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It’s Competition Tiiiiiiiime …
March 17, 2008, 7:37 am
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Because Herr Kaiser was abit buggered coming back to work after a lovely, relaxing week of playing X-Box 360 and drinking, the Diet Coke vs Red Bull / Innocent / Spring Water play-off got put on hold however because he has now managed to keep the printing press running and the woodworm in his shed dying, he is now ‘all systems go’ which is why I ask you to re-read my argument for why you should all drink Diet Coke but not necessarily vote for it.

Go on, have a read then do the right thing – vote for Spring Water or Innocent.

PS: To stop George and certain people in Atlanta’s knickers from getting in a twist over this post, I should point out I am such a loyal consumer of the sickly stuff that I even had a Diet Coke ‘Champagne’ Fountain at my pissing wedding – I mean, how much more loyal can you get. They’ll be wanting me to be in an ad next …

God I love that photo of my Mum!

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hehehe, i remember that pic. Your mum’s face is classic!

Comment by Age

you back at work already? fuck me man, are you trying to prove something? whatever it is, stop it, youre setting a bad example.

ive looked at that photo and i still cant decide which bit of that photo i like the most, your mum or freds head that looks like its a mirror image of yours? ill go with your mum because shes a fox.

oh and nice creeping to george and atlanta you sad lettuce of a man. speak later.

Comment by andy@cynic

Great pic and also a memorable blog post that day.

Comment by Charles Frith

Someone has to be responsible Andy and after the weekend you’ve just had, I think that person is me!

Comment by Rob

What’s a pissing wedding?

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Your mum is brilliant. I really love the way she is holding her bag. But what are you doing? The bottle has a red ring as seal so I guess it’s no Diet Coke but Coke. And why the hell are you holding the bottle with a white table napkin? Though I love the fact that you wore jeans. Very juvenescent.

Comment by Seb

Now, if each glass had been full of Mentos…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Brilliant. After all the shitloads of work is done and I have enough time to bugger around on this blog no-one is here actually. What a timing.

Comment by Seb

I am… but same problem.

The Seb and Famous Rob show is go.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

come back tomorrow, ill be doing fuckall then.

Comment by andy@cynic

I will be back tomorrow. I expect a big fuckall show then, Andy.

Comment by Seb

I hate that photo of me! I look like a crazy woman. It will take me a long time to forgive you for showing it, Robert, but I will try!
Your embarrassed mum.

Comment by Fiorella Campbell

Hello Mrs. C. At last a voice of sanity on this blog.

Comment by John

sorry mrs c but theres a queue of people that want to whack your son and youre at the back of it

Comment by andy@cynic

lol @ Andy!

Comment by Age

Sorry Andy, but my Mum gets first rights on any smashing of my head that needs doing – though for what it’s worth, I still love that photo, I love it with every fibre of my body and to understand why, you need to go here …

Oh and Seb, in Asia Diet Coke DOES have a ‘red ring’ round the top – so while I may look a tosser using a bottle that is wrapped in a napkin [which the restaurant gave me, I’m not that formal] I can officially state that the stuff people had to drink was slightly less damaging to their teeth than the ‘classic’ coke which can rot a ships hull at a 1000 paces!

Comment by Rob

I think your son hasn’t shown enough love towards you Mrs Campbell, could I interest you in some Love Marks to get him back in line?

Comment by Kevin Roberts

Hello again Kev …

Trust me, if your ‘Love Marks’ thing could get consumers to have the same level of feelings, emotions, love and adoration for your clients brands that I have for my Mum – then you’d be bigger than google – however as they don’t, you’re not.


But thanks for the offer. Very kind, sure my Mum appreciates it.

Comment by Rob

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