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Where Is Frith?
February 21, 2008, 7:40 am
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Mama raised a pimp

I’ve called … emailed … written on his blog … nothing!

Has he had some bum-shaving accident or is he recovering from a beating he got at the hands of a jealous boyfriend?  [“Not the face, not the face” he cried!]

Whatever the reason, I hope he is alive and well and back real soon!

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I heard he’d was podium dancing in a fetish club in downtown Beijing.

Comment by John

That makes perfect sense. Sadly. 🙂

Comment by Robert

the dirty fucker has been messing around with “representatives” of the beijing classifieds ads hasnt he.

good lad.

Comment by andy@cynic

he’s even quietened down on twitter!

Comment by lauren

you cant type with broken fingers or theres no point when you cant see out of your black eyes.

Comment by andy@cynic

I bet Beijing doesn’t know whats hit it!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

The rumour is that’s the real reason Spielberg walked out of the Olympic opening ceremony committee. 🙂

Comment by Rob

Is it ironic that he posted today after you did this?

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Did he? The fucking sneaky bastard.

Right – off to abuse him!

Comment by Rob

No no – those posts aren’t Frithian nonsense – they’re the ransom note from his pimp.

Comment by John

He’s written more posts in one day than Freddie and Hari combined. And he’s being uber-nice about the Nokia N95 – a phone I still get pissed off about – but surely he’s not succumbed to corporate crawliness?

Nah – he’s just being honest, plus it was an excuse to film hookers – sorry, working girls – as a deeply entrenched society planning project.

Off out now – back tomorrow, have a top day all.

Comment by Rob

Yikes. I knew I owed a comment but appreciate the missing in denial comments in any case. Anyway, its all video blogged apart from that stunner who neatly dropped in that she was looking for an ‘investor’ over some top Sushi joint I took her too. And I thought the charisma was dripping off me again.

Quite by coincidence I had a track on the mobile called ‘never want to see you again’ and the message was given without a word being said.

Beats stabbing Wasabi into money grubbing chicks eyes with chopsticks. 😉

Comment by Charles Frith

Me. Corporate crawliness? Ha ha 🙂

Comment by Charles Frith

Why are you shocked at Rob’s little joke about being a corporate toady Charles? Aren’t planners, suits with better titles? 🙂

Great ladies on your blog by the way. Wonder if it’s a coincidence that Andy flew off for a week after seeing it. He’s supposed to be going to Italy but I wonder if he signed up for Charlie’s Nokia N95 tour?

For job security purposes I should point out that’s a joke.

Comment by Billy Whizz

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