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Note To Indian Readers Of This Blog …
September 19, 2008, 5:53 pm
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… I now know getting Westerners to dress like this is not about cultural acceptance, but taking the piss so don’t waste your time trying to get me to do it again. Thank you.

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Do you remember this photo George?

It was when you spent the entire 3 days in India sat on the toilet, crying for your Mummy … and then got rather miffed when I had a packet of Huggies sent to your room.

Good times. Ahem.

Comment by Rob

oh yes. poor old George.

Comment by Marcus

that’s the kind of sensitivity you’re being awarded for isn’t it rob?

Comment by lauren

Yes it is Lauren … infact I’ve just been reading the comments from that last trip to India and I have to say, seeing George SWEAR not once … but on 2 occasions, is mindblowingly funny. Who’d of thought, Auntie George gets tough!

Comment by Rob

You should have done Mike Meyers script supervision for his India bashing pic.

but wait sais the fakir, there is more:

I can just see it: you, Mike and Bill in India with the peeps from ‘Soft Asia.

Awards and respect are a shoe in. Get it: Bill, shoes…

Absinthe is the stuff of Gods

Comment by Nicky with an F

I’m not bashing India … they bashed me when they made me look a tool under the guise of cultural relevance and then laughed in my face.

I don’t blame them for laughing, it’s just I don’t normally need anything put on my head for that effect!

Comment by Rob

3 days in which Robert enjoyed the cultural benefits of a magnificent country. 3 days in which George enjoyed the undeniable comforts of Armitage Shanks.

Comment by Marcus

I have a Déjà vu.

Comment by Seb

At least in India George kept his bodily fluids in private … remember Cannes?

Alex Bogusky’s shoes certainly do … I’m sure you can never completely get vomit out of suede.

Oh, and that’s when I inadvertently got him in trouble with his wife because she read about his exploits on my blog and realised that was the reason he completely missed his goodnight phonecall with his wonderful kids. Thank god he is only allowed out on business trips once a year!

Comment by Rob

You Are My Sunshine
My only sunshine.
You make me happy
When skies are grey.
You’ll never know, dear,
How much I love you.
Please don’t take my sunshine away

Comment by Nicky with an F

I’ve just realised why such a small percentage of Americans travel overseas.

2 words.

Robert. Campbell.

Thank you so much, I sincerely hope I can return the favour soon.

Comment by George

Spewgate just might be your finest hour.


Comment by Billy Whizz

That say’s more about you Billy than it does George even if I am somewhat inclined to agree with you, ha!

Comment by Rob

ghandi is spinning so fucking fast in his grave he could power most of fucking indias electricity

Comment by andy@cynic

the image that goes with that is- firing guns at weddings, beating the wife after the wedding is over and a HUGE moustache that curls up on the sides and sometimes grows stray hairs which grow up into your nose rather than sideways

Comment by Sonal

Thanks Sonal, I’ll try and grow the facial hair in time for when we catch up, ha!

Comment by Rob

Its in the attitude baby, not the hair!

Comment by sonal

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