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Lets Turn The Mind Switch Onto “POSITIVE”
September 24, 2008, 8:15 am
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Caution - See-Saws Ahead! by navonod Photo: Navonod

So it’s Wednesday – that point in the week where you can see just about see Saturday approaching but feel the vice-like grip of Monday still very tightly wrapped around your feet.

With this in mind, I thought I’d start the Humpday Positive Mindset post … where basically I ask a rubbish question and you let your mind go on a holiday from corporate life by responding with answers that reflect positive feelings/memories and emotions.

To start off I’d like to know what is your most comforting of all comfort food.

I want to you to tell me what concoction is your mouth and stomachs best friend … why that’s the case and how it makes you feel.

Right, to get things rolling, I’ll start …

Without doubt for me, a bowl of plan pasta, coated in some melted butter with salt and some cheese on top makes me go weak at the knees.

I know it’s oh-so-plain … but that dish makes me feel totally contented.

It’s not that it gives me a blanket of warmth if I’m feeling down – though it has that effect as well – it’s the fact that I feel in a really good place when I’m eating it.

All the stuff that can pre-occupy me just buggers off, leaving me to appreciate where I’m at and what I have – not in terms of what I own, but in relation to the people I have in my life.

Mad isn’t it … a bowl of plain pasta has meditation type benefits.

Now I must admit I don’t know why this food has such an effect on me but I am assuming it has something to do with my Mum being Italian and that it stirs up memories of the odd school lunchtime where I’d come home and eat a bowl with her while chatting about what I’d done that morning.

Precious, wonderful times which you don’t realise until decades later.

So come on, what’s your edible happiness? And no rude things thank you very much – today we’re in ‘Sesame Street’ mode 🙂

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yesterday, when discussing eating disorders, i found out that the stomach has a brain, of sorts. i’ve not had a chance to research anymore into that, but apparently that’s why there is such a thing as ‘comfort food’ – that it really is like meditating!

Comment by lauren

All I need is a tablespoon and a jar of Nutella.

Comment by Age

Mine is Heinz baked beans on not-too-well-toasted toast that has been slathered in Lurpak ! (the slightly salted one !!)Oh I can taste it now : the slightly tangy sweet sauce getting stuck on the corners of my mouth as it sails past the taste buds; the hard shell of the bean as I break through to the soft, creamy centre; the harsh effect of the toast on my tongue; the soggy centre part of the toast that has the butter and tomato sauce melted into it; the joy of wiping the toast crust that is still in shape around the plate to get up the last few beans; and the best bit – licking the plate clean at the end ! OH YEAH BABY !

Comment by fan

Mine is ‘stoemp’, which is (according to wikiepdia) a dish in the cuisine of Belgium and the Netherlands. It consists of pureed or mashed potatoes, other root vegetables and can also include cream, bacon, herbs or spices.The name of the dish sometimes includes the kind of vegetables inside it, for example wortelstoemp (wortel= carrot).
And my favorite is green cabbage ‘stoemp’…don’t ask me why, but this dish gives me that warm fuzzy feeling we are talking about here 😉

Comment by Geert

you all just have 1 food? jesus – i have a whole bunch – depending on the weather, the place, the time of day and the time of the month! no wonder i’m chunky! ha! although i have to say, i well-made espresso is sure to eclipse all, no matter what.

Comment by lauren

congratulations india. it took google months to locate and then activate campbells hippie gene but youve managed to do it in 2 days. you fuckers. we even had to start a company in asia just to stop the bastard talking about the smell of the fucking flowers and youve gone and destroyed all our hard work in an instant. how are we going to cope when he has to come back to sf? we had the perfect plan to make sure he was “normal” between visits so he couldnt be there long enough to be affected but fuck knows what damage youve done to him AND US (happy marcus?) as a result of your actions. i swear to god if the fucker talks about colour coding his clothes to his complexion i am going to come over there and have some sever words. not only that but the prick doesn’t look good in pasty white.

this is the most fucking sad post is a sea of sad fucking posts and the only reason im answering the question is because like a parent who thinks their only child is on the brink of becoming a cult member, i want to try and demonstrate a connection so i can try to coax him back from the edge.

sausage. hp sauce. big motherfucking crusty bread. i get seduced by the smell then when i cant take it any longer i lean in and savage the beast. its not all one way because it fights back by overwhelming my mouth with its flavours and textures. it pushes down my tongue while scratching across my palate in a tug of war between hunger and passion till I finally get the better by pushing the fucking thing down my throat into my memory. fuck me it sounds like I need to keep a little black book on my sausage sandwiches but its that good and makes me that happy. im going to go and have one now which will piss off the wife so to quote laurel and hardy thats another fine fucking mess youve got me into campbell

Comment by andy@cynic

Evidence #1: Phalic shaped sausage.

Evidence #2: “Overwhelming my mouth”

Evidence #3: “Pushes my tongue while scratches my palate in a tug of war between hunger and passion”

Evidence #4: “I push it down my throat”

Do you have any idea how all this sounds?

