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Where Have All The Heroes Gone II
December 14, 2007, 7:00 am
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A while back I asked the above question and said that if society didn’t have people to inspire, encourage and aspire to … we could all potentially be heading down a very slippery slope indeed.

Anyway with all that in mind, I found an interview that reminded me why this guy is absolutely one of the people I proudly call ‘a hero’ …


Yes I know he polarizes opinion so some people on this blog will no doubt hate him [so don’t be frightened to say it – not that I think people on this blog would be scared to say anything!]… yes I know some of his ‘facts’ have been called into question [but then facts are often in the eye of the interpreter] … yes I know he has been called as extremist as the mainstream media he continually derides [though he say’s when this is the case, it’s basically to counter the alternate view so the people can find some sort of balance in the ‘middle’] … and yes I know I’m biased given the work we/I have done with him and his production company … however the fact he stands up for what he genuinely believes in without ever resorting to threats of violence or running to the lawyer at every turn, he is to be congratulated, celebrated and embraced.

I have this theory that I call PIVOTAL PEOPLE.

In essence it is the belief that throughout our lives, we come across individuals who have a disproportionate affect in how our lives turns out.

They might be part of it for a few hours or maybe an entire lifetime … however their effect is such that it fundamentally affects what we achieve in life.

I’m not talking about all-conquering glory – though in some cases that might be the case – I’m talking about that ability to feel fulfilled, proud and satisfied with what you are doing … that feeling of living with confidence and minimal regret.

And while you may think you only appreciate their ‘effect’ at a later date – you know at the time something good and amazing is happening.

World is your oyster.. cracker

Putting aside my brilliant parents, friends and colleagues … I owe my career to 4 people.

In each case, they believed, challenged, encouraged and inspired me far more than any one person should ever dare hope for.

They shaped the way I think … the opportunities I’ve been given and the history I still aim to create.

I know not everyone is lucky enough to have people like these in their life … and to be honest, I don’t know what I did to deserve them in mine … however everytime I see/talk to them, I say thank you because I know the difference between the life I lead and the life I could [and probably should] be living is very much down to their influence.

DC Super Heroes - SUPERMAN - Exploding 2 Not all heroes look like this! 

As much as they would hate the idea, they are as much of a hero to me as Mr Moore is … infact more so … and I hope I’ve repaid their faith in me [both professionally and personally] because what they did changed my life.

I hope that one day, someone will regard me as having helped them as much as four individuals helped me because while talent, intelligence and hard work are all important factors in achieving goals … encouragement, inspiration and faith can change your World.

[I should point out I am not saying I’m inspirational or anything – I just hope my faith and encouragement can realise someone’s potential one day]

God this post is all over the shop isn’t it!?

Part preachy and Oscar-like … part ranting … 1/3 contradictory … 2/5 pointless and a good dollop of plain mad thrown in for good measure.


If you ‘get’ what I am trying to say, can you let me know because I haven’t got the faintest idea anymore [ha] … however to RH, MS, AS and CJ, I say thank you once more!

Back Monday, have a great weekend.

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where the fuck are my initials mr campbell. you owe me everything and you fucking know it. your only saving grace is george isnt there either or blood would be spilled and i mean yours not mine.

for a grumpy little fuck you are a sweet and sentimental shit. maybe thats why a bunch of smart people put aside their natural instincts and took you under their wing. they didnt do that for me did they which means i got to where i am thanks to my brilliant talent rather than the patriarchal influence of some of adlands most respected.

theyll be leaving you their homes in their will next. bastard.

and given the amount of people you want us to hire from this fucking blog, your “hero” status is assured but dont think that will ever extend to my opinion of you, id rather eat dogshit. 🙂

now prove all that teaching from the gods was useful by winning the pitch because if you dont youll need more than a bit of encouragement from rich old men to make you feel good about yourself again.

now stop writing things from the heart because it makes me feel a bit shit to slag you off. stick to you planning bollocks 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

Will I be one of your heroes if you win the pitch today? I think if anyone deserves to, I’ll be one with quite excellent credentials 🙂
Really nice post today Robert. Yesterday I wondered aloud about what sort of thing I could expect from you today and I’m so glad it’s this kind of comment rather than more Dutch vibrator type of stories.
This post shows why you’re such a nice and talented bloke, though given your Facebook status talks about how you are on the phone to Mr Moore, it also shows you’re a starfucker 🙂
Good luck with today I’m sure you’ll do me proud.

