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November 22, 2007, 10:06 am
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Silver Lining!!

… I’m sorry for Steve McClaren because I know he is going to experience abuse that goes way beyond just his professional capabilities – plus he’s probably going to go down in history as ‘failing’ [a terrible burden for him and his family] – however I’m glad England lost their game against Croatia because it finally forces the FA to accept their choice of managers [not to mention the overall standard of the team] has been poor and their ‘claim’ to be continually working in the best interests of the national game/team is open to question.

There’s alot of agencies who are like this as well … repeatedly talking up their achievements when all around them, people can see they’re on the slow decline towards mediocrity and poverty …


OK, so no one likes to accept/face their short comings … plus everyone has an amazing capacity to change the standards they aspire/compare themselves to – but christ, how many ‘signs’ do you need to realise something is going drastically wrong?

I’m a firm believer in ‘unsweetened truth’ – because whilst it might be hard to swallow, once you understand and accept where you really are, good things can [and generally do] happen.

However that doesn’t mean you wait till things go terribly wrong [like the FA have a habit of doing] … whilst being reactive is better than doing nothing at all, I believe being proactive is the most effective path to glory.

Of course its disappointing England are out of a major tournament, however now they can stop living in denial and work towards building something with a real foundation for the future – a foundation that is strong, flexible and able to achieve at the highest level.

I live in hope.

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For anyone who wondered why Robert called his company cynic, I think you now have your answer 🙂

Comment by Pete

They should have kept Sven.

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

Who the fuck is Steve McClaren?
What the fuck is the FA?
Why the fuck would you play Croatia at anything?
Your country is weird.

Comment by Billy Whizz

On a side note… the sun is BEAMING today in Australia. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Comment by Age

This post could also apply to your beloved Nottingham Forest couldn’t it?

Comment by Pete

Has Andy died and inhabited your soul Billy? You are both scaring me and demonstrating why I am so glad to be born English 🙂

And don’t you slag off Forest young Peter – that’s not sport, that’s personal 🙂

Comment by Rob

rob, you’re not supposed to see the silver lining in this – you’re supposed to slag off Sven and the rest of the idiots until you’re blue in the face – i’m that’s what it means to be a true english football fan…

Comment by lauren

Sven isn’t worth me even raising my middle finger, let alone my voice Lauren – though you are right my lack of anger towards the England performance is somewhat alarming. I can only put it down to Andy being away, allowing my natural calm to finally take control once again. Ahem.

Comment by Rob

“Please don’t call me arrogant, but I’m European champion and I think I’m a special one”

…Jose Mourihno / Rob Campbell (possible saviour of english football/advertising) 🙂

Comment by niko

Rob at least your not living in Europe and therefore should escape the humilation of 24 x 7 broadcasting of the European cup with no UK teams in it. Bollocks.

Comment by BTBB

I saw the game. I think it’s good that England hasn’t qualified.
It will force them to stop buying talent from every corner of the world and start producing their own young players again.

Besides I thought about building an England Crest with 3 kittens instead of 3 lions…but maybe 3 tellies would have been more appropriate.

Comment by Seb

Niko … it’s that sort of creeping that will take you far. Very, very far. Ha!

Comment by Robert

Always a bad sign when the England manager gets the job because the desired candidate refused, and the default process kicked in. A bit like the some of the ‘bank manager’ talent that runs around the world running agencies. Rising to the top through mediocrity and not taking RISKS.

Comment by Charles Frith

creeping…?? good or bad? (I was trying to deflate not inflate ego, if the point was missed ;-))

the context you use it in is not familiar to me.. it is mostly used against me in a accusational tone in the TLC song way…anyway…

I’ll write you about my presentation…

Comment by niko

Great … so now I look an arrogant toad, thanks Niko! Today keeps getting better and better doesn’t it, ha!

Comment by Rob

not arrogant..special

Comment by niko

My wife uses ‘special’ as a euphamism for something not very nice. Lets hope you’re not as evil as her, ha!

Comment by Rob

I learned to answer the question : do these jeans make me fat? with no. not with, no, it’s you’re ass that makes them fat..

in short never disagree with Rob..special it is..:-)

and yes I am spineless that way, ’cause they control everything but the remote…that they give us…

Comment by niko

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