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Photo’s You Wouldn’t Want Shown In Public …
September 4, 2008, 7:47 am
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Creative lovely Paul Catmur in his best gayboy pose.

[Are you still colour co-ordinating your socks with your shirts Paul?]

[That’s shirts, not shits as I had previously typed by accident. Thanks Dodds]

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Whats that sticking up ? Or is he just pleased to see you Rob ?

Comment by fan

I’ve never looked that closely at the photo and let me tell you Fan, I never will 🙂

Comment by Rob

Since he’s in advertising, I think you’ll find it’s his expense account.

Comment by John

That must be why Bazza has grown from 4ft 5″ to 8ft 10″

Comment by Rob

That little bastard could fall in a bucket of shit and come out sucking a tit. He is Satan’s love child its the only explanation.

And Paul looks like he belongs in San Fran, I’m talking the Mexican homo not the city 🙂

Comment by Billy Whizz

Oh dear, what’s next after this and shirts you don’t want to wear any more, pornographic content? 🙂

Comment by Andrea

You have to go to Andy’s blog for that sort of material Andrea. And where the hell have you been lately? WHERE ARE THE WOMEN ON THIS BLOG???

Comment by Rob

Scared off by pictures like that one and the rest of the ad men

Comment by Andrea

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