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Bad Recruitment Policy?
December 20, 2007, 7:16 am
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Letters Home... 

Yesterday I received a package from a headhunter I’d never heard of based in Japan.

Inside was a copy of Matt Beaumont’s hysterical advertising book ‘e‘ … a covering letter explaining that if any of the ‘comings and goings’ in the book resonated with me, they’d happily find me a new job … and ‘advance’ approval to wrap up the book and give it to someone else if I’d already read it.

All very nice, except …

1 The book is so old I’m sure everyone in adland has already read it.

2 It doesn’t matter if you work at WK or JWT … there’ll be something in the book that resonates with you.

3 Inside the front cover they’ve put a huge stamp of their company logo – so if I was to pass it on to someone else, they’d know I was a bloody cheapskate!

Plus the whole point of advertising is that you get to work alongside the weird and the wonderful – because despite it becoming more and more corporate, every now and then you still get the odd moment of ‘gold’ like the email I got from a German planner thanking me for some advice I’d given them on their upcoming Lufthansa pitch.

Thank you for you kindness Robert. With your help we now are ready for take off and will surely win the glorious Lufthansa account. Wishes of the best to you.

Yes I know it sounds awfully like Pertie van Helden [a character in the book ‘e’] but I swear that is exactly how I got it!  Genius!

Sure you probably get this sort of thing happening in many industries but it’s certainly one of the things that keeps me getting up in the morning … well, that and the cash … so while I thank the nice people at the Japanese Recruitment Company for the book, I have to say they won’t be hearing from me.

At least not yet 🙂

If they really wanted to send a pressie that was original, funny and had the potential to motivate a frustrated individual to seek out their helpthen they should have sent the brilliant ‘money box‘ that the delightful Emah just gave me for Christmas,



How great is that eh?

I’m just trying to work out whether she is implying I’m not happy or she’s isn’t! Ha!

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you thick fucker, johns fantasy girl (and thats all shell ever be 🙂 ) didnt buy you that money box because you or her dont like your jobs, she bought it because she doesnt like you and is encouraging you to fuck off.

and who can blame her when you plaster her picture all over this blog so perverts can crack one off the wrist over her (im not saying they do emah, im just saying they could) plus theres the small matter that youre an annoying and unprofessional cock to work for. fuck, you make me look like a dignified statesmen next to you and as im sure youll be more than happy to agree, thats saying something.

for someone who can be occasionally smart, you can be awfully fucking thick at times 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

Large chunks of that book are based on my life. To use a certain global planners vocabulary, “I am a legend ;)”

Right, I’m off to have one of my legendary bouts of flatulence.

Comment by Charles Frith

Ouch Andy, ouch…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

If you had 9 showers in a day, wore a tailored, bespoke suit made from the finest materials in the World, spoke without a single swear word and carried a briefcase containing the plans of the UN while walking alongside Kofi Anan, Nelson Mandela and Bill Clinton – you’d still look less of a dignified stateman than me – AND THAT’S A FACT!*

*As validated by Rob’s Mum Independent Industries! 🙂

Comment by Rob

“crack one off the wrist”?! now that’s one i haven’t heard before..

rob, at least the book had the japanese headhunters’ logo and not Slough Public Library stamped on the inside cover. ha!

Comment by lauren

I think I’d of liked them more if it DID have the library stamp – but then I’m from Nottingham!

Comment by Rob

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