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If I Get Kicked Out Of Singapore …
September 4, 2008, 7:05 am
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… this might be the reason …

24th August 2008

Singapore Sunday Times Newspaper

I am writing to say how offensive I found the article Jamaica Bolts Ahead: It’s athletes are reaping the fruits of their labour, and maybe their ancestory – in today’s Sunday Times.

Apart from the potentially racist slant of the whole piece, the fact half a page was dedicated to undermining the fantastic achievement of an athlete from a poor nation, is both petty and disappointing.

I am sure Singapore wouldn’t be happy if China wrote an article suggesting their success in the table tennis was down to some genetic advantage developed through generations of hardship, so I don’t see why we should allow this sort of viewpoint to be expressed towards another nation.

Sometimes there is no rational explanation for outstanding talent/success other than the athlete’s passion, desire, hard work and support – so in future it might be useful if Rob Hughes remembers that to ensure he doesn’t come across as small minded and arrogant.

Robert Campbell

Yes I know this makes me look like some sad Daily Mail reader, but you should have read this article – it was like it was straight out the pages of a BNP or KKK manual.

OK, so it wasn’t as bad as that … however I take great offence when a ‘journalist’ doesn’t offer an alternate perspective to the ‘expert’ a who claims Jamaica’s athletic success owes a great deal to the slavery conditions they faced in the past. Jesus, he is one of those idiots that probably thinks all Mexican sportspeople should be good at high jump, running and swimming.

Anyway I know I’m turning into my Dad, but this sort of attitude needs metaphorically kicking down, especially as Singapore – like many countries who claim of ‘multiculturilism’ – hides plenty of prejudice behind it’s smiles.

Probably a good job I’m moving from Singapore isn’t it – though they’ve not printed it yet, which is not that surprising I suppose. Damn, what do you have to do around here to piss people off … oh I know, talk about the Air Force 🙂

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“good at high jump, running and swimming.”
Is it wrong if that made me laugh??

Comment by Age

You’re a housewife from Utah.

Comment by Billy Whizz

how great is writing the occasional a nasty letter to the newspaper!
it’s like the thrill of using the guys loos when the queue for the girls is too long – you know you probably shouldn’t, you may come off looking like an idiot, but dammit, some things just need to be done.

Comment by lauren

I am obviously a Daily Mail reading housewife from Utah … and I appreciate how pathetic I look [not to mention the fact I am becoming my Father except he’d sue their pants off whereas I just write silly letters] … however this racism-dressed-up-as-journalism is something I hate, because it gives a sense of ‘authority’ to the whole bollocks … authority that the misguided and/or myopic can latch onto and further cementtheir outdated, outrageous opinions into their mind.

Comment by Rob

rob, you don’t look pathetic. you would look pathetic if you wore black, drank weak tea and sang smiths songs. writing to object to publicised racism isn’t not pathetic.

Comment by lauren

oops – that double negative is me being pathetic at writing. you know what i mean.

Comment by lauren

Sorry Rob – and I say this with MUCH experience on the subject !! – having the word “offensive” in the first sentence is a sure way of ensuring that your letter is trashed upon sight !! If they havent called you to “verify the source” by now – that’s it – yet another meaningful letter vanishes !

Comment by fan

Oh they called me … wanted to know if the letter was ‘genuine’ and if it refleted how I really felt about the issue raised.

When I say it did [I think my exact response was “Why the hell would I bother writing it if I didn’t find it offensive and wanted it printing”] they asked whether I was sure I wanted it submitted for consideration – implying it might cause ‘problems’ – and I said I’ve had more shit in my life than a bunch of myopic people getting their knickers in a twist over some truth being brought into their lives.


It’s different here isn’t it 🙂

Comment by Rob

Hang on… so the newspaper called you to ask if you wanted to reconsider the letter before they published it?

I find that really odd… is getting a letter a rare occurrence for them or something? I’m imagining them all standing around a smokey 50’s style newspaper room all freaking out over an A4 piece of paper sitting on a desk.

“What do we do now?!!”
“I don’t know! I DON’T KNOW!!!”
“This is gonna cause problems!”
“We’re all fucked!!!!”

Comment by Age

Welcome to Singapore Age … 🙂

Comment by Rob

Excellent letter.

Also, best of luck in Mexico City!! I’m so excited for you both moving there, it is the BEST city, you’ll love it. AMAZING food.

Comment by Angus

Angus, are you drunk?

Comment by Rob


Comment by Angus

Sorry for blabbing

Comment by Angus

Given Marcus and Andy have both recently posted comments while drunk/hungover, maybe I should see if the AA [not the automobile association] would like to sponsor this blog.

Blab away Angus – you’re making more sense than I normally do and I’ve been sober for 23 years!

Comment by Rob

That makes me sound like I was an alcoholic … which I wasn’t … it’s just the last time I had any alcohol was on a boat to Denmark aged 15.

[This post was brought to you by the “Don’t Cause Undue Stress On Rob’s’ Mum” association]

Comment by Rob

I am completely sober, except for being drunk on the sheet joy of being alive.

Comment by northern

I think you meant ‘SHEER’ joy of being alive rather than the ‘SHEET’ joy … but eitherway, that smacks of someone who should be drunk so fill up your tea mug with vodka and get swigging.

Comment by Rob

I need a drink.

Comment by John

i like the idea of sheet joy actually. like sheet rock, but full of joy instead. warms your house up real good 🙂

Comment by lauren

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