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Push My Buttons …
November 21, 2007, 5:46 am
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So I was just over on the madvertising blog and came across a post detailing one of the most mentally brilliant ‘toys’ I’ve ever seen. 

Yes, it’s even better than R2D2 [which still hasn’t arrived despite having had our money for months on end and being promised delivery WEEKS ago] … and waaaaaaaaaaaaaay ahead of any mobile phone, games system, laser keyboard or robot dog I’ve somehow ended up owning!

So what am I talking about then eh?

Ladies and gentleman, let me introduce you to the PUCHI PUCHI


This innocent looking little handheld device makes a bubblewrap popping sound everytime you press one of the buttons however – and here is the brilliant bitevery 100 squeezes, instead of a “pop” it emits either the sound of a fart or a woman moaning in ecstasy.

Only in Japan eh?

Of course it’s purely coincidental that I am going to be popping over to Tokyo soon [no pun intended] but while I’m there, I think it is pretty safe to say I’ll be buying the odd one or hundred, haha!

PUCHI PUCHI … suitable for all ages as long as you’re a weird or sad bastard!

[Thanks to Madvertising for bringing this to my attention even though I’ve repaid them by borrowing all their hard work pretty much word-for-word. I am the Julian Lloyd Webber of the Blogsphere]

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Put me down for a couple Robert, it’s the kind of stupidity Alex will love.

Comment by Pete

I want one that just farts or climaxes randomly. I could invent a whole office game around it. Whip meetings into a frenzy. Basically my life isn’t complete until I’ve pressed the special button that makes a woman groan 🙂

Comment by Charles Frith

Charles … it was tops to finally talk to you and I can’t wait to see you very, very soon.

[I might even have one of the pop/fart/moan toys for you by then 🙂 ]

Comment by Rob

Rumour has it that Charles only has to open his mouth and women groan.

Comment by John

That’s what happens to me too – but only in the negative sense of ‘groaning’

Comment by NP

Which leads to the crappy joke …

“How do you make a hormone?”

ANSWER A: Wipe your penis on her curtains.
ANSWER B: Let Charles walk up to her in his pimp gear.

Not very funny … and I’ve probably insulted my Mum. Waste of time that comment really!

Comment by Rob

Funny. He’s German. Met him in London. Nice chap.

Comment by Seb

Whose German? And you would say that wouldn’t you Seb … ha!

Now how are you – you’ve been very quiet – all OK?

Comment by Rob

Are you suggesting Germans have an odd sense of humour?

Comment by NP

Steady NP.

Comment by The Kaiser

Errrrrm, I’m confused … where were we?

Comment by Rob

Oh god, I fucking want one of these.

Love the hormone joke Rob. Option (a) at least.

Comment by Angus

Refuse to pay is the traditional answer.

Comment by John

Do you want one Angus? I’m taking orders as I’m off to the land of the Rising Sun very soon.

And John, don’t take this the wrong way – but what the fuck are you talking about?

Comment by Rob

It’s the traditonal answer to the question of making a hormone – and far more suitable for public consumption than the multiple meanings of your option a. Your mother is owed an apology!

Comment by John

Sorry Mum. Grandad John showed me the light 🙂

Comment by Rob

the madvertising guy is german.
yeah, I was quiet but only because of work and because of moving my blog and making it somehow all work. don’t have that much of time right now because tomorrow I meet my mentor to go through me and Nina’s portfolio.

Comment by Seb

You don’t sound too happy Seb, hope I’m wrong and hope you have a top day tomorrow. Come back soon, life’s quieter without you.

Comment by Rob

…life in the fast lane Seb.

Comment by Charles Stab

I need my eye’s checked. I was reading these comments and wandering why Rob is masquerading as ‘Rob November’. I thought it was an impenetrable in joke. Silly NP.

Comment by NP

NP, this has been bugging me too. You are not alone!

Comment by The Kaiser

I did the same just a few days ago and I’m already a four eyed fool. Got to go back to being a husband. Byeeeeeeee

Comment by Rob

Me too!!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

No, everything is okay though okay implies things could be better. But it cheered me up to call Colman “pointless Paul” today. It’s just that no matter how things will develop it would be sad. Every possible way has a negative side. Shite.

Comment by Seb

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