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A Favour Please.
November 30, 2007, 4:14 pm
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No I am not back, but I was wondering if you could help me in the meantime.

Basically, if you had to give 3 media predictions on what you think are going to be huge next year [either interms of popularity, influence or time spent on it], what would they be [either by brand, category or title] and why?

This is a serious question so if you could keep your answers as ‘normal’ as possible I’d be very appreciative and please, no mention of Facebook.

While I’m here, I’d like to express my gratitude for all the emails I/we received regarding our recent news … it was very kind of you and we appreciated it a lot.

See you soon [Monday] and thanks again.

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Like EURO 2008 in any medium, for obvious reasons? That’s what I will spend my time on…

Comment by Michael

I did answer on Facebook, and mentioned it (sort of) as well. Still…hope they are useful.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

My three are:
1) Privacy – as more people get web savvy, the use of their data and their identity becomes more and more of an issue. Big issue on media and the value of personalisation
2) Finance crunch – potentially a tough economic year for all. Potential backlash against “bling” and superfluous consumption
3) Googlisation of media buying – personalisation of TV advertising

Comment by John

Interesting ones there John.
I think 2 is already happening.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

1. myspace will divebomb as a medium and news ltd will bleed it dry.
2. letter-writing will begin to have a resurgence amongst the gnixers
3. bit-torrens will be bought by either microsoft, skype or google.

Comment by lauren

1) China
2) Convenient green
3) Usability

Comment by John Dodds

1) China
2) Things becoming much more local
3) Things become much more personal.

Comment by The Kaiser

1) India
2) The world feeling more ‘local’
3) People becoming more impersonal/hardened

Comment by Angus


1. Personalisation of media choices/ increasing individualisation of messaging
2. Changing models for the transactional side of media. Increasing role for transactional networks, automation, auction models, optimisation techniques
3. Green
(oh, and China)

Comment by neilperkin

I agree with a lot the others have said but I’d like to be more specific and say the revolution Prince and Radiohead started will become more established as the music industry counters piracy, dating websites will grow expedentially in Asia as the gender divide increases and online advertising revenue will still be underperforming against potential in categories other than “youth orientated” as a debate of whose fault it is starts to rage in the public forum. I know you’re not back yet, but it’s still nice to “hear” from you.

Comment by Pete

1. Youth culture in the Middle East (Money + Spare Time + Media = Art)
2. A paid-for music download service aimed directly at young people
3. Africa becomes the new Asia

Comment by Paul

Living instead of pretending.
Marriage (and divorce).

Comment by Mark Jones

Hi Rob, hope all is well with your news and you are back very soon.

My 3 would be:
– Youth culture in the ME (stolen from Paul)- there is so much untapped potential.
– India – the next China?
– Socially responsible thinking and acting (maybe this is a bit wishful, so an increase in personalisation).

Comment by Jade

Thank you for all this, it’s tops … don’t know if I agree with them all but as we’re talking about the future, I’ll have to wait till Dec 31st 2008 before I can pass real judgement.

Thank you again.

Comment by Rob

Am late again. These are specific to India:
– Media planning/buying even auctioning (Dentsu in India showed media guys how to do it) in India will change. (NDTV/Kingfisher Channel – Brand and TV channel joining hands together to create content)More players will join the bandwagon
– Radio and Internet (more digital agencies will open shop in India) will play a bigger role in the media mix
– Sports Marketing and Media will become big
– Rural activation and engagement will take precedence over media bombardment. Most MNC’s will shift focus from urban to rural India. Nokia being a prime example.
– Finally, Mobile will see a rise in status as a potential penetration medium, so media agencies will gear up to bank on it.

Comment by pooR\

1. We will see a backlash against word of mouth and ‘buzz’ agencies, as client companies complain at the lack of return of their investment. Most cients will retreat back into ‘messaging, a few will see that they need to work harder at magnifying the conversations that are already there.
2. The European trend for personalistion begins to lose momentum, we see a growth in new puritanism in the face of higher living costs and greater state coersion over the environement.
3. America finds itself at a crossroads as a mixture of recession, loss of face over the middle east and the growing might of Old Russia and new China and realises it’s no longer the world’s only superpower, and acceptance of global warming penetrates further into society.
We see a new conversation between hawks proposing a protectionist aganda, and doves who argue for more global engagement.

Comment by NP

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