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Top Gun II
June 27, 2008, 7:10 am
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Because I know no one will be arsed to read my last-for-a-month-or-two blog post, I thought I’d bore you visually instead.

Just like Top Gun had an ‘alleged’ underlying message about homosexuality, my entertainment extravaganza also has a moral – and whilst most of you probably won’t see it for anything other than the usual Campbell bollocks [TM] – there’s a guy on YouTube who obviously has a much higher intellect than you lot because he/she has realised how my ‘pisstake rant’ has the potential to ignite an all out civil war as soon as the Singaporean people connect the increased cost-of-living with their Government’s flagrant abuse of hundreds of thousands of dollars of fuel for ‘aerobatic practice’!

And Zaphenath4 might have a point because I can’t tell you how many Singaporean’s I’ve heard complain about these price increases playing havoc with their ability to buy the latest Louis Vuitton bag!


Anyway, make yourself comfortable, sit back and prepare for the next 7 minutes 18 seconds of your life to be completely and utterly wasted!

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good fucking job youre leaving the country campbell, youd be lynched otherwise. what a bunch of small minded humourless bastards on youtube. they are giving you far more importance than any other fucker has.
yes ive just wasted 7 odd minutes watching your shitty little film but it was more enjoyable than most of the other crap on here and better than anything tony scott has managed to put together since his gay fighter pilot movie. i like it and you know how fucking rare that is for me to say. now come home and let me make you great again

Comment by andy@cynic

I’m gonna run my car on jet fuel from now on ! It is obviously WAY cheaper than RON95 – and certainly much more powderful ! Think of the noise I can make, while enjoying the huge savings I will obviously get, zooming up and down the cte 4 times a day ! woo hoo ! And if jet fuel isn’t cheaper … then get those damn jets down and stop wasting my ERP money on practises that pollute the air and the radiowaves !

Comment by fan

You’re either going to be deported (on a fighter jet?) or mysteriously disappear.

I think it is appropriate to state to any Singaporean authority now reading this post that I have never actually approved of anything Robert Campbell has said on this blasphemous blog and I hope my PR status will not be revoked based on me making the occasional comment. 🙂

Comment by Pete

you fucking crawly shit pete. are you sure youre not an iti?

Comment by andy@cynic

Is this the new fallon cadbury’s ad?

It beats trucks but the voiceover guy sounds gay, the fighter jet CGI is shit and the cat is more wooden than Keanu.

Comment by Billy Whizz

I disagree with your comments about the cat but everything else is bang on Billy 🙂

Comment by Pete

i don’t have time to watch 7 minutes worth of shite today – so i’ll just agree with billy. it’s easier that way. i’m sure he’s right and he’s taking the piss out of cadburys. win-win.

Comment by lauren

I think you have made a very wise choice Lauren – especially as Billy’s comment is [SHOCK HORROR] much funnier … and a damn sight shorter … than that video could ever hope to be!

Pete? You bloody traitor 🙂

Comment by Rob

Is this the new fallon cadbury’s ad?


Comment by Charles Frith

Please don’t feed the animals with compliments Charles 🙂

Comment by Rob

Could you get me Jerry Bruckheimers and Larry Elison’s autograph while you are over there? thanks a bunch

Comment by niko

OK Niko … I’ll do it when I’m shooting Flashdance II … which will also have a subliminal message but I don’t know what it is yet

Comment by Rob

We are in receipt of your audition tape. Sadly your weird nottinghamshire accent negates a voice-over career while your camera-skills leave a lot to be desired and frankly the narrative arc of this piece was non-existent. Therefore we thank you for your endeavours but urge you to reconsider your upcoming Hollywood recce mission.

Comment by William Morris

You think that excuses the fact you posted the exact same comment on the wrong post?

What sort of tin-pot agent are you?

Oh, you used to be an agency network CEO. That explains everything …

Comment by Rob

The sort of tin-pot agent who turns you down Mr. Fellini.

Comment by William Morris

I wouldn’t want to be with any agent who wants to be my agent. But you don’t want to be my agent do you? Oh this is so confusing …

Comment by Robert

“Our cat’s shitting itself, so we’ve got to go now”. Classic. People in my office are now frightened of me laughing at my computer. 🙂

Comment by Will

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