Comment by Pete

andy, you are so reliable. in fact, i would have been severely disappointed had you not written that deluge of vitriol!

i live in a country of heroes. everyone here is a fucking hero (we can even send hero faxes to sports people on special occasions!). i, however, have got around the small problem of ‘hero’ having become a derogatory term – i have muses! [exhibit a, art wank]

good luck on the pitch! i hope your ‘muses’ are smiling on you today.

Comment by lauren

I relate to this post on many levels… remember my “influential people” thing my mother’s psychic friend told me?

Speak soon, mate.

Comment by Age

Great post Rob. The net also means lots more opportunities to meet those pivotal people online first. We live in very interesting times.

Comment by Charles Frith

And another thing. Michael Moore might not fight fair but the guy has got a heart and was more prescient over Iraq than any of us. Remember the kids playing at the fair in Farenheit 911. I thought it was over the top at the time. How wrong I was. How deeply fucking wrong I was.

Comment by Charles Frith

A wonderful example of the backhanded compliment there Andy. Very impressive.

Really enjoyed the Moore interview, I’d not seen it before. I love to see how people react when challenged in environments they considered “safe”, it really shows the true character of the person facing the barrage.

Now I wonder what initials George would write if he had to detail who’d had the most influence over his career?

Comment by Lee Hill


Comment by Dan

no shit dan. your journalistic talent really came to the fore with that comment didnt it 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

If only the average American questioned things a fraction as much as Michael Moore does maybe the whole world would be in a better state right now.

He may have bias, but no more so than Fox News or other Murdoch media. And for standing up for people and for what he believes in he regardless of the threats that come his way he is an absolute hero.

You may not be heroes per se. But you guys, along with NP, Marcus etc are the people that keep me believing in advertising and that I should be a part of it despite the horrible process that is getting into it.

Oh and Rob:

Ron Howard, Michael Schumacher, Al Sharpton and Carl Jackson??

Comment by Rob Mortimer

youre flirting with danger mortimer if you make complimentary comments like that about campbell and his “like”. thank god you pulled back from the edge of suckass or wed be needing a quiet word.

and didnt you know the rh stands for crap, gay, old television presenter russell harty?

id have some suggestions for the other initials but i cant be fucked wasting my energy on it 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

Where have all the heroes gone?
A true hero of fashion and dignity is here:

Comment by Seb

Hey, I was including you in that Andy. Your cynicism and raging anger is something that probably stops a lot of crap ads from getting through the net.


Comment by Rob Mortimer

so im a living legend who keeps you inspired am i mr mortimer?

well youre only human 🙂

best thing about you mortimer is you stand up when you dont agree with something and have a fair enough reason for it.

you might be some bald fuck in sheffield or somewhere, but for being like that youre alright by me and will do just fine.

fuck have i just been nice to a planner? thank fuck i have a meeting to go to, i dont want to make any more mistakes like that on this blog.

Comment by andy@cynic

Haha, that was almost a compliment. I’m honoured 😉

I stand up so much my bloody feet hurt 😀

Comment by Rob Mortimer

What’s wrong with being bald Andy?
And Sheffield for that matter.

Comment by NP

Good point.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

only a bald blokes from northern England would have to ask that.

Comment by andy@cynic

I’m pissed.Last day at work. And still I’m not rising to that

Comment by NP

Hey Rob M, you got a point about Michael Moore having as much bias as Fox and Murdoch. The funny thing about Liberal Americans is that they question things just for the sake of being a liberal. They don’t really understand what they’re asking. But then again, I’m based in San Francisco and there are a lot of Liberal Hippies around here. Almost everyone here says “I’ll vote for someone based on policies and research” but it just boils down to advertising. The amount of political advertising (not just for candidates but for issues and propositions) is just sick and there have been studies that link between the media weight age of a campaign and how well it succeeds in the polls.

