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Heckling Genius …
June 21, 2008, 8:00 am
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But I still say the best one is a concert in the US by singer/songwriter Ryan Adams.

Just as he was about to launch into another song, some wag in the audience screamed out …

“Play The Summer Of 69”

… to which Ryan went red in the face and declared he would not play another song till the guilty party was removed from the show.

Only problem is that when there’s 10,000 peopel in the audience [how the hell did he get that many???] it’s hard to find whose the ‘baddie’ so he walked off stage in a huff, only to return having had pleas from his manager and band.

Bloody gold even though the sensitive little flower had to go to therapy over it.

Maybe they should have trained for their live performances by visiting this blog because it seems the entire comments are basically an ‘ode to evil heckling’ – and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

[Actually I would, but what’s the point, no one gives a shit what I say anyway, ha!]

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the nice thing about this blog is we get to heckle obscenities at you without ever having to line your pocket with our fucking cash. mind you thered be no fucker who came here if you actually dared charge to read the bollocks you write.

Comment by andy@cynic

Thanks for that vote of confidence – and don’t think I don’t see you smiling like the proverbial!

Comment by Robert

Brilliant. And I’m pro Bono !!

Comment by Charles Frith

The best heckle I ever heard of apparently occurred in the UK with an American comedian who wasn’t used to heckling.

The guy shouted “You’re rubbish!”

The comedian said “You shouldn’t say that. The last person who called me rubbish, the week later he died in 911. Coincidence?”

The guy shouted back “I’ll take me fucking chances, you’re shit.”

Comment by Rob Mortimer

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