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Separated At Birth … Again?
July 21, 2008, 3:21 am
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Kevin Hart Or Doug Roberts

So I was having dinner with my friend Doug Hart when I realised he bore a more than passing resemblance to Mr Love Marks himself – Kevin Roberts.

I’ve looked at the pictures for bloody ages and have come to the only conclusion that the only difference is the one on the right [Doug] talks more sense.

Well, he does when he’s sober!

So I was thinking, given I’ve been told I look like some freak from Harry Potter [thanks NP] and I have claimed Charles and Russell, Jon and Vince and now Doug and Kevin are one and the same – who do you think you look like and provide photographic evidence so your delusions can be smashed into pieces.

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That photo of Kevin Roberts (the real KR) is hysterical. I bet when the photo was taken he thought he looked like some advertising godfather when he resembles some middle aged, small time lothario holidaying in Playa de la Americas.

Comment by Pete

You friend may not like this , or you anymore. ha !

Comment by bhaskar

Does this suggest that Russell has his pimpin’ look down as well as me?

Comment by Charles Frith

Don’t worry Charles, you’re the original and best “Huggy Bear” … well, when I say original and best, I mean you’re the most original and best AFTER the real [who wasn’t real] Huggy Bear from Starsky & Hutch. God I need some sleep, this jetlag is killing me 🙂

Comment by Rob

Your grumpy partner suggested I looked like GI Gane. I have never seen him,but I imagine him to look something like Henry Rollins

Comment by northern

G I Gane? Don’t you mean G I Jane, as in the female? Knowing the boys as well as I do, I would bet money this is who they were referring to which means they don’t think you look like Henry Rollins, but 🙂

Comment by Bazza

I think the last line of the Wiki review say’s it all 🙂

Comment by Rob

Good to see Bazza admitting his intimacy with the boys.

Comment by John

So thats how the little bastard got his pay rises. To paraphrase Meat(l)oaf, I’d do anything for a pay rise but I won’t do that.

Comment by Billy Whizz

That’s why you live in a rabbit hutch Billy and to quote Andy, I live in a gold plated ivory itower. See you Friday, you can kiss my toes.

Comment by Bazza

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