Anyway Rob, Good luck with your pitch!

Comment by Su

I’m sat in a bar in the cheapest hotel in Frankfurt. It’s the only one I could afford. I’m here to see my children, I won’t see them again until after Christmas. The plan was to come and see the youngest’s Christmas play, eat some cake and go for a meal. And then have a lovely day tomorrow. I’ve discovered however, that they don’t really have that much time for me and I’m now sat in the bar of the cheapest hotel in Frankfurt and that they “have rather a lot on tomorrow” and that I can go home around 4 in the afternoon.

I used to be their hero, and now I’m just some fuckwit who comes every two weeks and distrupts their weekend schedule. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure they love me and when we’re together we have quite a bit of fun but tonight, here, in the cheapest fucking hotel in Frankfurt I’ve suddenly realised that I’m not really their hero anymore. I used to be but I’m not anymore.

Comment by Marcus

Ohhh, Kaiser you’re still my hero. You saved me once from the great danger of mediocrity and I’ll never forget that. All the best Rob with your pitch.

Comment by pooR\

Bloody hell, Andy has COMPLIMENTED someone.

Of course it’s not his partners or colleagues – oh no, that would be too nice – it’s the wonderful Mr M, but he deserves it and if Andy hadn’t followed that up with slagging off folically challenged blokes from ‘oop North’, it would almost be sweet. It wouldn’t be natural, but it would be sweet.

Thanks for your comment too Dan – I think that’s the first one you’ve ever made so congratulations. It must be nice to see your name finally in print, hahahaha!

I don’t think Michael Moore has ever denied he has an equally alternate view – infact, as I highlighted in the post – he does it in an attempt to balance the counter extreme view of certain news organisations so that hopefully the average punter will fall somewhere in the middle. Doesn’t always work but if we didn’t have someone naming, shaming and offering alternate views we’d be in an even more horrible state, that or under the mind control of Mr G.W.B!

The pitch was “interesting” … we’ll find out more soon but despite Pete’s best and brilliant efforts [obviously to qualify for ‘hero status’] I’m not exactly hopeful, hahaha!

Unfortunately – as I’ve detailed many times before – Asia company representatives tend to focus on what their bosses want, not their consumers – and it would seem we’re potentially going to be a victim of this, despite one of the nicest ideas we’ve done in quite a while. Fingers crossed but if it doesn’t come off, I can sleep easy in my bed, haha!

Finally Marcus.

Your post really upset me – but I am genuinely chuffed you wrote what you did.

Of course not being a Dad I can only guess the pain and sadness you would be feeling but what I can tell you with some authority is that all children go through a ‘phase’ where they don’t really like their Dad.

At some point – between 8 and 15 – children no longer look upto their Father for guidance, love and protection – they look at them as old bastards who gets in the way of their fun and as them how to program the DVD player.

From hero to zero in seemingly the blink of the eye.

I know there was a period where I felt that about my Dad but like it will for your girls, it soon past and ‘hero status’ was soon restored.

Of course in the period of this angst you will be deeply hurt and that bothers me because [1] you’re a great bloke who I never want to see upset and [2] I wonder if I made my Dad feel the same way when I rolled my eyes everytime he did something I disapproved of [like breathing, ha]

What I can say with authority is that they DO love you – not just because you’re their Dad but because you are a great, special wonderful man.

I hope the hotel sold cheap alcohol to go with their cheap rooms and I hope the rest of the weekend with the kids improves massively, but regardless of that – you can look forward to the times when they’re all older and smitten with Daddy again and then you can tease them about the times they made you feel sad.

Take care my friend …

Comment by Rob

Thank you Rob.

Comment by Marcus

It’s what friends do … 🙂

Comment by Rob

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