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Smart Or Stupid? [And No, I’m Not Talking About Me!]
November 22, 2007, 6:59 am
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I saw this shop window at the ADIDAS shop in Raffles City, Singapore … and apart from the fact they are attempting to use the logo in exactly the same way as SONY Ericsson in their current ad campaign – does anyone else out there think that from a distance, the logo looks alot like a marujuana leaf?

What are ADIDAS trying to say? 

What will the anti-drug Government think?

How many kids will buy their t-shirts thinking they’re being ‘dangerous’?

Why not go the whole hog and print a bunch of clothes that say “ADIDAS Users Are Toxic Abusers”

Mind you, given all the doping scandals going on … that might be abit too close to the mark, ha!

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Was Andy behind this? Is this why he’s been sent to Russia?

Comment by Pete

Come on Campbell, this is just a filler and you’re not serious, are you? adidas is using this for “I adidas whatever” for over a decade now, so it was Sony Ericsson who “borrowed” that idea. Needless to say that after their blatant horrible “I Sony Ericsson whatever” campaign I dislike them even more.
And that adidas/weed comparison…where have you been in the 80s (oh yeah, must have been something with Terence Trent D’Arby)? Thousands of middleclass kids wore the shirt with a weed leef and the line “adihash”…

Comment by Seb

Can’t you tell Seb that this whole day of posts has been ‘filling’ time. Don’t worry, tomorrow has me back to full on rant mode and hopefully will be a little more interesting than todays shit!

Comment by Robert

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