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Don’t Flaunt How Slow You Are Unless There’s A Reason For It …
September 10, 2008, 6:21 am
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So I was having dinner – 08/9/08 – when I asked for a Diet Coke.

Imagine my surprise when I got handed this …


Yep, it’s a can of Diet Coke pre-promoting a movie that came out waaaaaaay back in May.

Now I have no idea how long Diet Coke can be stored for – presumably ages – but getting given something that was at least 3 months old [if not probably older as the promotion would run in advance of the movie coming out] didn’t make me feel too good.

To be fair to Diet Coke, it’s not their problem … but the restaurant who served it, it is.

OK, so the place was nothing fancy – just a cheap and cheerful Thai place – but happily serving 3+ month drinks means customers may start to question just how ‘fresh’ the ingredients of their food are.

Yes, I’m being petty and picky … but it’s these little things that can leave a big impression on customers … and all they actually have to do to counteract it is simply open the can, pour the contents into a glass and serve the customer – who will be none the wiser and have no reason to write crappy little posts like this.

People are complex beasts … and like NP and Gareth have said many a time … it’s all very well going on about the ‘big idea’, but quite often it’s the little things that make the biggest and most powerful impression. More clients, ad agencies, creatives and planners should start thinking about that!

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Hmmmm, how did you feel actually drinking that Rob?
Being a man and all…

Yes I’m being fasecious 😉

Comment by Age

are you suggesting that diet coke is for pussies age? 🙂

Comment by lauren


… yes.

Comment by Age

I’ll have you know 40% of Diet Coke is consumed by sad men Age, and I am errrrrm, proud to be one of them. Hang on, that’s not right???

Hey Lauren, did you get my e?

Comment by Rob

Hehehe. Rob, as long as you “feel the brightness” then it’s ok.

Does anyone know if that campaign is running anywhere else or is it just in Oz?

Comment by Age

it would have to be just in Oz – it should be “feel the lightness” anywhere else ! But then Sarah Jessica Parker floating into nowhere is rather distracting – maybe that’s what it says here too ? !!

Comment by fan

Did you start to suspect its taste or scrutinize it? Since you knew it was old ? ha !

Comment by bhaskar

To answer your question Bhaskar, I am just a sad bastard who looks at cans of soda when he’s sat in a restaurant by himself.

And can you send me the ‘feel the lightness’ campaign Age, I need to feel abit aggessive today 🙂

Comment by Rob

After all the millions Coca-Cola spent to sell the same drink to men as Coke Zero you’re still ordering Coca-Cola Light? How can one not succumb to the power of advertising?
I mean, that is the real issue here.

Comment by Jonathan

Because advertising doesn’t work Jonathan! 🙂

[Apologies to George and Bazza who will now hit me given they were part of the one good campaign Coke Zero launched globally]

Comment by Rob

Sad, while the Suns-Shining.

Comment by bhaskar

This is MY blog … not Sunshine, Cynic, Google_Lab, PLF or Potent_Pix … hence I can express my sad bastard traits without any detrimental affect on the previously listed companies.

Well that’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

Comment by Rob

rob, unless you sent me a pill of ecstasy, next time, perhaps ask if i got your mail, otherwise you come off looking more shaun rider than moby.

and yes, i got it – just got back from a day running around like a twat – will respond anon.

Comment by lauren

real men drink sugar.

Comment by Marcus

Good point Lauren … and given I’m in Singapore, that sort of abbreviation could get me in severe trouble.

Comment by Rob

I don’t drink sugar, I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t take drugs, I don’t smoke fags … what sort of sick bastard parents brought me up???

Comment by Rob

you’ll never know how good a hangover can be. That’s a crying shame.

Comment by Marcus

rob, if you read marcus’ twitter feed on a monday morning, you’ll know what you’re missing out on 🙂

Comment by lauren

Coke Zero was meant to be a manly Diet Coke.
Did you not cotton on with the torso filled ads Rob?!!


Comment by Rob Mortimer

“I don’t drink sugar, I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t take drugs, I don’t smoke fags’

and yet you still combine the pallor of the junkie and the body of two men. How does that work?

Comment by John Dodds

I love the smell of a good hangover in the morning Lauren.

Comment by Marcus

Good question Doddsy. Though while rereading my own words I can’t really believe I actually typed them. And I have to say that Marcus is right. There’s nothing like a good hangover. It excuses many things like eating crappy food, watching crappy stuff on TV, reading crappy blogs, ha. It even may excuse drinking Diet Coke. Though Marcus probably would say that the best recipe against a proper hangover is a bottle of fine Augustiner.

Comment by Seb

Oh, still have one question. Can anyone of you imagine something more manly than drinking Diet Coke? What about drinking a can of Diet Coke that advertises the “Sex and the City” movie.

Comment by Seb

Or drinking a can of Diet Coke that advertises the “Sex and the City” movie and then post it on the worldwide web thingy so that everyone can see it.

Comment by Seb

And not asking for a glass.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

or a straw.

Comment by Marcus

Fuck the lot of you … and not having a straw is more manly than putting a thin object between your lips which produces liquid when you suck hard enough which is why I am the macho man of gay drinks from gay cans of fizzy pop. I fucking knew Diet Coke would get their own back for when I encouraged people NOT to drink it.

And I do have hangovers … hangovers from dealing with creative prima donas and daft clients and theres nothing enjoyable about it I’ll have you know.

Off to bed to dream of Sex In The City … errrm I mean Freddie Mercury … errrm I mean, oh who cares. Night you evil shits, you’ve done Andy proud. 🙂

Comment by Rob

Oh Marcus, that image made my day.

Rob sucking on a straw that’s in a can of Diet Coke that advertises the “Sex and the City” movie. Fucking priceless.

Comment by Seb

diet coke is a ambrosial beverage that should not be tainted by association with the sex and the city movie! regardless of when.
then again, relevance and impact can be a little tricky:

Comment by Ella

I have instructed all Diet Coke to be removed from our office whenever you visit.
Sorry Robert but it’s for your own good.

Comment by Lee Hill

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