Apologetic Banker? Gone? No more Latte and free Wifi at the inhouse Starbucks of Lehman Brothers?

Comment by Seb

The people who run these institutions are too out of reach of justice. You might get one made a scapegoat, but most will escape with their livelihoods and wealthy profits intact.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Just got in and I see Seb in trouble [I’ll be editing THAT word naughty boy], Marcus being responsible, Mary going off on one [excellent rant], alot of people seemingly saying the core guilty people will get away with what they’ve done and our new friend, Mr Banker, being as quiet as a mouse.

To be fair the Unapologetic one may have emailed me so I’ll go and check before grabbing some sleep then going into a MarioKart frenzy. I’ll let you know … [about the email, you probably couldn’t care about my Nintendo exploits]

Nice to see such passion on here – so I owe Mr Banker some gratitude because an issue that is affecting us all got talked about though I do have to say I agree with Billy [who’d of thought] and Mary that once you meet people who have been affected – as in really affected – your willingness to accept no legal recourse will be followed through on the major players who created these schemes/rushed them though/sold them is almost impossible.

At a time where the US Police arrest a man and send him to prison for farting on a coppers leg [true!] I find it sick that the banks [or more precisely, certain individuals inside banks – and inside Government departments – because they sure as hell knew what was going on] will basically get away with it.

I don’t want scapegoats but I fear that’s what we’ll get with the World accepting it because their main fear is the economy grinds to a halt. Again I agree with Billy that these are 2 separate issues and whilst getting the money markets moving again can stop even more terrible collapse, so is ensuring that the chances of this happening again [which it will] are delayed as long as possible and that can only occur when the US Government act against those behind the schemes rather than turn a blind eye.

As much as the milk crisis in China has affected the World’s view of China as a whole, this is affecting the whole image of America and interms of damage to the World, it’s a weapon of mass destruction so if the Yanks want to bring Osama to criminal justice I think the least they can do is follow through the same principals on the people behind these schemes because whilst one committed murder on a massive scale, the other has destroyed even more lives, albeit in a different way.

Comment by Rob

No email from our new friend πŸ™

[I’ve changed Seb’s moment of madness and I just want to say hello to ‘Tommer’ who has ignored the clique [there isn’t one, but I can appreciate how it might look to an ‘outsider, ha!] and started passing his views. Hello there – thanks for coming, nice comment – especially this one – and I hope you come back soon]

Comment by Rob

Hey all,

A few quotes from Woody Guthrie came to mind reading your comments:

β€œYes, as through this world I’ve wandered I’ve seen lots of funny men; Some will rob you with a six-gun, And some with a fountain pen”

β€œIt’s round the world I’ve traveled; it’s round the world I’ve roamed; but I’ve yet to see an outlaw drive a family from its home”

Hope as much as the rest of you that justice will be served and there’s a clean-out at the top of the financial world, hopefully new blood can bring with them some new and better ways of thinking and doing (actually, maybe that could be written into the loan agreement?)

Keep up the great posts Rob. Hope to catch you at PSFK if I can get up there.

All the best
Tim (down in NZ)

Comment by Tim Gregory

Great to hear from you Tim – you good? If you can’t come to PFSK [though I’d be very impressed/scared if you did, ha] there’s a very good chance I’ll be in NZ quite soon so we can catch up there.

Drop me a line to let me know how you are …

Comment by Rob

So “crooked twats” is an officially allowed term?

Comment by Seb

Much better Seb … my mother will be proud. Well not proud, but … oh you get the idea.

Comment by Rob

Unfortunately I’m not new Rob – I just keep dicking about with my name.

Comment by Tommer

Well, I think it’s a day job to be proud of you, so I don’t mind if she can’t be proud of me. Though I’m a big fan of yours, Mrs Campbell. You’re gorgeous.

Comment by Seb

Yo Tommer, that’s my schtick ! πŸ˜‰

that’s some pizda stuff to pull.

Comment by Nicky Rothstein

But I DON’T work in advertising, and my wife DOES work in a bank – so I guess I’m not part of any clique that might exist anyway – so all that stuff you said still does count. I’m an innovation consultant to the charity sector (don’t start asking any questions on THAT one)

Comment by Tommer

AND I’ve got an MBA from London Business School so I guess that definitely puts me in the same camp as that dude you battled at your conference (I was before his time ‘though I think)

Comment by Tommer

You seen very nice and very smart Tommer so what the hell are you doing here? And I would love to know what you do and whether you’re tied to a single charity or consult to a bunch of them so if you can be arsed, maybe we could have a chat … email, phone, skype, carrier pigeon … whatever you prefer.

Right the Mario grand prix in San Fran / Singapore is warming up, time for some final practice against the wife so toodle pip everyone.

Comment by Rob

tommer – as in raymond?

Comment by lauren

Yes – Raymond was a nomenclature I used at one time.

Rob – drop me an e.mail – you have my address, right ? I’ll tell you what I do / have done and for who(m).

Comment by Tommer

wicked!! hey mate πŸ™‚ you rock!!

Comment by lauren

I’ve been on your blog too Lauren – although for some reason can’t leave a comment – maybe it’s the internal firewalls etc at my new office. I’ll check from home.

I WAS going to suggest that you recommend that Dodds go to some public toilets during his stay in NY – these seem to be your new arena, and I’m sure John would feel comfortable locked in a cubicle for a few hours.

Comment by Tommer

what a great idea! see everyone – the man knows what he’s talking about… πŸ™‚

Comment by lauren

The man is a charlatan who makes up stuff about knots and is even more inconsistent in his naming than niko.

Comment by John

Glory, glory glory Ho-le.

Enjoy it Dodds.

Comment by Tommer

You patronizing wanker. Who do you think you are? I don’t have to justify anything to anyone especially a bunch of people who make their money whoring themselves for a few dollars. If you’re all so clever why do you work for a pittance?
The bank and credit industries helped people get a leg up the social ladder, they never had it so good so if they couldn’t handle the responsibility then they shouldn’t of tried to be someone they’re not. To get in this situation takes more than a few bad mortgage brokers, it’s the lying public who took our credit when they couldn’t afford it that should be sent to prison and left to rot. I won’t be on here anymore, it’s a rancid place full of rats.

Comment by Unapologetic Banker

So Mr McG, do you still feel the same way after this idiot’s latest demonstration of mental shortcoming? Who fancies putting on an Andy vs Banker webcam show? All proceeds go to paying the bankers hospital and dental bill?

Comment by Bazza

i wouldn’t bother baz – not worth wasting anyone’s time about.

Comment by lauren

You don’t know how fun it is to see Andy angry. πŸ™‚

Comment by Bazza

oh well, I tried.

Comment by Mr McG


Comment by Bazza

He surfaces … except he is still hiding at the same time… say’s it all really.

Comment by Rob

Money once backed by gold, now backed by trust… what else could have gone wrong?

Comment by best niches

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