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I Am Rudolph …
November 22, 2007, 6:03 pm
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And I’m not talking about SCHENKER from the Scorpions nor NUREYEV the famous ballet dancer …

No, I’m talking about this one …

Rudolph 2

Yep, the fucking Christmas Reindeer because I’ve got a great big fucking red spot right on the end of my pissing, soddin’ nose!

I’m 37 … THIRTY SEVEN … how the hell do I still get spots for God’s sake?I guess it could be worse, it could be Christmas Eve then it would make my life even more of a misery … however I do find it amazing how one little [well, littleish] spot can turn me back into that nervous little school boy who tried to avoid Helen Whitt [and a few years later, Katrina Brindley] because he didn’t want his zit to ruin the chance of ‘getting off with them’. [Not at the same time, I was far too innocent to evn

Of course I needn’t of worried, I didn’t get off with them even when I was blemish free – but at the time I managed to convince myself it could be a major ‘deal breaker’ so I’d sneak around making sure they couldn’t/wouldn’t see me.

That doesn’t matter now of course as I’ve got the girl and she’s stuck with me whether she likes it or not – but interms of undermining my confidence, a little red spot can do far more damage than Andy with a gun could ever achieve.

Maybe I should keep this

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I had meeting with a Japanese planner the other day and I noticed that we had matching spots in exactly the same place. I thought it was funny and wanted to day something but I thought being Japan she’d be shamed forever 🙂

Comment by Charles Frith

I take it you mean SAY, not DAY.

Jesus, what is it with this blog and spelling!?

Comment by Rob

Did the Chinese sabotage your compassion post?

Comment by John

Why don’t you email Andy and ask him John?

And why are you never on shit MSN?

Comment by Rob

hahaha. hahahahaahhahhahaha. HO HO HO HO.

You cock.

Dodds, you on MSN?

Comment by Marcus

I’ve just received an email supposidly from Santa saying he had just signed me up for a Map Reading Course … and I better be ready by the 24th!

Now I wonder if that was the beardy bastard or some other fat fuck I know 🙂

Comment by Rob

I’m on MSN, I’m on MSN! Add me, add me, add me.

One word: Clearasil.

Comment by Angus

What’s your MSN thing then Angus?

And trust me, the one word isn’t Clearasil, it’s HIDE!

Comment by Rob

Angus, you ARE NOT. I’ve set you up, and you are never online.

here is my conatct:

Comment by Marcus

My hotmail is kirsty underscore angus at hotmail dittitydottity com. I’ve added you Brown Fish.

I wasn’t allowed to be online at my last job but now that I’m a new media douchebag it’s encouraged.

Comment by Angus

What do you mean you weren’t ALLOWED to be online?

Jesus, it makes cynic’s pro-porn policy seem positively progressive!

Comment by Rob

Oh god I love pro porn places.

I was banned from using a messenger program….dinosaur….

Comment by Angus

Would it be career suicide to demand photo evidence?

Comment by Billy Whizz

Yes Billy – yes it would!

Comment by Rob

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