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Information Gathering Laziness Is Clever …
January 23, 2008, 7:19 am
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There’s no way someone is going to convince me Charles wasn’t behind this sweet little idea from JWT, because the last digital thing that agency embraced was the LED watch.

Anyway go and check it out because on top of seeing a load of other blogs people think are good … you also get the chance to whore your own to all and sundry.

And don’t worry about looking like a blatant self-publicist – you’ll just be following the brand-parasiting strategy that Ferrari have shown is the future.

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Any tattoo sites?

Comment by John looks interesting.

Comment by Billy Whizz

I’ll take a 1/3rd of the credit 😉

Comment by Charles Frith

OK … 1/3 for Charles, 1/3 for the people who have linked to the page and a 1/3 to the bloke who invented the internetblogospherethingy. So what exactly did JWT have to do with it? 🙂

Comment by Robert

Craig yanked me into his office to find out how links work and erm….well there’s a little secret to that blog which is so not worth losing the wad I get slipped to change the world. I’ll text ya 😉

Comment by Charles Frith

Charles Frith is the Deepthroat [ooer!] of adland.

Come on man, SMS the beans 🙂

Comment by Rob

Is Charles saying that his boss gets to late 2007 and doesn’t know how links work? I hope he never talked about digital media before then because that might look a little erm disingenuous.

Comment by John

You’re in adult mode aren’t you John?

Comment by Rob

O men! Is there room for a sweet little person to be behind this sweet little idea? Kisses, Moxie.

Comment by Moxie

If I weren’t I’d be noting the disloyalty of one CF for not spamming this rather odd site with the details of all the insightful bloggers that keep this one afloat.

Comment by John

Hello Moxie and welcome.

First of all I hope this won’t be the only time you pop along, we need some more female influence here.

Secondly, if I may be so bold as to suggest you completely avoid anyone called John or Andy. They will seem nice initially, but slowly they will use their powers of manipulation to try and put you in a corner – however the rest of us on this blog know what they’re like and I promise you, we will not let anything nasty happen to you 🙂

Third and finally, I had a feeling a woman would be behind the blog link idea – so say the word and I will make sure Sorrell acknowledges you are the power behind JWT Asia … not Frith and certainly not that DR fella 🙂

Comment by Rob

Would that be the Moxie who cornered me over jugs of margaritas last month?

Comment by John

If she was drinking them – it was so she could forget the fact a man was learing over her.

If she was making you drink them – it was so you’d pass out and leave her alone.


Comment by Rob

You’re not going to encourage female contributions with scary reactions like that you know.

Comment by John

Scary reactions? Don’t you mean scary memories? 🙂

Comment by Rob

By strange quirk of fate, John, Rob, Charles, Richard and Jay are my lucky names for my male companions.
Thanks for the tip off about Andy – I have never met one, but when he makes himself known I will be wary.
Fate threw a David into my path recently which was a catastrophe. That’s a story to be told over Margueritas. I am on the fence about Martins or is the Sorrell a Sage? X

Comment by Moxie

Back to adult mode (ahem) – why on earth isn’t the site a wiki? I realise Frith might have to be called in by the boss again to find out what that is – but this form of information collection is crying out for it. As it stands now, uncatalogued and lacking hyperlinks, I doubt people will use it much.

Comment by John

We’re in the minority on this blog John 🙂 but for what it’s worth, I’m with you. Without some organisation, it will just be a mass of links that will be too daunting for anyone to use.

Comment by Pete

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