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Spinal Tap Were Right …
July 21, 2008, 2:41 am
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In the classic mockumentary, Spinal Tap guitarist Nigel Tufnell say’s the reason the volume control on his Marshall amps goes up to 11 is because it’s “1 better” than amplifiers that only go up to 10.

Well it would seem that Toyota have been inspired with this approach because they’ve gone and made the volume control of their car stereos not go up to 10 … not even 11 … but ….

Talking of stupidity, have a look at their automatic gearbox.


Maybe they were adopting the same strategy as the QWERTY keyboard – trying to stop people accidently doing things that could damage the machine – but let me tell you it doesn’t work either practically or asthetically.

What’s going on with Toyota? Hell, the Japanese philosophy is ‘perfection’ so why they seem intent on letting the fuck-up fairy loose on all their hard work is beyond me.

No doubt some ‘business guru’ will claim they’re doing it because everything is too easy for them … but I’m not a business guru so I’ll just say it looks and performs like shit.

Thank you and goodnight.

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Toyota make basic expensive cars. Hyundai are best in class with the Genesis and Veracruz. Mind you I would say that because staying in LA on their tab so to speak 😉

You know the BBC player volume goes up to 11 too right?

Comment by Charles Frith

So that’s Charles Frith, business guru.

Comment by John

proof again that language is arbitrary.

and what are you doing driving an automatic car? did andy put you up to this?

Comment by lauren

Another post from Mr Busy?

What especially pleases me is that you seem to be regaining your anger because for a moment there (ie – last weeks dinner) I thought you’d turned into a pleasant, passive man 🙂

Comment by Pete

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