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The Week That Was …
November 17, 2007, 8:17 pm
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So that was a rather weird week.

On the positive, following my post about Hari not writing anything on his blog in ages, he finally got off his arse and started again.

Sure, it’s not much – but it’s a start and hopefully he will keep it up, even though he is now off for a few weeks waiting to be a Dad for the first time.

Then there was the visit from my past …

Some woman came onto the blog for the first time – dropped a few nuggets of my past [proving she truly did know me] then buggered off leaving all of cynic in the throws of mad excitement and rumour.

While this person didn’t [or should I say, wouldn’t] leave her name – I do have a sneaky suspicion who it was/is but given she’s chosen not to reveal herself, then I have to accept that and just pray to God I was never nasty to her, ha!

What made that whole ‘mystery woman’ situation weird was that I was in China – a place that bans WordPress blogs, so all I knew about it was the mad SMS’s and emails from people thinking they had … and I quote … “found the da Vinci code!”

However it wasn’t all bad – because while in China I had the joy of once again seeing the woman who was the cause of one of the most hysterical moments in my life … and to say she looked sheepish when she saw me walk into the meeting is one the biggest understatements on Earth.

As nasty as it may be to have your youthful fashion ‘sense’ brought into the open, it’s not nearly as bad as being in a meeting with a man who saw home-made porno photos of you before accidently broadcasting it to a conference full of your colleagues..

So with all that, lets see how this week goes … though I do have to admit I’m looking forward to something a bit more peaceful, ha!

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i hope it’s a little more peaceful this week rob…
and if it makes you feel any better about your dress ‘sense’ – yesterday i saw a grown man wearing one of those dinner shirts with the wacky cartoon sleeves and a matching wacky cartoon tie, without a dinner jacket. if he wasn’t bordering on elderly, i would have had him arrested under Section 13 of Sartorial Crimes Against Dignity.

Comment by lauren

Mr Campbell you are back. I am very happy to see you are well and settled with Jill who looks and sounds like a very lovely person. And as for your career, well I’m pleased to see you have come on since the suicidal inducing jingle days of ‘cold seal windows are the best 22 11 55, put cold seal windows to the test 22 11 55’ an early achievement(?) in Rob’s working days. And I’m not that sad remembering it, hard not to as it played in every sodding commercial break on every local radio station for about 3 years. It is justice that cold seal windows have since gone bust, perhaps because their advertising ace buggered off to Australia.

I assure you you were never nasty to me so any deeply embarrasing or sensitive stories I might have stored in my distant memory will stay that way. A bit of teasing about your very sad 90’s dress sense and early career are excempt though. Anyway it sounds from your last post that your antics have got far worse with age! And my decision to not reveal my identity was really only a bit of fun so it would be nice to hear who you think I am.

I find it very amusing that my appearance on this blog caused so many of your friends to have mass hysteria I think they need to get out more.

I checked out your photos! Nick the greek has sold up by the way, I called in for fish and chips on bonfire night and was sad to find new faces behind the counter but I haven’t been in for years. I did notice that kebab cob special was on the menu still though. As for Forest, well what a load of bloody waste of time they are these days. If you have guessed me correctly you might remember I am from a family of County supporters anyway, not that I can say much on that topic! Oh and I’m cooking roast beef with all the trimmings later, home is better than pub any day.

Take care you x

Comment by BTBB

Hello again …

Alright … alright … so maybe I haven’t the faintest idea who you are. I thought I did – but I’m probably completely wrong.

Tell me this, did I meet you through a friend or through school/another environment? I don’t know why I am asking that as I can’t even remember to turn the light out at night, but I have to at least try don’t I, hahaha.

As much as I’d like to have the credit for being behind the annoying Coldseal window campaign, I wasn’t – and given my Dad was rather against me going into advertising, it’s probably a good thing because if the most annoying radio commercial of the early 80’s had anything to do with me, he’d of definitely disowned me.

As for Forest – well I still love ’em and went to see them a couple of weeks ago which was great [mainly because they won, ha] and while I didn’t pop into Nick’s [or what was Nick’s] for a delightful Kebab Cob Special, I still have incredibly fond memories of the death on a plate!

