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The Jerry Springer Of Podcasting?
November 21, 2007, 5:46 pm
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Jerry Springer

You think your life is crap?  Go here [or click below] and feel better. 

It’s aural prozac which you can get every day for free! [And it’s not even from the NHS] 




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popular post this. Story of my shit life.

Comment by Charles Stab

Why would people comment on my blog about something YOU’VE done Charles? Eh? EH? EH???

Comment by Rob

Becuase it’s shit.

Comment by Charles Stab

like my fucking spelling.

Comment by Charles Stab

On the bright side, it’s better than NP’s!

Comment by Rob

and what a great bright side that is.

Comment by Charles Stab

Those things didnt play on my PC yesterday, I shall have to try again today.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

it’s the little things I suppose.

Comment by Charles Stab

And you have hair Mr Stab!

Another ‘point’ over NP. And me. And Mr M.

Comment by Rob

So much good stuff on the net at the moment like this. I just want to freeze time and chill on a island with mates reading, talking, listening. These podcasts are just waiting for me. Thanks.

Comment by Charles Frith

If anyone could tell me what Marcus … I mean Charles … is going on about, I’d be grateful!

Comment by Rob


Comment by The Kaiser

Please ignore my last comment, I actually thought it was from Charles Stab not Mr Frith which is why I was so confused. I must read properly before acting 🙂

Comment by Rob

I heart charles stab…

Comment by lauren

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