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Russell Frith?
November 19, 2007, 6:00 am
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For reasons I am still trying to work out, I realised there was a striking resemblance between Russell and Charles.

Now I know I have a very dodgy eye … but there does seem to be an uncanny similarity, don’t you agree?

Seriously, if you saw the picture on the right on CRIMEWATCH, I bet you’d all be ringing up the police telling them that the criminal was known either by the name Russell Davies or Charles Frith.

Not that they’d ever be on Crimewatch. Oh no.

Has anyone actually ever seen them in the same room at the same time? 

Maybe they’re one and the same person … it’s been known to happen … errrrm, in really bad Spy movies. 

Well at least they are both smart people … because whilst NP thinks I look like some freak from Harry Potter or Lord Of The Rings, the reality is I tend to be mistaken for this nutter!

For those of you who don’t know who it is … his name is Harry Hill and he’s an [alleged] comedian.

Mind you the bigger joke is that the photo features me IN A SUIT.

Yes it has happened … but it’s a long, long time ago when for some reason, I thought it was OK to wear glasses that made me also look like Drew Carey. [though he has hair!]

Mind you that photo brings back a nice memory because it was taken at a Horse Racing carnival where I was a guest of Coca-Cola.

Because I turned up in a suit [the first time they’d ever seen me in shoes and a tie], I won the “BEST DRESSED” competition which pissed off all the ladies no end. Hahaha!

So who is your ‘lookalike’ and please, don’t humiliate yourselves by saying someone gorgeous …

Saying that, a VERY drunk tramp once mistook me for Brad Pitt, however because even in my most delusional state I know I’m never going to be like him, I asked if he actually meant ‘Arm Pit’, but he was quite insistent which is probably the best ad for not drinking alcohol EVER, ha!

So folks, whose your mirror image? 

Go on, put it up and be proud, even if you look as sad as Harry Hill! [or worse, me!]

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Best dressed at a racecourse – are you sure – in my experience of racecourses it’s usually an award for the best turned out horse?

Comment by John

god help me, ive just wasted 60 seconds of my life reading this rubbish. less self indulgent planner wank, more home made porn photos.

and dodds, campbell did win best turned out horse but he was going through a bad time at the time so we told him that bollocks to make him feel better about himself. i mean, imagine how tough life must be looking and acting like him. were a bunch of fucking saints.

Comment by andy@cynic

Well thank you very much Andy … Mr Supportive aren’t you, ha!

If you remember, that photo was taken at an Australian Horse race [Melbourne Cup] and you know what the Aussies are like about maintaining culture and sophistication!

Hmmmmn, that sort of makes my ‘winning’ even less impressive, I think I’ll shut up now!

Comment by Rob

Where’s BTBB?

Comment by Marcus

I know who BTBB is … and what’s worse [for you] is we’ve been emailing eachother over the weekend and catching up on old times. I am genuinely chuffed she’s come back into my life and can categorically say the Skeleton Cupboard marked ‘Rob Campbell’ is still firmly shut – bar mention of terrible dress sense!

How are you Mr Brown and who would be your doppelganger? [spelt almost as badly as you and NP would write it!]

Comment by Rob

Oh, that’s easy. My Doppelganger? I’m surprised you can’t work that one out on your own.

This: might help.

Oh dear.

Comment by Marcus

Hello Marcus … let me tell you, your self appointed doppelganger has made me smile like the proverbial Cheshire Cat. But would you prefer to be called Blackadder or Mr Bean???

Comment by Rob


Comment by Marcus

What a surprise … ha!

Comment by Rob

And how is the (cough cough) ‘Smartie’ this morning? eh…

..walks away cracking up ready to tweak the (cough) ‘fine art’ collection.

Comment by Charles Frith

Actually, I have seen Charles and Russell in the same room. Russell looked, well he looked like Russell and Charles looked like a tart.

Comment by Marcus Brown

I’d rather be known as ‘smartie’ than ‘Mr Tictac’ Charles ha!

Comment by Rob

Charles, I love you, but I have to agree with Marcus, sorry. There is no way that Russell Davies would be caught dead in a saucy purple shirt. cowboy boots and enought bling to cause an epileptic fit.

Comment by lauren

And I’ve been told more than once that I look like Kelly Osborne, which thrills me to no end….

Comment by lauren

The Tic Tac is a bit minty me ol’ shiner xx

Comment by Charles Frith

Im not really sure who I look like, comedy suggestions welcome…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

My favourite quote was by a sports journalist who was slagging off then Manchester City manager, Kevin Keegan by saying …

“Keegan thinks tactics are a small minty sweet”


What that has to do with this post is still beyond me. If you think you know the answer, please send it in on a postcard to …

Robert Talks Twaddle
PO BOX 666

Comment by Rob

Marcus as Blackadder.. Ace!!

Comment by Charles Frith

You’re such a tart Frith.

Comment by Marcus Brown

Cheap and cheerful tart … ?

Comment by Rob

… with a cherry on the top.

Comment by Marcus Brown

Rob, what have you started.
By the way, anyone that calls me GI Gane gets lamped

Comment by NP

GI Jane! GI Jane! GI Jane!

Comment by The Kaiser

It’s a very, VERY sad day when The Kaiser/Marcus points out spelling mistakes to NP!

Jesus, the state of the education system both oop North and in Southampton!

Comment by Rob

You’re just unfamiliar with the Leeds dialect

Comment by NP

That’s it … blame it on the dialect.

How come you can spell dialect but can’t spell Jane?

Comment by Rob

Charlie don’t let ’em put you off your pimpin’ outfit, it’s rockin

Comment by adlads

i have a good one – my twin.

ha! try and beat that.

Comment by zhi

That is the worst comment ever … congrats!

You OK?

Comment by Robert

*does a curtsy

yeah, i am, barely surviving the last week before exams begin and all hell breaks loose… which reminds me, i’m supposed to email you, aren’t i? or is it the other way round? 🙂

Comment by zhi

Is this your attempt at blame throwing young lady?

Whoever is supposed to email whoever – lets get back together soon!

And good luck with the exams. Don’t let me down 🙂

Comment by Rob

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