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Rambo Is No Match For This Terror …
December 5, 2007, 7:00 am
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This is Rosie … a 12 week old, abandoned kitten who has been ‘adopted’ by Jill and me. As if the poor thing hadn’t suffered enough eh?

Anyway, while this little cute bundle of ‘weepoo energy’ proves pets DON’T look like their owners … she does demonstrate how much influence owners can have over their pets because in next to no time, she’s scarily adopted the households love for all things ‘television’ – be it film, series, video games.

Seriously, as soon as the TV goes on, her ‘bat-like’ ears go up and she watches the rubbish on the screen as if it was specially created for her.


Infact apart from the fact …

1 My house now looks like a bomb site

2 She has the odd moment where she acts like she’s just overdosed on speed

3 Makes me get up at 5am so she can have a 10 minute cuddle

… she’d bring out all the paternal instincts within me, however as …

1 I like a tidy house

2 I don’t like spending hours pulling animals from curtains, electrical cable, sofas [etc etc]

3 I don’t like getting up at 10am, let alone 5

… my Mum will have to wait a little longer before she hears the patting of any more feet! 

Cat In A Box

She might be 12 weeks old and the size of a magazine, but she already rules the house!

I can categorically state the human species is the weakest of them all, ha!

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Kai Lai wants a cat (actually so do I) but we can;t get one til we are sure what we are doing next year.

So I better not show her this post…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Tidy house? Howard Hughes would think you’re over the top. Now tell me, is your “pet” an example of what happens when you cross a cat with a bat? She’s very cute but she has huge ears though I bet you fifty bucks you are a complete softy with her. Sarah just saw this post and said your greatest achievement has to be convincing such a beautiful woman as Jill to be your wife 🙂

Comment by Pete

Look. Judging by that last pic its a bit early into the cat relationship to be fed exing the poor little mite somewhere else isn’t it?

Comment by Charles Frith

Hello Charles …

While that isn’t a Fedex Box [and if it was, it would be TNT given we’ve just won them, ha] sending her off somewhere has crossed my mind about 80 times given in the short time we’ve had her she’s …

Destroyed a floral display
Broken my bloody Xbox 360
Pulled down a massive lamp and smashed it
Eaten electrical cables

… and that’s on top of the getting up early / house mess rubbish.

Which all goes to show I owe Pete $50! 🙂

Comment by Rob

She has your eyes. Beady and mischievous.

Comment by Billy Whizz

It’s nice to have you pop in Billy.

Hope everyone is doing well and doing Jamie proud.

Will call you all later …

Comment by Rob

That’s an astute comment Billy and I completely agree. But should I be afraid that part of me finds the cat really cute at the same time?

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

I knew you wanted me Freddie!

Comment by Rob

How much do you want for your catbat?

Comment by London Zoo

Cover the cost of a new Xbox 360, floral display, poncey lamp and electrical cables and you have a deal.

Just don’t tell the wife or I’ll be the one sleeping in the cardboard box 🙂

Comment by Rob

Guess what my little girls want from Santa now.
In future, could you please warn us when you’re putting child friendly images on your blog, it’ll save a lot of tears at bedtime.
Hope all is well and Rosie is absolutely adorable.

Comment by Mary Bryant

a whole lotta rosie!! she’s gorgeous! i have a cat and believe me, when rosie is old, fat and no longer wants to get up off the couch, let alone hang off the curtains, you’ll miss these times.

Comment by lauren

Where’s Andy?

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

I don’t think your wife has bat-like ears. You should apologise to her.

Comment by John Dodds

1. I wouldn’t bet on it Lauren.

2. Why do you think Jill has her hair over her ears John?

3. Being the good, decent, honourable man that he really is Fred.

Comment by Rob

My cats called Cato, on account of the way she used to attack my legs at all times when she was a kitten.
Now she’s just like Mrs NP, only interested in me when she’s hungry.

Comment by NP

That conjours up images NP that I don’t know whether I want in my head!

Comment by Robert

that is a beautiful kitten! how’d you guys find her?

Comment by theletterzee

Hello … she is a beautiful kitten but as you’ll see from today’s post, she is also a potential man hater!

Jill got her from the Cat Protection League or something – and despite the pain, I do love her.

[I mean the cat, not just Jill 😉 ]

Comment by Rob

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