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Errrrm, Thanks But No Thanks …
December 19, 2007, 7:00 am
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The Pimpin' Penis 

I have just received this very nice email from

Make your dick sick and dangerous!   

Upgrade it with these magical  pills.

Apart from the fact that offering to make my dick ‘sick’ is not exactly the most motivating sales proposition … I’m also not that keen on having my nether regions classed as a dangerous weapon because knowing my luck George W will probably launch an immediate attack and I’ll end up bent over in pain with my eyes watering.

So to Settimo, I thank you for your very kind offer but if I may be so bold, I suggest you work on your sales pitch because at the moment, it’s not that convincing.

Thank you and I wish you a lovely Christmas.

[Another example of what happens when your business partner opens Pandora’s Porn box with his email address]

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yeah, blame it on spam why dont you.

Comment by andy@cynic

Wouldn’t you if your mother checked out your blog from time to time? Haha!

[Mum, that is a joke – though to be honest, I’d rather hope you wouldn’t read this post in the first place!]

Comment by Rob

Sick is the new ‘bad’ with the kids!

Comment by Charles Frith

So what’s dangerous then? Good? And if so, are you suggesting they’re saying you can make your penis good by being dangerous? That’s even more freaky! Ha!

Comment by Robert

Charlie Frith down with the kids!

Comment by John

Incidentally are those the most knitted bollocks ever?

Comment by John

what a keen eye you have dodds. are you like that with everything or just testicles?

Comment by andy@cynic

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