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Practically Impractical …
April 17, 2008, 7:51 am
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Paul's Finger

Congratulations to my best friend, Paul who managed to chop the top of his finger off while mowing the lawn.

What next, accidently sawing his leg off while buttering the toast?

We’re not very practical in Nottingham. Unless we’re talking about robbing houses 😉

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First. And ouch.

Comment by Age


Comment by andy@cynic

He chops his finger off with a lawnmower and you chop your finger off using a drill, is this some Nottingham ploy to get out of household chores? 🙂

Comment by Pete

You wouldn’t say that if he was infront of you would you Andy?

And yes Pete, it’s a brilliant scheme to get out of household chores however we’re not that cold and calculating, so what it actually demonstrates is our complete inability to do any sort of DIY which is either [1] proof we are to ‘masculinity’ what Dame Edna Everidge is to women or [2] a representation of how society is becoming lazy or too self absorbed to learn how to do what we regard as more ‘menial’ tasks.

Either one isn’t exactly making us out to be nice guys is it, haha!

Comment by Rob

if paul saws his leg off while buttering toast, you have to post about it! i don’t care how gross the photo is.. [sorry paul]

Comment by lauren

Erm. How the fuck did he manage that?

Comment by Marcus

He’s a genius.

But sadly at being a fuckwit.

And he’s a printer – where everyday he has the chance to cut his arm off – but no, he waits till he’s mowing the lawn. God I love him!

Comment by Rob

I entertain you all by chopping my finger off and I get comments like “fuckwit” and “twat” thanks guys. Oh and by the way don’t try and clean a lawnmowers blade whilst it’s still going round !!!!!!

Comment by Paul

what the fuck were you doing cleaning a lawnmower for in the first place, thats womens work. puff.

Comment by andy@cynic

Eating dinner as I read that… nice

Comment by Rob Mortimer

dinner? is your body clock that fucked from getting up early that you now eat dinner in the middle of the day. wimp.

Comment by andy@cynic

i think u should send Paul a jesus band aid.

Hi Rob!! –> 🙂

Comment by Emah

Hello you little terror – nice to see you’re wasting time on your first day at BBH by writing on this blog. I’ve taught you well 🙂

Comment by Rob

[…] revert back to who we were as little kids and part of it is because he gets into all manner of ridiculous scrapes, but a lot of it is because he’s just a kind hearted, wonderfully-natured idiot. […]

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