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I Should Have Posted This A While Back …
July 14, 2008, 3:25 am
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Balloon POP! Photo: RyanLF

… but with so many creatives whining and whinging that too much scam won Cannes awards, it’s nice to know at least one real ad got the acclaim it deserves.

Funny how I suddenly think creative awards are soooooooo important now eh? Ha!

Well done to everyone … stand up, take a bow and negotiate a nice pay rise πŸ™‚

[If you want to see the spot, click here]

Oh and a big congrats to all our other guys who won stuff at Cannes – it’s been a good year for you/us – even if some of the awards were for companies who you wouldn’t expect to big investors in advertising, cough-cough-splutter-splutter!

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let this be a reminder to all planners out there, without creatives your insightful strategies would just be wank on a page.

you should be giving us part of your inflated salaries you ungrateful fucks

Comment by andy@cynic

and stop fucking blogging you work shy bastard πŸ™‚

Comment by andy@cynic

A special ‘thank you’ to John Dodds who sent me an email kindly pointing out that the Cannes Judges who comment on this ad [as featured in the newspaper article] are both from AUSTRALIA.

I’m sure he did this just for information purposes and is not suggesting nationalistic patriotism influenced their vote for the Schweppes spot.

But if it did, from now on I’m going to make sure I know which nation supplies the most judges each year at Cannes and make sure a disproportionate number of our entries come from that country.

It’s ‘scam evolution’ and we’re going to be on the cutting edge πŸ™‚

Comment by Rob

Note I ignored your comments Andy, ha!

Comment by Rob

You can’t help yourself with this blog can you Robert?

I wondered why you hadn’t posted anything about the Schweppes gold, but I guess it’s because you realised your metal glory was more to do with John’s “how to win awards” strategy than being a really good ad πŸ™‚

Comment by Pete

Its an ace ad and I thought so before I knew it was any of your gangs work. Which means I’m up for some award judging if anyone is reading because I’ve clearly got a nose for it and can do Schmoozing for a nominal fee as well.

Comment by Charles Frith

Aren’t you suppose to be very busy.

PS: it is a nice spot, glad it got an award

Comment by bhaskar

I am really very busy but I learnt this new word called “delegation” and suddenly everything gets taken off my desk and put on someone elses. Why didn’t I know this before – it’s more magic than David Copperfield πŸ™‚

Comment by Rob

Well done!
Its a great ad, deserving of an award certainly!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

You’ve been VERY quiet as of late Mr M, is all good? I know you’re blogging quite a bit [and I am loving the ‘attitude’ that’s coming through] but just want to make sure you’re good.

[And before Andy say’s anything, I am NOT in love with Mr M and we don’t need to ‘get a room’ πŸ™‚ ]

Comment by Rob

I’m so excited that I may well watch the spot. Later. Maybe.

Comment by Marcus

i was ambivalent about this ad when i first saw it [and i still pretty much am]. but as you know rob, i’m totally stoked for you and your team that it got some kudos at both Cannes and MADC. well done!

Comment by lauren

I have now watched the spot.

Comment by Marcus

I’m hearing worrying things from nottingham social services.

Comment by John

Lmao. Looks like I better add another name to the restraining order… πŸ˜‰

Bloody busy is what! Lots of meetings! But I am really enjoying it, but the traveling means I have no time to do anything really…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

if we all vote marcus for chief cannes judge and dodds for chief old bailey judge we should be able to put a stop to campbells smug fucking face

and mortimer, havent you picked up any planning tips from this blog? your job is to work at looking busy but not actually do a fucking thing. talk some more to campbell, the fucker is the world champion, how else could he get away with stopping his new business responsibilites to go back to england so he can take the entire 6th form from his old school out to get pissed under the guise of “research”? and the fucker doesnt drink.

jealous? what the fuck do you think? of course i fucking am

Comment by andy@cynic

It’s very Coldplay isn’t it?

Comment by Marcus

I love it. They played it on Monday morning at agency meeting (they had some kind of disturbing Cannes review where one CD showed work that every creative at the agency should know and if not should get fired) and I only heard the music (I never attend those meetings). Made me smile. Good work George Patterson whatever Y&R.

And what I like most about Rob’s inability to stop writing stuff on this blog, is that it pisses Andy off.

Comment by Seb

Yours is a rare talent Marcus – one comment and you’ve made me totally change my opinion on something I previously liked.

You should go into a boxing ring with George Parker, find out who is the biggest ‘positivity vampire’ and I mean that as a true compliment.

PS: Hello Seb – how are you? Still working late on dodgy camera clients?

Comment by Rob

Parker wouldn’t stand a chance. Not on a Tuesday.

Comment by Marcus

You’ve got mail, darling.

Comment by Seb

Ha, Marcus your comment was gold!

Nice to see this place lively again. Hello everyone!

Comment by Age

I seem to have upset Campbell.

Comment by Marcus

God you’d have to try a damn sight harder than that to upset me Marcus – it’s just that I’ve just got limited internet access [well, up until today it was limited time for blog internet access, however for the next few days it’s literally limited access fullstop] so I hope you are well and I hope Hannah comes back soon given she added a dimension of sophistication to this blog.

Speak very soon my semi-German chum.

Comment by Rob

I’m back in the shed. The kids are with the mum.

Comment by Marcus

sounds like a good time to get some writing done then, hey marcus

Comment by lauren

I’ll shall be penning something later this evening atcually.

Comment by Marcus

woo hoo!

Comment by lauren

I love this ad, I saw it on my last trip back to Aus and thought it was beautiful, not often I use that word for an ad. I love the way it is filmed and the way the baloon retains the shape of the water after it pops.

Makes me think for a min about lemonade. I don’t know if it is just the parts of the world I’m living in or travelling to, or if it is sweeping the world. But if I go to a takeaway place and ask for a lemonade I’m told that they don’t have it. I have to ask for either Sprite or 7UP, whichever they have in stock. I guess that’s branding for you. Lemonade isn’t just lemonade anymore.

Rob, yes, I’m alive and well, thanks. Still in the land of sand, and unfortunately looking for a job … again! But I’m taking a few weeks off to travel and will be working on a few small projects so life is still good.

Comment by Jade

Holy Moly Jade’s back … hurrah.

I know what you mean with the ‘lemonade’ thing – I remember arguing with some Macca’s staff that 7UP was lemonade but they refused to accept it. The kids of today … pah!

Sorry to hear you’re looking for a job but I know you’ll get one dead easily – however 2 of my friends have just moved to your neck of the World and have some nice jobs [at least I think they’re nice jobs] so if you want me to connect you up, just shout.

No idea if what they are doing would be of interest – but if you want to know more, just email me.

Hope to hear from you soon …

Comment by Rob

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