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Is This The Laziest Post In The World?
November 20, 2007, 7:00 am
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Yep, even lazier than when I copy what someone else has written on their blog and put it on mine.

OK, so the above picture is new … however where I’m going to direct you is old, because apart from the date [and the reference to Halloween] there’s nothing new I’d want to add to what I already said a year or so ago.

Which begs the question, “WHY PUT THIS UP AT ALL”? 

To which I reply, “BECAUSE I CAN”.

So if you fancy being bored click here or – the far better option – get as far away from this blog as is feasibly possible.

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To answer your question, yes this is the laziest post in the world but you’re a planner so don’t be too hard on yourself.

I wrote that on behalf of Andy, I don’t think planners are lazy, especially planners who have an influence in my pay packet 🙂

Comment by Billy Whizz

rob, if you’re bored, perhaps you could do the dishes?

Comment by lauren

Despite having shitloads on my metaphorical plate, I still have done the dishes at home [I’m a modern man] so put this post down to abit of ‘frustration release’ – frustration that is going to manifest itself into something rather dramatic in the next month or so!!!

Comment by Rob

Makes a big thing about doing the dishes. Typical male.

Comment by NP

A ‘gold star’ to NP for that comment. Genius!

Comment by Rob

The thing that I find particularly interesting is that even though this country is basically on the equator line … meaning it is permanently hot and sticky … the Christmas decorations they sell still feature the cliché winter wonderland of the Western World. It’s the same in Australia and NZ … which poses the question … do they do this because they were/are once part of the British Commonwealth, and this makes them feel ‘closer’ to the ‘motherland’ in some way?

Lazy posts deserve lazy comments.

Comment by John

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