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Fingers Crossed For Common Sense …
September 22, 2008, 7:30 am
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{ chinese good luck cat } by *Louise** Photo: Louise

Today one of my dear friends goes into a pitch with an absolutely brilliant idea.

A real idea, not an advertising one.

If pitch life was fair, he and his agency would walk it – but as we all know, the quest for glory is rarely decided just on the power of the idea/s being presented.

Saying that, in the unlikely event the client has a mental breakdown and chooses someone else’s ‘ad’s’, at least he can sit back in the knowledge that he managed to convince his high profile agency to live up to the philosophy they like to scream but rarely like to deliver upon. Who knows, it might just give them the kick up the backside they need to start living up to their promises and potential – which would be great because I know how brilliant they can be.

I wish I’d come up with this idea – but I didn’t and I don’t think I ever would have, which angers me and pushes me to work harder.

What a competitive little shit I am.

Anyway good luck matey … though you shouldn’t really need it!

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as long as were not pitching for the fucking thing i suppose i can pass on my good luck but who the fuck do i send my invoice to for my fucking amazing karma bollocks?

Comment by andy@cynic

Hmmmmm. Must be some great idea:)

Comment by bhaskar

Any clues?

Comment by Pete

Yeah let us know, whenever possible!

We all can use the occasional kick in the nuts, by being confronted by utter genius (other than the one we see here every day. Not gonna kill the goose before some eggs, ha!) that makes us explode with envy and makes us throw everything in the bin and go back to the drawingboard.

Whoever u are, If Campbell is jealous, it must be ‘Definitely Maybe’esque brill, so good luck!

Comment by Nicky Fury

I must know, I simply must.
Is it Fred?

Comment by northern

Sadly for the nosy-parkers among here, I am the person who knows rather than Andy which means it will be get schtum whereas if it had been my lovely colleague, he’d of blabbed it out to all and sundary in a nano-second.

All I can say is the meeting went ‘well’ and they are awaiting the answer.

Cross your toes now …

Comment by Rob


you know why, you utter weird bastards

p.s. it’s a compliment

Comment by Nick Fury

Good luck whoever you are.
Fingers crossed.
Toes crossed.
Criss crossed.

Comment by Seb

I know it’s a compliment Mr Fury – and I gladly accept your nomination though I worry about Andy’s foreign policy 🙂

Comment by Rob

As long as he makes Montenegro the red light district of the world, we’ve got no problems 😉

Comment by Nick Fury

Given he’s made our email address the red light district of the blogosphere, you have nothing to worry about.

Comment by Rob

Oh, I see that sign on the door to his…let’s call it “office”: Andy B., Pimp of the internet.

Comment by Seb

Good luck whoever!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

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