I said I didn’t want any rude answers and yet you’ve just described the sort of thing that would make Barbara Cartland blush. And given you make the sausage sound the ‘male’ between you two, it would appear that whilst SF made me a ‘hippy’, it turned you gay.

Congratulations on using capital letters – I know how big a deal that is for you – but an extra credit goes for the courage you showed by coming out the closet and admitting you’re a super gay sausage sucker. I tell you something, I am NEVER sharing a hotdog with you again. 🙂

Comment by Rob

fuck you campbell. you just want to be a sausage now well youre almost there because youre full of stuff no one else wanted or could find a use for

here i am trying to appease your hippy needs and i get called a freddie mercury sausage eater. youre one sick and ungrateful fuck campbell. very proud now im fucking off to put on my rubber mask and swallow some sausages

Comment by andy@cynic

That is quite possibly the worst image I’ve ever had in my mind. I feel mentally violated and if I could prove it to the Police, you’d be in prison now begging to not be Bubba’s girlfriend.

And I know that makes you happy [the affect you’ve had on my mind, not the prison situation] so stop bloody smiling you sicko!

Speak soon … and make sure you unzip your mask or I can’t hear you properly. 🙂

Comment by Rob

rice rice and only rice…a thick sludgy paste of it…drowned in mutton curry, toghurt and mint raita

sob…im having withdrawal symptoms now

Comment by Sonal

Thank you Sonal, you’ve just helped me decide what to have for lunch – and given I’m in India, it’ll be of a quality, not experienced since I was last in Nottingham 🙂

Comment by Rob

Sausage, baked beans and mashed potato.

Comment by Marcus

Sausage and bacon sandwich on a Saturday morning. I’ll have just cycled a 10 mile round trip to the butchers to pick up the the best cumberland sausages you could possibly imagine, and their own dry cured bacon.
On the way back I’ll have stopped for the paper and picked up bread from the bakery in my village.
I’m home knackered, and I put the sausages in the oven and get showered.
When the sausages are nearly ready, the bacon gets grilled, the bread lightly toasted and it all goes in a doorstep sandwich with masses of ketchup – accompanied by tea made properly and the Guardian.

Comment by northern

Risotto made with proper chicken stock. Impossible not to eat too much.

Comment by northern

Fish and chips

Comment by northern

Hungry now

Comment by northern

apparently that sludge is all i ate till the age of six and when i wouldnt get it, i would (embarassingly) beat my head against the wall and chant “haddi chow, haddi chow, haddi chow…” ad nauseum. it means bones and rice.

and now my mums emotionally blackmailed me into turning vegetarian.

Comment by sonal

bring me a doggy bag please

Comment by sonal

open fire roasted porkbelly dripped in beer

Comment by Nick Fury

Don’t worry Sonal, my wife was Vegetarain for 12 years and then within 3 months, she was chomping on bacon sandwiches like there was no tomorrow. It is quite simply the most effective bit of planning I’ve ever done.

And yes NP, I am hungry but only for the Cumberland Sausage and Risotto, I’m not good with fish. I except a food safari if I ever venture ooop North. And thanks for basically reinacting my Diet Tango radio ads – I knew they worked back then but to know they would still work today is rather pleaseing, ha!

Comment by Rob

This post has bored me already – I don’t think I’ll be continuing this series – but then maybe we can go into areas of personal humiliation, so we might give it another week or so.

Comment by Rob

let’s talk about the first time anybody got caught trying to sell fake designer gear on the market and had to pay off the cop with all earnings of that day…

Rob, you go first?

Comment by Nick Fury

Errrrrm, I could actually …

But I was just an innocent victim, I can blame my evil mate for that.

Still, the money bought my parents nice Christmas pressies that year so it wasn’t all bad!

Comment by Rob

Personal Humiliation? The Shed.

Comment by Marcus

Sanity… where art thou?

Cheese on toast with proper mature cheddar is up there.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

bored? hang on – two seconds ago, you were suggesting that it was like reading porn, then you’re bored?…

Comment by lauren

Mr M, I gather you never had the honour of bribing the strong arm of the law?

Comment by Nick Fury

Personal Humiliation, I forgot to say. Kinda sold my soul out.

Comment by Nick Fury

basmati rice, ghee and sugar? you should try it. they feed it to small children in india and it is infinitely comforting

Comment by pristyles

You know you sound like let-me-guide-you-positivity-guru-nutter at the beginning of this post, don’t you? But, hey, who am I to judge. So here is my absolute favourite food. It’s really simple and I always order it in a small Spanish restaurant called “Picasso”. as I’ve never managed to do it like they do.

It’s grilled squid with garlic. Some bread, some aioli, that’s it.

Comment by Seb

Any meal someone else pays for.

Comment by John

The people you know obviously seem to be generous.

