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Drink And Drive … It’s Fun!
July 29, 2008, 11:23 am
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27/07/2008 by you.

Formula 1cocktails? Formula 1 cocks more like …

And the copy … “Getting you revved up for the Formula 1 season. It’s our pleasure. Please approach our ladies or gentlemen for more information” … could easily be misinterpreted as a theme night at the local brothel.

Another gratuitous attempt to jump on the Singapore Formula 1 bandwagon. What next, Formula 1 bog roll? For when you have to ‘shit and go’ in a hurry?

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Shit & go? Now that’s an advertising proposition 🙂

Comment by Pete

I wish I was on that bandwagon…
If you are there on the night of the race do take some photos Rob/Jill!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

I’ll do better than that Mr M, I’ll take a video and compare it to the noise of the Singapore Air Force blowing hundreds of thousands of dollars on tourism aerobatic practice 😉

Comment by Rob

in defence of F1, racing and competition promote innovation: discuss.

Comment by lauren

thats my fucking girl, lets get some angst back here. and campbell, you take the piss out of f1 cocktails but its no more disconnected than this blog and fucking interesting reading. and when you wake up from your indulgent dreamland, give me a fucking call, im off to fucking dallas and ill need help on how to not get shot

Comment by andy@cynic

andy, start by not carrying a gun.

Comment by lauren

Damn straight Lauren, modern turbo technology started out in Formula one. Things like anti lock brakes, semi automatic gearboxes, downforce/grip aerodynamics, traction control etc all were developed for or largely by F1 teams.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

I love F1.
I also love that my desk looks straight down on the back straight of the Melbourne track. Oh yeeeeah!


Comment by Age

Advice for you Andy, don’t order a salad unless it’s a steak salad 🙂

As for F1, their influence on modern day driving is immense, similar to military innovation which is why I loved the “From tactical to pratical” line the Brooklyn Brothers, so accurate.

Comment by Pete

age, you and i have a meeting scheduled for 3pm on Friday of first qualifiying, right?

Comment by lauren

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