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I Won The Battle And I Have The Medals To Prove It …
September 26, 2008, 12:43 am
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But lets not get too cocky folks … the war is still raging so be on your guard and fight the good fight.

Night all, I’m absolutely knackered … but strangely energized at the same time.

What a sad – award [for WPP!!!] and rant winning – man I am, hahaha!

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That’s a funny looking penis. You won a funny looking penis.

Comment by Marcus

lay off our warrior friend brown, he needs rest for he has fended off evil that threatened to destroy our happy little village.

what the fuck am i talking about? campbell went all the way to india and ended up with a weird shaped gold cock award. fucking blackpool offers better things than that on its hook a duck. cant wait to see what the singapore customs make of that when he flies back.

well done campbell on the fight bad luck on the prize 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

The gold cock award for brand leadership.

Comment by Marcus

apt isnt it. not for campbell, hes in my good books at the moment, but fucking “brand leadership”

Comment by andy@cynic

My hero.
Jemma x

Comment by Jemma King

Hey, you finally got it. Congratulations, considering you spoke after you know who ! Ha !

Comment by Bhaskar

you’d think for all the peeps involved in those awards, they could have at least come up with a good-looking trophy!

well done rob! i can’t wait to see the footage. or the police report – either way..

Comment by lauren

that’s hilarious, Marcus. already have made Super-Robert my desktop wallpaper. and congratulations on that award, Rob.

though it looks like a funny looking penis. though the “certificate” looks as if Sir Sorrell would have done it by himself in Corel Draw 4. though it has more sponsor-logos than a formula one racing suit. though the Landor guy would probably kill for it or hug and kiss you.

but I (and Marcus as wel though he doesn’t show) very happy for you, RCBPD. Regional Creative Brand Planning Director that is. I think not even Sir Sorrell has a job description as impressive as that.


Comment by Seb

lets not all get ahead of ourselves its campbell were talking about. the only hero he should be is to sad queen lovers and i know hes the only one on this blog like that. or should i say he fucking better be

Comment by andy@cynic

if the world wasnt fucked before it sure is fucked now, campbell is a super hero.

you have a lot to answer for brown

Comment by andy@cynic

A very droll video which reminded me I first knew Robert when he actually had hair. A long time ago.

Despite some slightly negative comments regarding the physical appearance of your award, I still want to pass on my congratulations. Well done.

Comment by Lee Hill

I fear all this adulation may lead the superhero to resume his career as a budding video director over the weekend.

Comment by John

We’ll need Super Editor to come to our rescue if that’s the case John.

Comment by Bazza

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