Comment by Seb

I bought Dodds lunch once.

And I didn’t even claim it on expenses. Or did I? Eitherway, it’ll never happen again – but more because he wouldn’t want to be seen dead with me than the fact I don’t think he is worth coughing up some extortionate London price for a chocolate pudding.

Anyway this hippy shit is over as of tomorrow because I’ve just written a ranty post. Hopefully that might please you all abit more than this lovey-dovey side of me, though I doubt it because no one cares about the issues I raise, they just jump to the comments – it’s the equivilent of “blog Playboy” where you just ignore the carefully written articles and go straight to the pictures … except you don’t even pretend you come here for the articles. Why do I bother?

Tomorrow is the “award” day – I wonder what will happen – however to make sure I don’t look too daft when I get on stage to take an award I shouldn’t be getting, I have a t-shirt saying “I am the other Robert Campbell” so hopefully I won’t look too pathetic when they say, “YOU’RE NOT THE ROBERT CAMPBELL WE MEANT!!!!”

And yes Andy, I did get your ‘pressie’, very funny … expect a similar token of love coming your direction very soon!

Comment by Rob

rob, please don’t stop writing posts like this, just because a few of us have short attention spans and can’t handle it when we’re asked about how we feel good about something. god forbid that you only inspire scamp-style vitriol about ads.

Comment by lauren

rajma chawal which is a delish Indian dish – beans in a spicy tomato curry w rice. Childhood fave. Happy memories!!

Comment by kajal

kajal, u might not know, u might not understand, but accept my apology, becuase I adressed you like a man.

Comment by Nick Fury

That’s the thing I like about you lot, you can talk about life as opposed to only talking about ads – and that’s quite important given in the big scheme ads are fucking nothing … though if you do it right, it can make a difference but it needs more than a television spot to do that, something quite alot of the oh-so-cool London crowd forget or choose to ignore to keep their delusion of importance alive.

Shit, I’m talking about ads in a post that’s supposed to talk about life – I’m one of those London knobs … so I’m off to wash my mouth out with soap, which hopefully will wash my mouth out of the most spicy lamb kebab I’ve ever tasted.

[No George, I’m still Delhi-Belly free. Bad luck!]

Comment by Rob

I told Kajal about that Nick … she pissed herself but apprentely you’re not the only one who has made a wrong assumption based on a name they weren’t familiar with.

Comment by Rob

Like Paul Feldwich said, if you are not effective, at least be entertaining..nice spin hé 😉

Comment by Nick Fury

Like Rob Campbell said, if you stuff up, try and pretend that at least you were entertaining. 🙂

Comment by Rob

Like I said.

Comment by John

You trying to get a job at CP+B, Rob?

Comment by Nick Fury

Been there done that Nick … but there’s a vaccancy, Pete’s off and he swears it has little to do with the Microsoft debacle. 🙂

Comment by Rob

I thought the kid Wizz was filling those lead shoes?

Comment by Nick Fury

Be lovey dovey.
Be bad and ranty.
We’ll come here anway.

With the award you should fire up the confusion. Wear a cheap suit and smile, bring two blonde chicks and give real estate brochures to everyone.

Comment by Seb

Hey Nick – yeah, I heard the story! Pretty funny stuff but don’t worry – it happens to me all the time. the fact that our India MDs name (Kamal) looks similar didn’t help!! Seeing as I did promise you coffee and a chat, you’ll havta give us a shout when you’re in HK next =)

Comment by Kajal

oh fuck this post is some horrid love in. stop it its making me fucking sick. and is kajal saying her india md looks like her or his name looks like hers. i fucking hope its the former or im not going to want to meet her. then maybe it means ill want to meet the india md who the fuck knows.

billy isnt replacing pete. petes a fucking planner and as much of a nightmare as he is billy is a creative and he is a creative who has worked under my tutorage so hes automatically worth a 1000 petes. am i making you feel welcome to our humble fucking abode pete? lol

Comment by andy@cynic

Hey Andy – Kamal / Kajal – If you don’t speak Hindi, the names can be confusing. We don’t look alike at all .. he’s 50 sthg, I’m not. But then again lots of people at work thought he’s my dad, so who knows!

We should defi meet tho, coz I love the cynic philosophy and the warped lovehate thing you guys have going on. The smiles and charm are a smokescreen, I’m so angry and pissed off most of the time – I am amazed I actually have a job!

PS Rob you promised me a punching bag. Right, now I am going to do some real work!

Comment by Kajal

the reason you have a job is because you work with campbell. international crime rates fell to the fucking floor when we opened our doors.

and i know rob looks fucking ancient but last time i looked he didnt look 50 or indian so maybe you meant your last boss. great career limiting move there youre already part of the cynic family

Comment by andy@cynic

ha ha ha ha…. this after I asked him last week why the award…=P

So! about that opening at cynic then…

Comment by Kajal

I heard food was the normal way to fill an opening at cynic.

Comment by John

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