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How Desperate Must Asia Be …
December 21, 2007, 7:00 am
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… if my blog gets called Asia’s Number 2 industry blog by Media Magazine.

Of course I should try and act all humble and point out that being in an industry mag doesn’t really mean anything to the outside World … however I don’t care, it’s made me happy and even abit proud – despite the fact I’m now going to be on the hit[man]list of twice as many agencies as ever before, ha!

[The only reason I may survive to work another day is because a couple of the campaigns I worked on also made Media’s 2007 list for ‘Top Ten Best Asia Ads’ [SONY & VB] and given the industry I work in are a bunch of whores who’d overlook incest for a bit of praise, it means they’ll probably just spit at me in the street rather than shoot me in the head incase one day I might be useful to have around. As the office cleaner for example]

I don’t know how it has happened or even why it has happened … however I do know most of you lot who come here and rant your pearls of wisdom [or just plain gibberish] have alot to do with it, so on behalf of my Mum [who will see this as a major accolade – which makes a nice change from the usual trouble I put her in] I thank you all.

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Well done!!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

This is very pleasing news Robert because when I use your blog to blatantly promote Virgin Atlantic, the best flying experience in the sky, I can be reassured I’m reaching a wide and potentially influential audience for absolutely nothing. Well, apart from having to associate with some of the rather ‘interesting’ characters that seemingly live here.

To everyone on this blog I wish you a very special Christmas and New Year and to Rob and team, 2008 will be good year because you’ll be dealing with me more than ever.

Ho ho ho.

Comment by Lee Hill

“a wide and potentially influential audience”, lee? surely there’s an andy joke in there somewhere…

rob, well done. although considering the malarky that goes on here, i’m slightly scared about such an influence. did they take into consideration Rock You Like A Hurricane and the meat wars when they gave you that title?

Comment by lauren

What kind of crap goes on in Asia if this bollocks gets a heads up?

Was this accolade really for the blog that features the most consistent career suicide?

Scorpions, sausages, sleaze. I’d expect something like Maxim to credit this thing but not some industry mag. It must be the people who write comments because it can’t be you 🙂

Happy Christmas to you and Jill and I begrudgingly thank you for a pretty good year.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Brilliant news Rob. Congratulations!!!

Happy Christmas to you and Jill and thanks for everything this year my friend. See you both in the new year.

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

This is great year end news. You rock. Wish you, Jill and Mrs. C Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Comment by pooR\

The line between congratulations and commiserations is as fine as the lawyers pencil for certain agency networks, ha!

Thanks guys – and right back atcha …

Comment by Rob

“influential for absolutely nothing” – yep that would be about right.

Comment by John

Actually Jill has identified what I am ‘influential’ for … she calls it BLUDGING – which she defines is the act of blogging instead of working.

I don’t know if I like the idea of my wife defining my job is such terms, but she’s so damn good at getting to the crux of the issue, ha!

PS: I think you can kiss goodbye to your V.A. upgrade now John, ha!

Comment by Robert

So if you were no 2 – what on earth was no 3?

Comment by John

Yours? 🙂

Comment by Rob

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