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Spare A Thought For Jesus …
November 19, 2007, 8:57 pm
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After being insulted by Angus last week … histories most famous carpenter now faces the indignation of being part of a ‘3 For 2’ offer at Borders Singapore.

What a come down from when he was a global bestseller back in errrrrrrm, 30AD [approx]

Anyway, just like the alcohol company who associated with Jimi Hendrix in a desperate bid to boost sales, Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges have decided to use divine intervention to try and flog a few management books.

To be fair, they’ve shown real ingenuity because by writing a book ‘inspired’ by Jesus – they’ve as near as damn guaranteed huge sales due to Born Again Christians relentless thirst for ‘life lessons’ from their hero. 

Of course I’m not implying they did this as part of some contrived sales strategy … god no [cough, cough] … but interms of demonstrating how to ‘create a market’ opportunity rather than simply engage a market, it’s quite a good lesson.

Infact it’s probably a better lesson than reading the whole of this book or maybe even sitting with Jesus over a Starbucks low fat latte. Maybe.

Anyway I wish I’d thought of this ‘market creation’ thing before I wrote my posts about the Mafia and Porno companies because while both have loads of followers, they’re not exactly keen on spending loads of cash on books that also advertise their beliefs to the wider public.

When will I learn!!

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is this just a re-badged bible?

Comment by lauren

I kept reading Lead, as in the metal, and couldn’t quite get it. No enlightenment here.

Comment by Angus

Jesus Christ was nailed to some wood,
two thousand years later book sales are still good.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Hang on a minute… but isn’t that just shite?

Just asking like.

Comment by The Kaiser

Fuck if I could walk (across a pool) and into a meeting and turn the Pepsi into Coke and crackers into crack then I could lead like Jesus too.

The Greatest Leadership Role Model of All Time!

Comment by Age

Read my new book:

30 pieces of Silver – Selling the Roman Way.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

This is so great.
Reality always provides us with the best jokes.

Comment by Michael

Hello Michael … you’re new here aren’t you?

Well I just wanted to say welcome and hope you pop along again soon – that is unless you’re some Christian Fundamentalist who thinks I deserve to die a horrible death for ridiculing this book or that episode I was responsible for involving South Park, SBS Television and errrrrrm, your extreme religious views website.

God, now I know how Salman Rushdie feels!

Comment by Robert

Thank you for the welcome.
Yes, kind of “almost new”, I think I left another comment some six months ago.

I am sort of sporadically following your blog, and I doubt that I will become more active in commenting here. But this post simply touched my sense of humour.

Thinking about it, beside being grotesk, it’s also an example for something peculiar about Americans, like in the “The Quiet American”, where Graham Green continously makes fun about the American concept of trying to understand the world by reading the book about it.

The other day, I found “The Leadership Secrets of Attila The Hun” in the office of my boss. So I now wonder whether there could be some money in writing “Fuehren like the Fuehrer”.

Comment by Michael

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