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Proof Packaging Can Drive Sales …
December 19, 2007, 7:38 am
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Following on from my post about how great packaging design can motivate consumer action, I thought I’d highlight a great example that’s just come out in Asia …

How good is that eh? 

I particularly love the ‘hook’ they’ve placed at the top of the bottle so you can make it into a real glitter ball … or should I say glitter bottle!

This is brilliant stuff – so brilliant that it convinced a guy who hasn’t drunk any alcohol for over 20 years to buy the bloody thing – which is surely the ultimate demonstration of how powerful great packaging can be.

Well done Absolut … you might not of converted me to start drinking your vodka [the bottle in currently residing in my freezer] but you have converted me into being a fan and that’s better than most brands ever achieve.

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robot dogs, laser keyboards, r2d2s, copious amounts of mobile phones, in the big scheme of things this is a pathetically small amount of moolah that youre simply pissing away for no good reason but it is fucking cool so i wont give you any shit as long as you dont bitch about my fucking speakers like you always do you predictable bastard.

Comment by andy@cynic

absolut have always been a cut of above, in my book. and i don’t drink either. they’re the also only alcohol brand that can get away with a coffee table art book!

Comment by lauren

I saw that in a mag and thought it looked ace. Hoping to pick one up as a xmas gift for someone this week. Has any of the Aussies in here seen them??

ps. sorry for turning your blog into a Wanted listing, Rob!

Comment by Age

campbells got that fucking coffee table book as well lauren. he is a rat to the gratuitous spending pied piper. but i like him. a bit.

and why has no one said how the new absolut campaign is fucking shit.

that “in an absolut world” is such a contrived piece of shit that has been done by countless other brands leaving absolut with none of the warmth, charm and intelligence that it used to have in its droves.

sure there was a danger the “bottle” campaign was running out of steam but to replace it with that tbwa stuff is fucking terrible. actually its worse than that, its fucking disrecpectful.

another demonstration that “disruption” is a tagline rather than a philosophy. theyre as bad as the love marks crew, they just have more books talking about it.

if fred and np dont help get them back on track, theyre new year is in danger of being cut short.

you heard it here first

Comment by andy@cynic

Jesus … not only a sensible comment, but a great one! [I especially love your comparison with the ‘Love Marks’ crew as you put it!]

You know I agree with you on the new Absolut campaign – and while I like TBWA, I do feel their definition of ‘disruption’ has now become so diluted that they’re in danger of being as bland as most other multinationals.

Take Adidas out and Apple and what have they really got? OK, to be fair they still do great work on other accounts – and certain offices are really, really good – but they’re no longer the ‘enfant terrible’ of networks and yet the World is crying out for one.

I hope they get their mojo back or more and more of the smaller, hungrier shops will start to get their claws into their client base.

It’s already happening around the World – and with TBWA – but as they’re one of the better guys with some of the better guys there’s still hope and I wish them well, if only because Freddie and NP are there.

Comment by Rob

Having worked as a Disruption Planner with TBWA\India in the past, I do feel Disruption is losing it’s edge. I don’t find much difference in ‘Disruption’ and ‘Change’ these days. The simplification of convention hunting and finding a great vision has left wide gaps in understanding the philosophy and the spirit of disruption. Also the method of conducting disruption workshops for clients with a few or limited set of tools don’t take the process anywhere. Often hunting convention is left to trainees which results in poor insights to play with. But I still love my ex-agency which has taught me so much.

Comment by pooR\

Oooooh I like this comment pooR\, I wonder if any TBWA corporate-toadies will take on the issue … Fred? NP? Gavin? Keith?

[You know I love your agency really, I just would be interested to hear your response to the comments made – without resorting to name calling or focusing on other agencies weaknesses to try and defend your own point of view]

Comment by Robert

I think I went on record somewhere on this blog and said that Absolut was a bunch of arse Andy. If I didn’t – then I meant to. And I have no ties what-so-ever to TBWA so all I can say is this:

Your Absolut campaign is boring, 80’s, polyester James Bond ala the actor that nobody knows the name of anymore – shite.

If that’s the kind of work NP and Fred now do – I refuse to know them anymore.

Nice bottle though.


Comment by Marcus

Nice bottle.
Not seen the absolut world ad so cant really comment..

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Well that’s TBWA to cross off the potential Marcus employer list isn’t it, ha!

In a bid to save your future career [and demonstrate your smartness] could I ask you to explain WHY you feel that way Marcus, even though what you say is quite valid, hahaha!

Comment by Rob

I feel that way because I haven’t had smoked a cigarette for over 3 days (this is day four). I am completely incapable of formulating an intelligent argument today.

I’m a feisty fucker today.

Comment by Marcus

God, I made a real pig’s ear of that comment.


Comment by Marcus

Yes, that is a well articulated, well reasoned argument that I am sure will be appreciated by the powers-that-be at TBWA, resulting in you not being blackballed when Fred and NP get you a job offer, but being offered a massive position where you can shape the future of the company.

[Well it is Christmas!]

Comment by Rob

Listen, if (and I’m sure this is the case) the “powers that be” should happen upon this post and the comments I would just like to say this:

Dear Powers that Be @TBWA

my name is Marcus. I tell it how it is. If you want to employ people that kiss your arse when they know that you’ve done shit work that:

* doesn’t help people in anyway shape or form
* is so dull that it gives valium a run for it’s money
* is “me too” because that’s a safer way to burn your clients cash

then I am not the kind of person that you want to work with.

It’s up to you, TBWA to prove to me that I would want to work for you, and not the other way around.

Thank you.

Comment by Marcus

But the fact that you’ve employed two friends of mine is a pretty good start… so I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.

Comment by Marcus

That’s the sort of comment that makes Andy love you in an unnatural kinda-way!

And for the record, the No 2 of TBWA Worldwide DOES read this blog – not often, but he does read it. Maybe that’s why I’m not working for him, ha!

Comment by Rob

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