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Has Bill Gates Acting ‘Fame’ Made Him Go All ‘Lindsay Lohan’??
September 18, 2008, 10:03 pm
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I mean, what other reason could there be for the ‘Bill & Jerry’ show ending before it even really began?

Then again, maybe it’s all part of some ‘Microsoft Advertising For Good’ program … where they take washed up comedians and give them a new lease of life.

OK, so Jerry hardly covered himself in glory with these spots, but given he allegedly got paid TEN MILLION BUCKS, he probably doesn’t give a toss and is going to happily spend the next few months buying as many crappy 1970’s jumpers as he can lay his hands on.

So who is next?

Personally I hope it’s Jeff Goldblum because there’s a cheeky dig at Apple ready for the making, but according to Rob Campbell Bookmakers, the front runners are …

5/1 Steve Martin
12/1 Robin Williams
19/1 Billy Crystal
37/1 Whoopi Goldberg
100/1 Bob Carolgee’s [
and Spit The Dog]?

Any more suggestions – except to the Crispin board to not buy that 2nd home quite yet?


[You know I’m only joking guys 🙂 ]

[How is the prick at Landor going to creep his way back into Bill’s good books now?]

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Tom Cruise..!!! That would be mental with him raping couches to sell vista and Bill just sitting there going all Oprah and fake smiling

Comment by Nick Rothstein

Dusty Bin.

Comment by Marcus

marcus, WTF is dusty bin? or am i too young to get it…

i reckon that either they get justin long to do it [mac from the apple ads, and the guy opposite bruce in die hard 5] or, even better, get the guy who plays pc in those ads to do it. tee hee.

ok, i’m going to bed now, ‘night all..

Comment by lauren

booby prize

Comment by Nick Rothstein

Larry David.
He would talk Bill into adding some value to Windows. Like double-glazed or bullet-proof because simple windows are stone age. Or somthing like that.

Comment by Seb

WTF are MS an Crispin doing over there?

All part of a mystery gigantic buzz campaign?

Comment by Patrick

Lmao @ Dusty bin.

Now Bill, listen carefully. I am not Vista, but I am not XP, I carry software on my back but be careful for if I drop it. On Tuesdays its important to spin round.

Which are you going to pick Bill?

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Chevy Chase: and to really show that they’re out pf the loop, they should borrow aesthetics from the Graceland video he did for Paul Simon about a million and a half years ago…

Comment by Ella

Excellent choice Ella – that guy really needs some help given like Michael Caine, he’s played one character all his life except he has only one facial expression to go along with it.

You will be rewarded with eternal life in heaven if they go with that.

To someone elses point regarding Dusty Bin … the Grandad of cynic’s R2D2. The thing is, I used to LOVE 3-2-1, but with age comes the realisation that just like Bullseye and OTT, it was absolutely shit so I don’t know whether that is a career that can ever be resurected.

Getting back on to the subject … someone over on George’s blog made the great comment that it doesn’t matter what CP+B do [and as I said, I still believe they’ll do something great] the fact VISTA asks you ‘CANCEL OR ALLOW?’ every 2 mins is enough to undermine any campaign.

Saying that, I am not a subscriber that Microsoft are bad … sure their packaging is awful and some of their updates or products seem rather pointless … but they have and continue to do some good stuff of which POWERPOINT is one of them.

Yes … yes … I know people are happy to bag it, but it’s the best presentation system out there for ease of use – so if the stuff people write with it is shit boring, then that’s their fault not Microsofts.

“But Powerpoint influences how people present which forces crappo communication” I hear you cry.

Well that might be the case but it doesn’t mean you have to follow the unspoken, unwritten rules and I don’t see people whinging how A4 pad’s force us to write along single lines so if you’re happy to adapt that to your personal quirks, I can’t see why you can’t adapt POWERPOINT in the same way.

If it’s boring on Powerpoint, it’s a boring person doing the presenting.

How the hell did I get to this?

Sorry – all very confusing!

Comment by Rob

They changed their mind because they read my blog. Obvious really.

Comment by John

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