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One Man’s Horror Is Another Man’s Heaven. [So That Second Man Must Be Mad. Or A Pervert]
August 27, 2008, 7:00 am
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Remember my post about WHAT NOT TO WEAR?

It was the one where I showed my horrible red, stripy shitty top to the World.

[It’s also the one featuring Jill’s dress monstrosity but I think it would be in all our interests if I move swiftly on]

Anyway, in a moment of madness – or tightwadship – the very clever [except in fashion] Neil said he wanted it, so in the interests of blogswap [the new craze sweeping errrrrrm, absolutely nowhere] I’ve packaged it up and sent it off.

Given Neil has stupidly said he will proudly wear the thing when it arrives [which might be a while as I’m sure customs will hold it thinking it’s an act of terrorism] I suggest you keep an eye on his blog because it’s not everyday you see a man destroy his credibility in such a public fashion.

Hope you like it Neil … actually I don’t care … I’m just grateful it’s out of my house!

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Blog swap… I like it. There’s an idea there!!

Comment by Age

i love the smell of cred destruction in the morning

Comment by andy@cynic

This was a popular post wasn’t it 🙂

Comment by Rob

Does that make you Noel Edmunds?

Comment by Rob Mortimer

I’d rather be fucking Sarah Greene than Noel ‘numerologist’ Edmonds.

I didn’t like him when I was 7 years old and I don’t like him 31 years later.


Comment by Rob

I’m sure she’d be thrilled to read that.

Comment by John

She should be, have you seen how haggered she is lately? I look like bloody Keira Knightley in comparison!

Comment by Rob

If you want that R2D2 thing out of your office, I think you could talk me into giving it a new home.

I haven’t been here for a while. So hello everybody (that excludes John who denied our very special relationship).

Comment by Seb

That’s no way to talk about George.

Comment by John

I await with anticipation. I’ve only had the picture to go on mind so when I get it up close I’m hoping it doesn’t disappoint. Either way, a promise is a promise – I shall model said garment on t’interweb. The horror…

Comment by neilperkin

Thank you for your kind offer to de-clutter cynic HQ Seb, but unlike Microsoft we can’t afford to dispose of items that cost us a fortune for nothing – it would inspire our FD to adopt an anger level just short of CRITICAL1, which is so scary a thought I am writing this comment under the duvet!

And Neil … I am glad that you are starting to show your doubts and fears, it’s well deserved I can tell you, ha!

Comment by Rob

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