I would love to catch up – I’m quite the sentimentalist – so if you fancy emailing me, please do [rob at] and I promise not to reveal your true identity – if only because it will keep everyone on this blog frothing like rabid beasts.

Have a great Sunday wherever you are …


PS: My fashion has got worse – it’s not jeans, t-shirts and birkenstock sandals – I even got married in that outfit!

Comment by Robert

the talk of every cynic member is back and still she continues to be nice about the bastard.
maybe rob was a nice guy once, maybe he didnt piss people off or argue at every opportunity. maybe his biggest act of aggression was just his fucking bad taste in shirts. maybe i met him at the wrong time. bollocks.

now screw all that, i just read your post about the woman and her porno pics and its fucking brilliant. somehow id managed to forget all about that incident and its the most hysterical thing ive ever heard. still think youre a pussy for not managing to copy the files over, but its a great story and if you can encourage more events like that, i might just keep coming to this blog because theres no other fucking reason to πŸ™‚

Comment by andy@cynic

rob was a very nice guy, the best ‘best mate’ you can find. sorry if that shatters any illusions you might of had about his pre-australia and abroad days.

Comment by BTBB

Do you know the a similar thing that happened to that poor girl in China, happened to a very senior creative in Y&R? Seek and you will find.

Comment by The gossip queen

I’m filming a porno on my Nokia N95 right now Gossip Queen. Moxie is in it! πŸ˜‰

Comment by Charles Frith

admit it, thats you isnt it mrs c. its alright, we love your son really and we know he has the odd good gene in him (obviously from you) because he spends more time helping every other fucker than he does making sure his company remains interessting and profitable. if it wasnt for me he d have no money for any of his pointless and expensive gadget shit. πŸ™‚

and who the fuck is “gossip queen”?

its almost as if this blog is becoming popular.
what the fuck? has no one got any taste? are you all that fucking bored at work and home?

dont come here, its shit unless youre here for me and if thats the case you should hire cynic because for the right money you can have me in the flesh and if youre a hot chick, you can have me full fucking stop.

now who is this creative and how can i get the photos for blackmail? its sunday, i cant take all this fucking weird shit, see you tomorrow.

Comment by andy@cynic

good on you charles, you can send me a copy for my private “art” collection. research purposes only of course.

Comment by andy@cynic

he he Andy πŸ™‚ Have you noticed how the ‘smallest’ Russian Rob Doll is the naked one?

…I’m not implying anything by this or even by asking who drew the header to this page…

…(charles sniggers and does a little dance as he walks away)….

Comment by Charles Frith

good fucking point charles. im pretty fucking certain jill drew his blog header which is tantamount to a confession his cock is the size of a smartie. i should find that funny but the mere thought of it has made me fucking sick.

happy “film making” πŸ™‚

Comment by andy@cynic

Can I please remind everyone it is Sunday so they should be doing something far more interesting than spending any time on this blog. And Charles, you should be ashamed if you are in the middle of ‘entertaining’ a lovely young lady πŸ™‚
Now I am going to be a good dad and take the family for breakfast and pretend I never popped on here in the first place.
Andy, don’t forget 7am tomorrow, no excuses πŸ™‚

Comment by George

how could i forget tomorrow morning when auntie fucking george reminds me 80 times a day πŸ™‚

kisses to the girls and let them have some pancakes for christs sake.

Comment by andy@cynic

This blog is becoming like some dire romcom (Hopeless in Singapore) on Sunday night telly.

P.S. Unless things have changed since Thursday Charles, I’m assuming this is a silent movie.

Comment by John

i did not tell you about my date friday night john. But the twitters were for real. G’night John Boy. πŸ™‚

Comment by charles frith

and planner as smartie? That is the best double entendre ever andy πŸ˜‰

Comment by charles frith

it wasnt unintentional charles

Comment by andy@cynic

Jesus you’re right John, this blog has developed into a sad Sunday night Channel 5 comedy.

The biggest difference is more people are here on a Sunday than watching Channel 5’s rubbish!

Comment by Rob

I did have a feeling Andy.

…but that is going to stick ha ha

Comment by Charles Frith

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