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Don’t Give Rob A Job …
January 22, 2008, 4:34 pm
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Yes that’s right … DON’T give Rob a job.

Is it because he’s bald?

Is it because he lives in Sheffield?

Is it because he’s too clever for his own good?

Well as much as they’re all good reasons to deny him his destiny, it’s actually for a completely different reason.

You see it gives me the absolute greatest, greatest of pleasure to announce that the brilliant, wonderful, clever, kind bald-bloke Rob Mortimer [not to be confused with the brilliant, wonderful, clever, kind bald-bloke NP or the evil, vindictive, average bald bloke, errrrm – me] no longer needs a planning job because a UK agency has shown vision, intelligence and common sense and offered him a job.

Now I can’t say who this agency is as things are still being sorted out – plus there’s another company vying for his attention [bus analogy anyone] who he has to see before making his final choice – however what we can all be happy about is that in a short while, Mr M will be a bonafide fucking advertising planner!!!

Quite frankly this is well overdue but it’s bloodyfuckingbrilliant news – so on behalf of everyone who reads this blog as well as the entire mob at cynic, I congratulate you – plus whichever agency you end up working at! [Well done guys, you’ve made a top decision!!]

OK – so that’s Age, Will and now Mr M who are sorted out so all we need are a couple of companies to see sense and hire the quite brilliant Marcus and Lauren and then we’ll have a whole set of uber-happy-working-people!

I knew it was going to be a good year!

PS: Make sure your contract stipulates you must keep up your blog. I don’t want to lose you like I’ve lost Will!

[No Andy, giverobajob had nothing to do with it!]

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Congratulations Robert, very well deserved.

Comment by Lee Hill

Congratulations Mr.Mortimer…well done!

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

This is just brilliant. Well done Mortimer.

Comment by Marcus

another fucking planner? what a shit way to start my year. congratulations mortimer, maybe you can teach campbell a few tricks.

hide your women, im back soon.

Comment by andy@cynic

The ultimate compliment – Boucher comes out of hibernation to pass on his congrats.

OK … so I rang him up and told him [George’s phone is off but then he’s living the dream and doesn’t want to be brought back to reality] but the fact the fat fuck managed to [1] find a computer [2] turn it on [3] access this blog and [4] write a comment, shows he is really chuffed.

He didn’t even do that when I got engaged. Bastard

Comment by Rob

“A UK agency has shown vision, intelligence and common sense” – we live in interesting times. Well done Mortimer.

Comment by John

Thanks everyone, particularly Andy; I know how hard it is to reach that button!

I have no plans to stop the blog, and even if I did I would still make appearances on everyone elses!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

God I love Andy. Don’t you just love Andy?

Comment by Marcus

I know a couple of ex-wives that wouldn’t agree with that statement.

Comment by Rob

That photo will be around forever now…

Andy is exactly what planners need if they ever start to get too big headed. A big pin…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

yay rob!! well done. now, i hope you take those design police stickers along with you. feel free to change one of them to ‘good idea’ and stick it on your desk.

Comment by lauren

Congratulations again mate. Richly, richly deserved.

And yes, I will blog again. At some point. Maybe. Ahem.

Comment by Will

I’l say it again, not before time.
Now they’ve let him in we’ll all have to raise out bloody game though.

Comment by northern

Herzlichen Glückwunsch from German Advertising hell.
Though I haven’t read blogs for weeks I hope you will go on and maybe be a role model for Will to get his lazy ass off and blog again. Enjoy it, make the right decision and show them how stupid they were to not hire you earlier.

By the way…now I know what I missed on this blog. Andy. He somehow is the beer drinking, burping, sports TV watching Walter Matthau on this clean and tiedy “dinner is ready” Jack Lemmon blog.

Comment by Seb

Thanks 🙂

Seb – Will has been really busy apparently, but he is planning to return soon I believe.

Never call someone who offers you a job stupid, unless you are being hired to fix that problem!! This was the first time this agency had seen me though, so no such issue there.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Seb – you really do know how to fucking wind me up don’t you? Well done.

Comment by Marcus

Good on you Mortimer.

Comment by Billy Whizz

I agree with NP, now we have to be on our toes. Brilliant news Rob, congratulations.

Comment by Pete

Well it’s all been happening overnight hasn’t it!

We have Will come back into our lives … we have Seb come back into our lives … and I find out people miss bloody Andy. To be honest it doesn’t surprise me – despite all his negative traits, he does have a way to make people adore him, I mean what other reason could there be for his amazing standard in wives. Well, apart from the millions!

Will, it’s good to see you here – hope you’re surviving and hope to have you back soon and Seb, I sense some real frustration about being back in German adland … and whilst I can understand that, especially given where you’ve been the last few months … you can either move to another country and or try and change the German ad scene by your brilliance, passion and determination. I know that sounds incredibly condecending and I don’t mean it to be – but I am a big believer that you should control life, not let life control you – so fuck the odds, use your God-given talent and change fate.

Remember, it’s not that long ago that Miami used to be just known as a place for beaches, drugs and babes and thanks to the CPB boys, they managed to rewrite the rules.

Speech over and feel free to call me an old fart.

Comment by Rob

Sorry I’m late to all this, I’ve just found out so a big well done, very deserved.
Remember the best planning is pro-active, not re-active so don’t let advertising control you, control advertising. I look forward to watching you fly.

Comment by George

Why do I wind you up, Marcus?

Comment by Seb

Thanks Billy Pete and George!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

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