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A Glimpse Into My Life …
November 19, 2007, 7:34 pm
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Just received this MSN from my Mum …

Are you alright? 

I am filling a bag for charity and I do not know whether you want to keep those black shoes you wore at Paul’s wedding.  They are practically new. 

Let me know when you have time.  Lots of love. xxx

Is it me or does this feel like the sort of thing you’d read in Adrian Mole?

You get all the really big issues here don’t you!!

And to answer your question Mum, feel free to chuck ’em – lets face it, I’m never going to wear them – plus Paul was the one who actually paid for them so you can’t even say I’m ‘chucking money down the drain’.

A classic ‘win win’ situation!  

PS: Dodds … can you stop stalking Emah, thank fuck Katerina isn’t on Facebook or you might wake up with a horses head in your bed.

[That’s supposed to be something to be scared of, not an attractive proposition! Ha]

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Dodds, you dirty old man!

Comment by Marcus Brown

Dodds, did you ever sing “LEADER” and holiday in Vietnam? Is this doing your reputation any good?

Comment by Rob

I have no reputation left! Well no good one anyway.

Comment by John

True John. True.

Comment by Marcus Brown

But we all know this is Campbell’s futile attempt to deflect our gaze from the BTBB saga.

Comment by John

Frankly, this is more interesting than BTBB. For now at least while you’re squirming.

Comment by Marcus Brown

I am remaining insousciant and shall adjourn to my luncheon club now! Toodle pip!

Comment by John

Don’t forget to take the baby oil Dodds.

Comment by The Kaiser

Oh dear Dodds. Thats a worrying state of affairs!

Rob – I think you should have “Jeff wears Birkensocks” by NOFX as your personal theme song.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

As I said in a previous post … I know who BTBB is we’ve actually been emailing eachother catching up on old times.

Not only that, but I am genuinely chuffed she’s come back into my life so can categorically say the Skeleton Cupboard marked ‘Rob Campbell’ is still going to be firmly shut – which is more than can be said for John “Glitter” Dodds.

I have the name of a good libel lawyer if you’re interested John …

Comment by Rob

Good idea Mr M … that or “Tosser” by errrrm, Andy!

Comment by Rob

I think he’d be more interested in that laywer’s address, shoe size, email login…etc

Andy wrote a song? Id love to hear that.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

John Dodds, the man who put the gang in bang..

Comment by NP

I’m glad that’s all you’re suggesting John put ‘in’ NP!

And yes Mr M, he did, the lyrics go something like …

“Campbell is a tosser. Tosser, tosser, tosser”

[Repeat adnauseum]

Comment by Rob

“Do you wanna be in my gang, my gang, my gang…”

erm… no thanks Dodds.

Comment by The Kaiser

and the talk in stalker…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Come on Andy. Give us blast of your past musical mastery.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Andy’s away with George – we are free from their ‘motherly advice / forked tongue’ for at least a week.

Poor John probably doesn’t know whether that’s a blessing or a curse given if George was around he’d be telling us all to stop being nasty whereas Andy would be stoking the fires of mischief. 🙂

Comment by Rob

Right then, what can we do over this week to properly take the piss out of Andy..?


Comment by Rob Mortimer

Mess with Andy in his absense and you end up dealing with me planner boy.

Comment by The Kaiser

Im disappointed, I thought you’d be up for it.
Besides, im not a planer…yet

Comment by Rob Mortimer

‘let me know when you have time’… mrs c, you should know that rob has far too much time on his hands if he’s posting stuff like this! 🙂

[sorry rob, i seem to be chanelling andy in his absence]

Comment by lauren

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